Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Close Shave

Let's take a brief intermission while I continue to edit my photos from New York and take a look at a couple of my recent outfits, shall we?

Oh, and by the way, I cut off all my hair......

Not that there was much left to lose, just the coloured chunk at the front, which took all of 5 seconds to shave off.  Why, you may ask?  It was costing me a lot of money to maintain the colour in a little chunk of hair, and I had exhausted my colour options.  Watching Judith transition to her natural colour was rather inspiring, and it seemed like a good time for a change.  I like it, and the reactions so far have been positive.  Which I appreciate, but has also provided some food for thought; the last time I had my hair this short was in my late 20's and the amount of verbal abuse I received was astonishing.  I'm not sure if it's the case that people are now used to seeing more women with shaved hairstyles, or now that I'm in my 50's, most people aren't paying attention to what I look like.  Either way, it's a relief.

As far as the outfit goes, it's all secondhand.  The dress and boots are from Beacon's Closet in New York and I purchased the vest at the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show last spring.   It's wool, and was made in Finland so it's a great layering piece now that the weather is colder.

The dress is cotton and rayon, made in Morocco, and has two layers for extra fullness.  I had to hike it up so you could see my socks - they have roller skates with wings on them.  I found the necklace at a Housing Works Thrift Store during one of my visits to New York.

This photo was taken after I returned from New York in October, and the weather was cool enough that I could start layering pieces.  The thrifted wool pants I'm wearing went to New York with me, and wore them 3 days out of 5.  They're cozy and I like the shape, but I find I need to wear something fitted on top so they don't look sloppy.  This was the first wearing for the Psylo vest I got at From Mars in the late spring.  It's held together at the front by giant safety pins, which is one of the reasons I bought it.

The other reason was the wired collar and hem that lets you bend and twist it into different shapes.  I like clothing pieces that you can play with.


  1. I love both of these outfits, Shelley. They are all superb pieces. Very cool humongous safety pins and bendable clothing.

    I can't believe you got harassed for you hair in your late 20s! I wonder if being in a bigger city would have helped. Probably people are just more used to styles like this now anyway. The cut looks fantastic on you and I can understand how liberating it feels not having to colour anymore.

  2. How cool is that vest?

    I know what you mean about the hair colour maintenance. I'm not ready to go back to my natural blond which would now probably be mostly white. One day...but not yet.

    I think you can pull off just about any hair style. You have the confidence.

    Those socks are killah!


  3. I've always envied women who look gorgeous with ultra short hair and you're definitely one of them.
    I adore your bastard massive necklace and the hooded waistcoat, they'd be things I'd buy in a heartbeat!
    The waistcoat is ace and the socks are fabulous. xxx

  4. You are ALWAYS an inspiration with "pushing the envelope" just enough to be totally KEWL! I have recently shortened my hair from the shoulders and beyond style I'd been sporting for over a year. I'm toying with the idea of at least buzzing the nape (which really isn't ALL that adventurous) so that my stupid cowlicks will stop tormenting me. I'm ready now thanks to you. LOVE the outfits. I 've made a couple of pairs of trousers similar to those black ones. I agree, you HAVE to wear a fitted top with them else you risk looking FRUMPY! We'll have NONE of that. But YOUR tiny waist...(sigh).

  5. I like your new hairstyle, it fits your personality and beauty nicely!, and I agree with you about how much money (and time) consuming is to dye your hair, so I've been thinking about a less exigent hairstyle too.
    And I think it's true that today is less frequent to receive hostile comments if you're a shorthaired girl.

    Love your long printed vest over that amazing dress, and also love your structured vest, such a cool piece with a twist!

  6. Bold move on the hair, and it looks great! The good thing about hair is that it grows back if you want and you can keep trying new things (which didn't happen with my Midge doll). I love both those vests, and the culottes. You put the cool in culottes!

  7. OMG, I love that vest! Fabulous!

    I really like your buzzed hair! Colouring when your hair is short is a pain, isn't it? It's always growing and it's harder to hide the roots. The maintenance! Grr! I coloured mine on Fri night, so a full week of waiting for the dye to come off my scalp. Some days I want to shave it all off too!

  8. Your new hair looks stunning - it suits you perfectly, and says "this is who I am". And I love those outfits, esp that vest. I have been to Beacon's Closet in Manhattan (on 13th Street I think) and I always have felt intimidated by the gorgeous clientele and staff - no more! I need to get some cool dresses like your black one! xox


  9. Fabulous hair Shelley! Isn't it fun to change it up? I feel a certain freedom with going natural and it feels more of who I am. Thanks for the mention.

    Your Beacon's Closet adventure was productive, I see. Both outfits are stunning. I'm lusting over your structured vest. Perfect fit and fun to mold in varying shapes!

  10. Your hair looks great! I can't believe anyone can be given a hard time for how they look, doesn't it seem so backward to be abusive to a compete stranger over their haircut or clothes? Staggering - but thankfully you're having a better experience with your short crop this time around.
    That long waistcoat is a wonderfully dramatic layering piece, and the funky little fitted waistcoat with the safety pin fastening is brilliant! xxx

  11. Both outfits are GOOD. Those socks (tights) are terrific, but I adore the necklace. (I love necklaces.)
    The second outfit has this lovely vest. What a nice features, the safety pins and the wire. If I had found it, I think I would have bought it too. Unique pieces are rare.