Monday, May 9, 2016

Shiny Things

This past Wednesday, two of my favourite stores joined forces to present a Spring Jewelry Trunk Show.  Splash London brought a large assortment of Chanour and UNOde50 jewellery to From Mars and enlisted some friends to model some of the jewelry during the event.  I've never had a burning desire to be a model, but when all you have to do is pile on some bling and chat to people, why not?

We were originally told to wear basic black so to best show off the jewelry, and this was as basic as I could get.

Stephanie (center) and her two daughters also modeled some of the jewelry, wearing outfits from From Mars.

Chanour is a leading importer, wholesaler, and designer of handmade Turkish jewelry.  The pieces are bold in design and large in size.  The silver-coloured pieces are made from antique silver plated pewter.

The UNOde50 (one of 50) is a line of silver plated jewelry from Spain that incorporates crystals and leather into the designs. 

Jim Telfer, owner of Splash London, shows a customer how you can layer necklaces

I liked the large bronze spiral pendant on display with a bronze choker, both pieces from Chanour.

Any event held at From Mars brings out the best-dressed people in London.  John, in the photo above, always looks impeccable.  The store carries unique clothing and accessories for men and women, and most of the designs they carry look great on all ages, which has helped them establish a strong customer base of women over 40 (myself included).

Another man in attendance was wearing these marvelous shoes he found in Toronto.

There were a number of superbly stylish women at the event, including Chris, in the photo above.  I loved everything she was wearing, from her funky eyeglasses to her ankle boots with orange trim on the sole.

Another woman had the most amazing clutch purse made from pieces of skateboards

You can always tell a woman who shops at From Mars by her shoes, which are generally the coolest ones in the room.  In the case of Wednesday's event, there were many pairs of drool-worthy shoes to be found on the feet of the guests.  The green and blue ankle boots by Eject in the upper right were purchased at From Mars, the rest came from other stores.

And if your shoe collection needed a boost, there were fabulous shoes available to purchase, such as the ones from Fly London in the photo above.

From Mars is located at 347 Talbot Street, and Splash London is at 266 Richmond Street.  Their hours can be found on their websites.


  1. So much cool stuff in one room!

    I have to show my husband those shoes. He will be green with envy.

    Looks like a really fun night. You Londoners know how to have a good time : )

    You looked fantastic BTW.


  2. Ooh, that looks like such fun! I recognize those black and white booties - they are Fluevogs! I would have totally been there, with bells on (maybe literally!). Looks like a fab party, Shelley!

  3. Loving you in that slinky black dress, Shelley! The jewellery is incredible, I want it all. Jon would love those metallic shoes! xxx

  4. Ahh, piles of gorgeous silver jewelry - I am drooling. You look fabulous in your classic black plus statement pieces. xox


  5. What wonderful jewellery! And you make a fabulous model in your lovely black outfit.

    What brilliant outfits/shoes/accesssories people wore. Definitely an event which was a treat for the eyes in more ways than one. A bag made from skateboards? I've heard it all now!

    Have a great week


  6. Excellent modeling work there, Shelley. I love the idea of the mingling between guests and models. I'd definitely be more tempted to buy something seeing it on you.

    And that's quite a stomp fest! So many super-shod feet in one room! It looks like a great party with some of London's most cool, stylish people. Glad you could show us.

  7. So fun!!! Loving the jewelry!

  8. such a fabulous event!, Love all those shiny big pieces of art, and love all those amazing people, their shoes, their style!.
    And you look stunning and cool!, you sport that big necklace with lots of attitude!

  9. always a pleasure to see your great photos and you sporting always fabulous things!!!

  10. well, I seem to be unknown but at least, this time I was able to post! Maureen riley

  11. Love the jewelry, the shoes and the outfits at this festive event. You do a great job modeling the jewelry in your basic black. I remember how you "took the coat out" at the vintage show in NYC. Looks like you have the modeling thing DOWN.

  12. I luv your basic black ensemble. You look great in it. Makes me want to sew one up myself. I have nothing like it.

  13. Wow what a bling. I am totally in love with the silver shoes. And the woman with the checked green coat... that could so be me. I wish I had that jacket.
    I laughed when I saw the black and white boots with the black and white leggings. I bought those boots and a similar pair of leggings in Vancouver haha.