Sunday, May 24, 2015

Anatomy of an Outfit

I still have one more post to write about my visit to Portland, as I have a lot more photos I wanted to share, but in the meantime, here's a short post dissecting an outfit I wore to work on Friday.  It was very windy and rather chilly, which required some layering.  I came up with an outfit that felt like a funky version of an oversized sweatshirt and leggings

The photo has a weird colour cast to it which doesn't appear when viewed in my editing software, so I have no idea what that's about, but anyway, here's the outfit.  The greyish-green dress/tunic was a spontaneous purchase off the half price rack at my favourite retail store here in London - it's by a Danish company called Nu, and the fabric feels like heavy silk even though it's Tencel.  The only size left was large, and it was too big for me, but when I put it on, it just felt really good.  I layered it over my "burlesque" leggings and topped it off with a thrifted, 1980's, soft-as-butter, leather vest.  The outfit felt very good to wear but when I look at it objectively, I realize it pretty much obliterates any shape my body has, and yet, I still love it....hmmmmmm.  What's that about?

Here you can see the dress has panels of cotton knit fabric inset along the sides and back, and there is a  pattern printed on the leather vest.   I'm wearing the bone tribal earrings that Krista gifted me when I was visiting her in Portland - they've become one of my favourite accessories.  This is also a good view of my recently coloured, cut and shaved hair.  I was getting a bit tired of the orange and pink so we'll see how long I like having it one solid colour.   

This closeup shows the embroidery on the shoulders of the dress, and the detail of my zipper necklace, which I've had for years, and was perfect with the outfit - the cream of the necklace, earrings and stripes in the leggings all tied together.

I purchased these Fly suede wedges last summer, and they are very comfortable, even for my finicky feet.  I've always liked shoes with ankle straps (they're hidden under the leggings).  I liked the style so much that I purchased another pair in red later in the fall.

Nu tunic/dress - From Mars
Burlesque Leggings - Carousel Ink
Leather vest - Talize 
Fly wedges - From Mars


  1. I love that necklace! All the layers give some much interest.

    I've often looked at Fly shoes but haven't found any to buy. I have some serious plantar fasciitis that is making every footwear choice hell for me right now.


  2. I love the layering here. Each piece is unique but together they complement each other well, especially with your choice of accessories. I've frequently had that case where something is too big but it feels right anyway. And your hair looks great! I look forward to more Portland photos as well.

  3. I love all the textures in this outfit, Shelley. Those Fly shoes are awesome - I have looked at them myself many times (in yellow!). I need them. Love the hair! Thank you also for the very sweet compliments on my 2001st post; so kind of you! We will meet one of these days!

  4. Great outfit. Love the shoes and the necklace.

  5. Each piece is a work of art on its own, but they also make an amazing outfit together! No wonder you love to wear it - you look fantastic. For myself, I'd steal your shoes in an instant.

  6. A wonderful outfit, it looks like something created by a cool Japanese designer. Love the leggings and the blingy necklace. xxx

  7. I agree with Vix,very Japanese looking. Those shoe look so comfy. Love the Portland photos and seeing Krista.

  8. Great outfit - you look comfortable but cooler than anyone in town. I love the necklace! I have the strongest urge to get my zipper stash out and try to duplicate it.

  9. Very cool, very chic, Shelley! All the layers work beautifully together. And your hair looks fab! xxx

  10. Great details! I have a beat up long baggy leather jacket I'm living in just now because it is so comfy, just like your top. I get it!

  11. Ooooooh! The zipper necklace!!!!!

  12. absolutely fabulous outfit, love the layering, the textures and subtle prints, love your 80's vest oriental vibe, love your necklace, and love your comfy&cool shoes!, even if it's not a 'flattering' outfit in a classic way, I think you look gorgeous wearing it!, really gorgeous!!