Sunday, May 15, 2016

Pump Up The Volume

After being sick and having to give up my fur babies, I had been feeling like a rather muted version of myself this month, and it was starting to show in my outfit choices.  I realized my spark had been dimmed, and my clothes were reflecting this.  It came to a head one day when I caught a glimpse of myself in the wall-sized mirror in my physiotherapist's office, and for a moment, I didn't recognized the woman wearing a pair of jeans and a striped sweater who was staring back at me,

The next day I made a concerted effort to choose pieces from my wardrobe that made me feel stronger and brighter.

I've had the dress for a number of years, and it looks the same as it did when I bought it even though I wear it often.  It washes like a dream, and is sooo comfy.  Add some red, and a pair of Hello Kitty print leggings and I was feeling much better.  One of my colleagues said that my outfit made her very happy, so it obviously was giving off lots of good vibes.

For my Saturday coffee date with my bestie last weekend I went for stripes and silver, and even though I was wearing grey and black, I still felt vibrant.  The large vinyl bow is not part of the dress but was purchased at Jackpot Vintage, (now Blue Pepper Vintage) and had been waiting for the right outfit to accessorize.  Every time I wear these silver Doc Martens I get so many compliments on them, especially from guys.

I found this Italian-made linen and cotton blouse at Mesh Boutique and was hooked the minute I saw the sleeves.  I felt like Anne Shirley in the Anne of Green Gables books when she expresses her delight over "PUFFED SLEEVES!"   I don't usually wear shirts or blouses but I thought this one suited me, and the poofy sleeves made me smile all day.

These funky leather shorts were a gift from Greetje, and as it was very cold and windy here yesterday, I layered them over some print leggings with ankle boots and a sweater.  I was not only warm, but I also reveled in the fact that I was a 54 year old woman wearing RED LEATHER SHORTS!  Thank you Greetje!

What you wear does affect your mood, and your self-confidence, which is something I've known for years, but apparently I needed to be reminded.  I don't want to go through life with my style set on "mute" - it's much more fun to pump up the volume!


  1. It's so hard to get dressed sometimes when you're feeling a little ughhhh or whatever. Loving the puffed sleeves!

  2. What wonderful and loud outfits these are! I am especially enamoured of the Anne Shirley quote (of course!) and love the blouse even more for it. The red leather shorts are fabulous - you are rockin' them!

  3. Those sleeves!!! Absolutely fabulous outfits. I can't imagine anyone would look better in red leather shorts than you do and are you sure it's the silver DMs they're admiring and not just finding an excuse to talk to you?!
    Saw a lady at one of our fairs last weekend, must have been in her mid-70s, in a black A Line mini skirt, striped tights and black Doc Marten Mary-Janes. She rocked! xxx

  4. So it was you that ended up with the fabulous shorts! Hooray! They are perfect on you.

    I LOVE that puffy sleeved top.

    I agree that our clothing choices is reflected in our moods.


  5. The volume has certainly been pumped! I absolutely love the sleeves on your blouse. The other outfits are brilliant, interesting and different and I'm sure you're feeling a bit more jazzy now. Those silver boots are fabulous.


  6. hmmm, red leather shorts paired with the poofy sleeve blouse..............

  7. ......and the silver boots! Glad to see the clouds lifting, my dear.

  8. wouuu, love to see you Pumping Up The Volume and The Fabulousness!, and always love your funky cool boots, particularly those silver shiny martens!
    Lovely sleeves, lovely details, and amazing leggings (you rock them all!!! indeed!!)
    You're right: wearing something vibrant makes you feel stronger and brighter!, and it's particularly right when you're feeling blah. I've had an hormonal rockfall last month which devastated my usual mood, and dressing up everyday was very helpful!, even therapeutical! (anyway, thanks goodness for medicines!)
    besos & fabulousness

  9. Love this! you are renewed and revived! the shorts are beyond fabulous, ditto the leggings and shoes. xox


  10. I'm glad you fought through the fog enough to allow style to come to your rescue. Emo-tion-al rescue! Fabulous outfits all!!

    I'm with Vix - they just wanted an excuse to strike up a conversation with a cool woman. Those puffed sleeves are table-wipers for sure. LOVE. And I love Greetje's shorts on you too.

    I was falling into compliant style for a short while - whew, it was a narrow escape! I know of what you speak.

    1. Compliant style?? Brr... not for you girls. That is more me (Big Smile). It is the differences which make the world such an interesting place.
      And don't you start apologizing Melanie. I totally agree that you shouldn't comply and neither Shelley. That would just not being you.

  11. I'd be all over you like a rash in that spectacular blouse! It takes a certain energy to maintain fabulousness that seems boundless to others - sometimes we all need a break - I adore you xoxoox

  12. So very true that style heals. Happy to see you pumping up the volume with your pops of red, puffy sleeved blouse, silver Docs, and red leather shorts. You made my morning.

  13. I like all your outfits. They show creativeness and uniqueness. And they show YOU.
    Glad the shorts found a happy place.
    The poofy sleeves shirt is my favourite.
    I will go through your posts to see what happened with your fur friends and what was wrong with you.

  14. You do look fabulous in all your black, red and grays, not to mention silver. It's true, how can you feel bad, when you look so groovy? Your sox/leggings are the best.