Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Back In Black

Oh January, you've been so grey and blah, and left me feeling likewise.  I've been inexplicably tired, and all motivation to clean, organize, create, purge, etc. has left the building.  I've developed a serious relationship with NetFlix which I will admit, has been oddly fulfilling as it requires little from me aside from time, and since there appears to be nothing else entertaining going on, I am free to make that commitment.  I seem to have abandoned colour in my wardrobe as well, and I look around at my fellow bloggers' cheerful outfits and sigh....

Grey and black has become my uniform most days, but if I've abandoned colour for now, I've tried to keep the shapes interesting.  I found this strapless, open-front dress/tunic at Cora Couture in Stratford when I was last there to visit my mother.   I have a feeling that her living there is now going to start costing me money, as the store carries a lot of funky European designs that I haven't seen anywhere else.

I was inspired by this post by my ever-creative pal Melanie (Queen of the Uni-Suspender) to add this leather shoulder strap to the dress, which I kept after the corset top it originally belonged to was sent off to another home.  The metal choker was purchased for the princely sum of $8 at Sunfest, and the multi-beaded bracelet was a gift from the lovely Carmen Bury, whom I met at the Manhattan Vintage Show.

And just so you know I haven't lost my sense of humour, here's a crotch flash (it's dark, but trust me, it's there)!

There was a lovely thing that happened this month - Sheryl Kirby from Still Weird Zine contacted me with some questions, and subsequently included my pithy replies and a bunch of photos of me in a style feature.   Kirby also featured yours truly and a number of my blogging friends back in November in a feature about bloggers over 40 who were rocking their own alternative style.
Still Weird Zine focus on music, fashion, art and design aimed towards us over-40's who are leading lives outside the mainstream.  A recent guest post detailed the author's discovery of Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music on CityTV back in the 80's, and seeing them in concert at the CNE.   Bryan Ferry can eat crackers in my bed anytime, I'm just sayin'.


  1. I LIKE YOU:)
    Greetings from Poland:)

  2. Brian Ferry...(sigh) he hasn't aged horribly like poor Peter Gabriel. He is still cracker worthy for sure.

    I love this outfit. You still manage to get across all your cool quirkiness. I think the shoulder strap really makes it.

    I must remember if I go back out to Stratford to check out that store.

    What have you enjoyed on Netflix?


    1. The most recent thing I watched and loved was a British detective drama called "River". Stellan Skarsgard plays the main character and he's brilliant.

  3. I need to add you to our gray-and-black parade on my blog today, Shelley! I love this funky look, and there ain't nothing wrong with Netflix, just saying. xox


  4. ooo, that black is cool, man. With the metal apparati and all. hmmm, I wonder if I could try and make that in some way...The shoulder strap clip is the best. mmmm Bryan Ferry mmmm. I've watched River on Netflix. I like the actress that plays the dead woman. She was a major character on MI-5 or MI-6 whatever it was called. Did you watch that British series? Very, very good.

  5. What an unusual dress and the uni suspender is just perfect. Grey and black is a very elegant look and you carry it off perfectly.


  6. Wow! How did I not know you when I lived in London? I love your style and your blog. Fabulous! :)

  7. I thought that unisuspender was part of the dress. This addition takes this piece to a whole new zone of asymmetrical excellence. I'm so happy when someone takes a styling idea I've had and runs with it. And if this is your answer to not wearing colour, please carry on.
    I'm glad you have a crotch, even dark; otherwise you would be crotchless.
    I enjoyed reading your interview.

  8. The suspender is a perfect finishing touch!!

  9. Like Pao I'm trying to work out how to make it.
    Looks pretty simple but sooo effective.
    You have styled this beautifully with the crotch flash and leggings!
    Enjoyed the interview too.
    Xo Jazzy Jack PS hope the blahs move on soon!

  10. read your interview at Still Weird Zine. They picked some wonderful photos.
    I've also been a Netflixer lately, to many darn reruns and debates on TV.

  11. you look absolutely fabulous wearing black&grey, so much than wearing colors!, because you rock!, love your asymetrical dress and interesting layering, shapes and textures, and that funny suspender looks like a part of the dress itself, lovely!. And fabulous bijouterie too!
    I'm loving that 'Still Weird' approach to fashion and music, and so amazing interview!

  12. Loved your interview and the photos on Still Weird Zine! So gorgeous! So you!

    Everything about your outfit is fabulous. Stellar unisuspender! I too have been spending time in grey and black. With a touch of color or animal print. Must be that time of year!!!

  13. What a stunner of an outfit! Love the metal choker so much.
    I'll have to go and read your interview. You can have Bryan Ferry but Stellan Skarsgard is all mine! xxx

  14. That is one way cool dress, and the single suspender is a great touch. Well done!!!! Speaking of Bryan Ferry, I've noticed he goes for much younger women, so we can all dream on. Stellan seems to be taken, but I agree with Vix. Why can't more older men look like that?

  15. Now I say, when you feel blah... that is the perfect time to embrase colour in your clothes to lift your spirits. But I get it, sometimes you just don't have the energy. Been there, done that. I actually like this outfit a lot. When I saw the suspender I immediately thought of Melanie but like her I also thought it was part of the dress. A great upgrade of this dress, makes it so different and unique. And being able to wear that lovely neckpiece makes me sigh. My neck is full of wrinkles, I cannot do that.