Thursday, February 4, 2016

More Bang for Your Buck*

*this sounded more exciting than "Good Value For Your Money"

Does this outfit look cheap?   Well, it was - astonishingly so.  When I calculated the total cost of all of the pieces, I was amazed that the entire outfit, footwear included, came in at under $50.

Let's do a tally:  turtleneck - Giant Tiger, $3
Levi's waxed denim tunic - Value Village, $12
Zara polka dot skirt - Beacon's Closet - $10
sparkly, fleece-lined leggings - Winners, $6
Blue boots - Housing Works Thrift Store, $15
TOTAL:  $46 (plus tax, of course)

And speaking of the footwear, one of the best decisions I ever made was to hand over $15 for these boots at a Housing Works Thrift Store on my trip to New York in 2012.  They look just like Doc Martens, the colour is fabulous, and they are very comfortable.  Their only flaw is that they are not real leather, and because I wear them so often, the top of the boots are cracking and peeling.  I've asked at a shoe repair shop if there is anyway to fix them and they didn't have any suggestions.  I will be very sad when they completely fall apart.

And in other news....

The day after I put up my previous post, in which I mention just how "Blah" January had been, I came home to find a package on my doorstep.  Inside, I found this:

A Valentine's Wreath!  This explosion of hearts, beads, flowers, and images of cool women was made for me by Carmen Bury, who sent me the lovely fabric-covered tree for Christmas.  I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day, (or any Hallmark Holiday for that matter) but this is so over-the-top fabulous that I'm more than happy to hang it up in my apartment and enjoy the imagination and thoughtfulness that went into its creation.  The "Blahs" were certainly banished!

Although Carmen and I met just once, she somehow knew the kinds of images I would like, including a couple of me taken at the Manhattan Vintage Show wearing her marvelous coat, with the delightful addition of feather wings.  The connection that her coat forged between us has been a source of joy and inspiration, and I marvel at the serendipity of it all.   


  1. Oooo, the customized Shelley-ized wreath is fabulous! Looks like February is shaping up to be a pretty cool month for you.

  2. Wow, what a fabulous gift - so creative, and so you. And you have convinced me I need a waxed denim tunic, asap. xox


  3. Wow! How great is it to open your door to a fun package like that? That is so cool! Plus the addition of you with wings makes it even better.

    Lucky you!


  4. That is so cool, Shelley. Only you have a creative fairy goddess.
    If/ when your blue boots give up the ghost, why not cover them up with bits and bobs of nifty things you like. What the hey? You'll have nothing to lose.

  5. what a wonderful surprise.

    You never look cheap, you always look amazing.

  6. You certainly don't look cheap but you wear cheap so well! It's so amazing what a little ingenuity and styling can do to second-life clothing. Yes, I agree with Pao. You can glue stuff on there. And the wreath...WOW! I can't believe it! All the coolest things are in there. Again, WOW. What an excellent surprise to find at your doorstep.

  7. That wreath is hands-down AMAZING!! I'm so jealous!

  8. Very clever idea of Pao. But you could do with another pair of lovely shiny boots without attention drawing things on them too. So start looking kiddo (trying to show off my English knowledge here ��). You have put together a fun outfit and the voots contribute a lot to that. As for Carmen... this was so sweet of her. Must have cost her quite some work too. Sometimes one meeting is enough to connect.

  9. Wow that wreath is awesome, just the thing for brightening up a blah day (in fact month, all February has going for it is that it's short!). The boots are cool but I think the cosy sparkly leggings have got to be my favourite.

  10. What an amazing gift - featuring photos of you amongst the images is a lovely touch!
    You're looking anything but cheap, my dear, even if the outfit it! I have a habit to totting up what my outfits cost too - it's very satisfying when the cost is ridiculously low but I feel like a million dollars!
    Love the blue boots but I sadly have no suggestions for repairing the cracking, sorry... xxxx

  11. The wings on the photographic you are the best part! As for your cracked shoes, no easy solution, I think. May I suggest a difficult solution? Lightly sandpaper the whole thing (you might need an dremel for best results). That way the all-over effect is even, and the cracking won't stand out. Then spray paint or hand paint the whole thing. Once you've sandpapered it, the paint will have something to adhere to.

  12. You really know how to put together a fantastic ensemble without spending a bundle. I remember the shoes from your 2012 NYC adventure! May they last forever.

    Your wreath gift is a gorgeous piece of art and a tribute to the lasting impression you made upon this talented artist. I love it!