Monday, May 28, 2018

A Month of Outfits

We finally got Spring, but then fast-forwarded to Summer in the space of a couple of weeks (too soon, Mother Nature, too soon!!).  The air conditioning has been on the fritz at work since the beginning of May (we haven't had any hot water either), so dressing for work is proving to be a real challenge in 30+ degree temperatures (that's celsius, or in the 90's for you fahrenheit people).  I have nothing exciting to report, so here are some outfits I wore this month. 

All the photos below were taken on my phone, which accounts for the slight blur and the crappy colours on the ones taken indoors.

giant cotton dress from From Mars

This dress is actually blue and white, not sure why the stripes on the front look grey.  I blame the crappy camera on my phone.  Anyway, it was sooo comfortable to wear, and I took every opportunity to put my hands in my pockets and swish from side to side to show off the volume of the dress. 

layers of linen all purchased at From Mars

This was what I wore earlier in the week, at the start of the heat wave.  I realized that most of my summer wardrobe consists of oversized linen pieces in black, grey or blue.  They are very comfortable to wear, but after a few hours of sitting, I look like I slept in my clothes (and I look like I'm just waking up from a nap).  I love linen, just not the wrinkles.

t-shirt dress over cotton skirt, both thrifted from Talize

Another "baby, it's hot inside" outfit which inspired a 20's flapper feeling because of the shape.  Shoes are Fly London.

cropped sweatshirt and textured skirt thrifted from Talize, "sleeves" made from a pair of knee socks and leggings from The Purple Puddle

This is one of my favourite outfits I wore this month, back when it was cooler.  I like the mix of black and white patterns, and the sweatshirt is actually a light blue, with puffed sleeves.

silver pants from the sale rack at H&M, sparkle tunic from From Mars

An outfit from the start of the month, when it was starting to warm up, and we saw the sun for several days in a row.  I went to an opening of an art exhibit with a friend and took a moment to take in some rays.

no post is complete without a gratuitous cat photo

This long and lithe kitty often visits my porch in the summer and this was the first time he was over this year.  My Sylvester is not cat-friendly, and despite the best efforts of this guy to try to make friends through the window, Sylvester (who is just out of sight on the other side of the glass) was not having any of it.  He even balanced on the back of my porch rocking chair in an attempt to get closer to the window.  A+ for effort!


  1. I love your black and white outfit, and the silver pants (I covet!). You do Fly London shoes so well - they just don't work for me, sigh. Sorry to hear you basically missed spring - we're still enjoying moderate temps here, which is nice. Lovely lithe (good word!) kitty - he looks so cute. Glad to hear from you, Shelley!

  2. KITTY! Long and lithe indeed! And curious too. I can well imagine Sylvester having some catitude when faced with his mug in the window.

    I love all your outfits, but the first one makes me SWOON! And! It's blue and white! I love the way the stripes are oriented, the use of different fabrics, the bottom band, the volume, the shape. EVERYTHING. I have a pattern in mind that just might give me a similar silhouette.

  3. Lots of fabulous outfits!, I do love all the amazing shapes of your linen clothes (and I totally agree on linen and wrinkles at office! ugh!). Also lovely 'flapper vibe' outfit and the favorite black&white outfit, particularly those leggins and puffy skirt!. And you rock in your silver pants!, so cool!
    Lovely that this kitty has decided to visit your porch and make friends! lovely gratuitous cat photo!

  4. I luv you can say your clothes are from Mars. Your outfits are all fab! I luv wearing linen AND its wrinkles. The mix of stripes is too cool. Your layering is delicious. Sheer and sparkle is a must. And kitty doing yoga moves. What more could anyone want?

  5. Love your style; You inspire me to layer more!

  6. Perfect outfits all! I don’t mind linen wrinkles at all. Just shows off that it’s the real thing and it’s so comfy.

  7. Outfit photos! Hurray! Hahaha. These are good. Don't worry about the crappy camera - you are the perfect distraction. Love that first dress, it's similar to that one I got from Grizas, but punchier. Wrinkles, schminkles. Many people who see you just WISH they had your wrinkled linen. Your layering is star level. Be glad it's not snowing again. Heh.

  8. Your outfit photos are a joy to behold - that's how to wear grey - in big, bold, swooshy layers - not as an apology for being on the planet!
    I'll swap you some of that sunshine, ours is very sporadic at the moment. Walsall has had everything from flash floods to lightning strikes this week.
    Look at that adorable little interloper. What a shame Sylvester's not a lover of his fellow cats, I'd want to kidnap that little cutie. xxx

  9. You are doing well to cope with the changing temperatures.

    When I got to BC I was freezing and even now I'm snuggled up under a blanket to cope with their much cooler and temperate weather.

    My favourite outfits are the first three.

    I can see that owning mostly black, white and grey makes it easy to combine and layer pieces. This is so far from how I dress but I can appreciate the style on others.


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