Sunday, December 3, 2017

A Momentary Lapse of Reason

It all started when I saw this photo of Anna, of Anna's Island Style, wearing this pair of pants she found at Zara (not linking because I don't love)

Before I tell the rest of this story, I need to give you a bit of background about me and pants.  I used to wear nothing but skinny black pants in my 20's and 30's.  I started wearing more skirts and dresses in my 40's but still liked to wear a great-fitting pair of pants.  Unfortunately, my waist is disproportionately larger than my mostly non-existent hips and butt, which makes finding pants that fit in both places almost impossible.   A significant weight gain over the past couple of years means that skinny pants don't look so good anymore, so I've gravitated towards higher-waisted wide leg ones.   I am always looking for stylish pants, (which oddly enough, are not so easily found in thrift stores)  that don't cost a fortune. 

When I saw the corduroy wide-leg cropped pants that Anna was wearing on her blog, I was excited until I saw that she had purchased them at Zara.   I haven't purchased anything new from a fast fashion retailer for several years.  The merchandise is poor quality, made by people who work in dangerous conditions for very little pay, and I prefer not to support an industry making items that end up in landfill by the following season.

Corduroy, high-waisted, wide leg pants from Zara

But did that stop me from becoming obsessed with these pants?  Noooooooo.  I looked at Zara's website for more details and I had to admit, they looked great on the model (as they always do), and they ticked all the boxes - corduroy (cozy), high-waisted (no muffin top), wide-legs (my favourite).  It was ridiculous to think I would go against my principles just for a pair of pants, but the more I obsessed about them (they came in several colours! ) and reminded myself about how hard it is for me to find cool pants, the more I convinced myself that there couldn't be any harm in just trying them on...

So I found myself in Zara.  There were no staff in sight, so I wandered through the racks and displays, looking for those damn pants.  I saw lots of oversized sweatshirts embellished with faux fur, fake pearls and fringe, and a lot of short skirts, but no corduroy pants.   Finally, after searching the entire store, I asked the woman guarding the fitting rooms if they had them and of course, the answer was no.   There had been a couple of similar styles I'd seen on the website that I liked, but they didn't have those either.  In fact, NOTHING I liked on the website was in stock.  ("we've been really slow in getting stock...")

To justify what was a major waste of time I decided to try some of their other pants, and a few sweatshirt style tops.  This is where it got ugly.  The pants, all size LARGE, were way too small, and the oversize sweatshirts were so oversized that they looked like shapeless sacks. The fabrics felt cheap, and everything looked like crap on me.  I felt fat and old. These are bad feelings to have when trying on clothes, and I realized that this what many women go through every time they go shopping.  I left as quickly as possible, and found myself doing what women have done time and time again when they've had a depressing shopping experience.  I went to the Lindt store (linking because I do love) and bought chocolate.   

I thought about how I feel when I go thrift shopping, and how that shopping experience is different from the one I had in Zara.   I rarely go into a Goodwill or a Talize searching for a specific item, but instead, I'm excited by the possibility of what I might find.  There are always things I like that are too small, but chances are, there will always be that one awesome thing that does fit.  And it costs $10.  And I don't feel old and fat, I just feel like me.  


Feeling good about myself, wearing thrifted velvet pants from a neighbourhood consignment store, and one of my favourite finds from my visit to Talize with Suzanne in early November, a never-worn Winnie The Pooh hoodie.