Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Let The Festing Begin!

I have feeling I may have used this title on a post a year or so ago, but I'm over 50 now so I'm allowed to repeat myself...

When the London Fringe Theatre Festival rolls around in early June, you know that summer has officially begun in the Forest City, or as we like to call it - "Festing Season".  From now until Labour Day weekend the city's parks, streets and public squares will be taken over each weekend by one of the many festivals that have become a staple of the summer months.

I try to attend as many Fringe performances as I can, and the highlight of the last week for me was having my photo taken with God, who apparently is a Scottish Drag Queen, according to performer Mike Delamont, who brought his one man (woman) show, God Is A Scottish Drag Queen 2, to the London Fringe Festival (he performed Part 1 last year).  The material is wickedly funny and Delamont is a wonderful performer.


This year, it was decided to hold one of the summer's Car-Free Street Festivals in my hood, otherwise known as "Old East", or EOA (East of Adelaide).   It was a beautiful day and lots of locals were out enjoying the festival.

There was lots of creativity on the street, from pottery-making demonstrations, painting (that's my neighbour, Natalie, in the upper right), chalk drawing, and live music

Speaking of creativity, Patty-Ann Sim brought her trailer, Dear Thelma Love Louise, to the festival.  It was stocked with fun jewellery, greeting cards, craft supplies, and other bits and bob, most of which was made by Patty-Ann as her crafting persona, Heidi Wholeness.

I purchased this card, made from a photograph taken by Patty-Ann

One of the prettiest buildings in the neighbourhood, the Palace Theatre, is one of the venues for the Fringe Festival this year.

This little pup, who had the waggy-est tail, was enjoying the sunshine with his owner, as were many of the other neighbourhood pooches.


Sunday was London's first Forest City Flea, an outdoor market with local vendors selling vintage and repro furniture, hand-crafted goods, art, clothing, and household items held in the parking lot across from the London Convention Centre on York Street. 

 Paul Dromgole, owner of Heist in Wortley Village, organized the event

I loved the apron worn by the woman at the Littleshout Vintage booth

She had the cutest cross-stitched art at her booth 

You could find mini dinosaur planters at Botanista,  teepee style tents for your kids to play in from Row Row Apparel, lots of bicycles,  and fancy hula hoops at Candice Sheriff's booth

Local artist Shayna Patterson had prints of her skull and heart-themed art for sale

Erin named her booth after her rescue dog, Kurt, who was filthy when she found him.  She was selling homemade preserves and syrups

This beautiful carry case at  Jackpot Vintage still held the original hair dryer, hose and bonnet.

Back to the Fuchsia had a taxidermied duck, pipes and an old radio, amongst other treasures

The two dapper gents in the top photo were modelling the wood bow ties they were selling at their booth Upcycle Bowties.  The fab brogues in the bottom right from Revival 72 went home with a happy customer, and the paisley print dress lit up the Brookside Vintage booth.

It was great to see the eclectic crowd of people who came out to support the first Forest City Flea -  vendors seemed to be busy and happy with the turnout.  Hopefully it was enough of a success that it won't be a one-time event.


  1. Ha! I met Mike a couple of years ago when he performed "God" part 1 here! He is a riot!

    I typically avoid fests - I can't handle the big loose crowds very well. That looks so fun, though!

  2. Looks like a vintage lovers dream. I'm glad you enjoyed, and shared the fun. that hair dryer case is the Best. xox

  3. I love car-free days! We have a really crazy-busy one in my neighbourhood every year too. And I think I actually owned one of those hair dryers as a teen! (Ooops. My age is showing!) Fun stuff!

  4. That looks fantastic. God is a giant! Love that psychedelic dream with the pussy bow and the dancing duck! xxx

  5. I would have love to have gone to this. Looks like it was the perfect day for it as well.


  6. Festival season sounds brilliant, it's great to see so much going on in London. Good to see all the people, the eclectic mix of stalls and activities, and of course you cuddling up to God the Scottish Drag Queen! xxx

  7. Aren't these events fantastic? I love them. I really enjoyed your pictures. It was as if I had been there for a while too. The carry bag at Jackpot.. Beautiful. And the paisley dress at the end... so reminded me of the seventies.

  8. Words to live by - everyday is a fashion show and the world is a runway - I shall keep this in mind each time I feel the urge to get out of the house looking like something the mutt dragged in GRIN

  9. I owned one of those hair dryers! But that was a long time ago.

    Looks like a great festival and you look so happy, standing by God. Who wouldn't love the paisley print dress! And the brogues. Another great review!

  10. "Back to the Fuschia" name!
    Some wonderful finds here. I do love the arty car free festival.
    Xo Jazzy Jack