Tuesday, November 8, 2016

She's A Lady

To compensate for the downer that was my last post, here's a lighthearted one to show off one of my purchases from Beacon's Closet in New York.   Beacon's Closet is a Brooklyn-based buy-sell-trade store with four locations in New York with a large, always-changing selection of men's and women's designer/contemporary/vintage clothing and accessories at very reasonable prices.  This means the stores are always busy, and the racks are very close together (at least this is the case at the Manhattan location which is the only one I've been to) so browsing can be a challenge and requires patience, as you will then have to wait in line for a change room.  However, I'm willing to brave that kind of crowd as I have found great pieces there, and it is on my list of "must-visit" places when I am in New York.

This very lady-like dress is not my usual style at all, but I was drawn to the mix of patterns and the fabric, which drapes beautifully and appears to be a crepe of some sort (rayon maybe?).  The dress is in perfect condition, and the label is E. D. Michaels, made in the USA.   I couldn't find any information on the internet about the brand other than it seems to have existed in the 70's - 90's.  I would put this dress closer to the 70's than the 90's but I'm just guessing.  It was priced at a very reasonable $21.95 (USD).  

I was sticking my pinky finger out to show just how much of a posh lady I am, but apparently sticking one's pinky out is considered to be rude according to this article on tea etiquette.

"People often think proper tea drinking means sticking your pinky out. That’s actually rude and connotes elitism. It comes from the fact that cultured people would eat their tea goodies with three fingers and commoners would hold the treats with all five fingers. Thus was born the misguided belief that one should raise their pinky finger to show they were cultured. Tuck that pinky finger in."

The pattern is navy and white with splotches of very orangey-red, and the skirt has inserts of the same fabric as the sleeves and neck ruffle.  Godet is my new word for the day, as I had to look up on the interwebs whether this is considered a "gored" skirt, and discovered that the pieces of fabric inserted to add flare to the hem are called Godets.  If I'm completely wrong on this, I'm sure one of my skilled sewer friends will correct me.

Our office gets pretty chilly by the afternoon, so I wore my favourite denim jacket for an extra layer of warmth, and to add a bit of an edge to an otherwise elegant dress that has excellent "Swish" factor (and we all know how important good swish factor is).

Who am I kidding? I'm no lady!  Still like the dress though.

E. D. Michaels dress - Beacon's Closet
denim jacket - The Sentimentalist
suede Fly Yalas - From Mars


  1. Godet is correct. And they are very swishy indeed! Love how you've accessorised. No idea at all on a possible date though the length and sleeves seem kind of '80's to me. I'm sure others will chime in!

  2. What a fabulous dress! I would guess early 80s, before shoulder pads. I think you got a steal either way, because I LOVE it. Great find, Shelley!

  3. I love those old design terms, I haven't heard "godet" for years!!
    That dress is gorgeous, it's got a 1920s vibe going on with it but served up with some 21st century attitude via you.
    I usually need to handle something before I can date it (that sounds very dodgy, doesn't it?) xxx

  4. Love this dress, Shelley, fabulous. The NY store sounds a wonderful place to visit if I'm ever in NY. And those red shoes! Perfect companions for the dress. xx

  5. Fabulous dress! And the flys pick up the red-don't you just love them?( I have just bought 2 pairs---😁)

  6. What a fun piece! I love it with your shoes.

    I will be tucking in my pinky now. LOL.


  7. I think this was a terrific buy, Shelley. One can tell by looking at it that it's a quality piece and it does look brilliant on you - especially with the fabulous red shoes. The denim jacket made it a little more casual but there's nothing wrong in looking like a very elegant lady.

    By the way re your previous post I know exactly how you feel. I gave up going to Notting Hill Carnival years ago when I was in situation of crowd surge where I was convinced I was going to fall and be trampled on. I managed to escape up some steps to someone's house but it was such a frightening experience. Never again!

    Enjoy your week


  8. The nice thing about a dress like this, is you can sit (like you're doing on the steps) and still not be flashing everybody---ha ha!!
    Great prints galore---I love it!

  9. Godet is correct. A gored skirt has panels that are fitted at the waist, then get wider toward the bottom. Narrow at the top, full at the bottom. 6 and 8 are pretty standard. The gore shape and take the place of darts.

  10. Swishilicious!! Fabulous dress, and great eye for picking it out and running with it. It looks superb on you. And I love your action shot and the concrete stair photos, hurrah! I needed some cheer today and you gave it. Mwah! Holding treats in your palm and then squooshing them into your mouth is probably not elitist. Whew.

  11. gorgeous swishing dress!, love that geometrical pattern and those 'godets', such an interesting detail!
    I like that you wear it with your cool shoes and denim jacket, that rocks!! Lovely outfit!

  12. Another Beacon treasure. You look spectacular in this dress, and I love the addition of the denim jacket. Score!!!!

  13. Yes, this is a side of you we don't often see. Nevertheless the dress looks gorgeous on you. I am a sucker for such well-made pieces with the godets. (Pretending here I always use that word... not.)

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