Monday, October 10, 2016

Thank You For Being a Friend

This being Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, I had originally set out to write a meditation on the nature of friendship.  I wanted to comment on how the definition of a "friend" changes from what it meant when we were small children (for me, it was anyone who didn't pick on me) to what it means when we are in the second half of our lives.   Then Sunday became Monday, and the laundry is still piled in the corner, and my friend's cats need feeding, and I decided this would have to have to be shorter than I originally intended, but the sentiment is still there.

This is my best chum Heather - the messy hair is my fault, as I had just told her to toss her head

And here is yours truly, finally feeling well enough to put together a good outfit and spend quality time with my bestie doing stuff we enjoy - a mini photo shoot, a hot beverage, thrift shopping, followed by a belated birthday burger (her birthday, not mine).

There's a significant age difference between us, and she's got way more stamina and strength than I do, which she needs in order to play roller derby, but it means that I leave her to enjoy the more strenuous, outdoorsy activities with other friends.  She's an academic, I am most definitely not.  She's been married to the same sweet guy for ages; I am contentedly single.  Our shared love of good books, furry critters, creepy and unsettling television series, thrift stores, and dark and inappropriate humour brought us together, and the sharing of individual joys and sorrows keeps us close.   We have pushed each other out of our comfort zones, physically and emotionally, and I feel like I've become a better person by knowing her.  

I have also been very lucky to make some dear friends who are closer to my age through my blog.  Unfortunately, they all live a significant distance from me, so our relationships are maintained via email, text, telephone, and occasional visits.  Their virtual presence has changed my life for the better - providing inspiration, support, and opportunities for adventures I would never have had otherwise.

Some gifts friends give us are impossible to measure or define, others are tangible, delightful things like these butter-soft leather shorts that the lovely Greetje, of the blog No Fear of Fashion, sent to me. 

This photo was inspired by "Queen of the Alley Photoshoots", my friend Mel, whose brilliantly creative blog posts are bits of infectious, stylish joy.  Here's my own version of unbridled joy in the alley. 

I hope my Canadian readers had a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving weekend


  1. Wonderful post!!
    and happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Love you, Shelley! (And these checked socks...) Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  3. What a lovely post, Shelley. There is nothing like having good friends...

    Love the outfit - mad but fabulous!

    Have a great week


  4. Friends make the world a better place.

    I'm so happy to hear you are finally feeling well enough to get out and enjoy the last of the good weather with a girlfriend.

    LOVE the red shorts, the leggings and the jumping : P

    I hope you had some pumpkin pie today. Happy Thanksgiving!


  5. Okay, Shelley - here you are being all thoughtful and sensitive about Thanksgiving, and all I had to say on my blog was, hey, d'ya think there will be sales on chocolate and pie? Hahaha!! That's me. Yup. But like you, I am so incredibly thankful for my friends near and far - that's you!

    I LOVE LOVE your joyful jump. I was waiting for something like this. Your ensemble itself screams joyfulness. Awesome thigh-highs. And I love those shorts from Greetje. The only thing that would make this better is a soundtrack of you laughing - you know the one I'm talking about! Hahaha!!!

    Great to see Heather too. I'm glad you got to spend time hanging out.

    Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs. xo

  6. Yeah, red leather shorts. Happy Thanksgiving

  7. Oh my, leather shorts! You are one foxy, snazzy chick in those! Happy Thanksgiving to you, Shelley, and here's to friends who have our backs.

  8. So good to see you out and about to tearing the place down. You look amazing in those killer shorts and over the knee socks and Mel looks equally cool. xxx

  9. What a great post, Shelley. The words, the pix, the whole she-bang. And the OUTFIT. And the JOY. I'm giving thanks for you, girl.

  10. How sweet to feature your friend. What a lovely duo. And what fricken' amazing sox!

  11. Colour, Colour, Colour! Love it - and those socks with the fabulous shorts. A fabulous post, Shelley, thanks. xx

  12. Happy Thanksgiving Shelley! This is a dear and sweet post about friendship. I'm very happy that you're feeling better and I'm also happy to call you my friend. Friendship that makes us stretch and grown, and makes us better people, is one of the true joys of life.

    Great ensemble and photos! Mel is a true inspiration to many, and this post is an example of the friendship that you so beautifully describe.

  13. You write so beautifully about friendship, and how it lifts us up. And you both look like schtars. xox


  14. I am so glad I could contribute to your good feeling about friendship. Those shorts were meant for you, they suit you so well. The whole outfit is so well put together. Everything is exactly right in combination with the rest. Love it. It spells JOY.
    I agree with you on friendship. And a bestie close by, is what everybody should have.

  15. great post and lovely words about friendship, it's always a joy to have a good friend, so thanks for sharing that pretty feeling with us!
    And I agree with you about how blogging has increased my own number of friends!, that's the reason to keep on blogging and having fun with all of you, magnificent women!
    (Love your fabulous colorful ensemble, those shorts, those striped socks!!!)