Sunday, March 22, 2015

Men of London Ontario, Listen Up!

It's been one of those weeks where the weekend arrived, and I think, "hmm, what am I going to post about?"  And I realize I've got nothingABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  I haven't been anywhere,  done anything, or worn anything that is worthy of a blog post.  There are no rants, or profound realizations needing to be expressed.    It will be five years in April since I started Forest City Fashionista, so one would expect there would be times that I come up empty-handed, but usually something presents itself at the last minute.  By late afternoon yesterday, I had pretty much given up so I stopped at From Mars to visit with my friends who own the store, and check out the new Spring stuff.....

I've known Jim Telfer for years.  He's the founder/owner and President of Grafica Event Planners, an artist, display designer, and one of London's best-dressed men.  This time, I think he outdid himself.  He was headed to an event, presumably one his company had worked on, in a three-piece suit he had custom-made in Scotland.  

LOVE the red lining in the jacket - the suit has a subtle red stripe in the plaid that you can't see in the photo.  Jim hates having his photo taken, so many thanks for letting me snap these two shots (which he didn't know I would be posting, so I'm hoping he's still speaking to me after this goes up on the blog)

I have posted a few photos of well-dressed men on my blog in the past when I focused on street style shots of people who had unique personal style.   London, Ontario is not a city that encourages style experimentation, especially in men.   It's a business town, a sports town, and a university town.  Sad to say, but for the most part, the men in London can be divided into two groups:  the guys who spend their work days wearing basic grey/navy/black suits (plaid, are you kidding?) and the guys who live in jeans/hoodies/baseball caps.  There is very little in-between, aside from the occasional brave or creative man with a sartorial flair who will show up at an event in a cool shirt or interesting jacket.  This accounts for why I tend to gush over a fabulously turned-out man (see my post on the Toronto Vintage Show) when I stumble across one.   It may not be exactly true that "clothes make the man", but what you're wearing can make the difference between a memorable and positive first impression and one in which you are indistinguishable from the rest of the guys around you.  Men need to learn what we women have always known - never underestimate the power of a well-cut suit.

If you have Instagram and want to see some amazing men's style (or get some inspiration guys!) check out dlee_thestylemaven.  She posts photos of men's shoes that are so beautiful they make me cry. 


  1. Jim's suit is fantastic, doesn't he look great?! It's always fun to see a man making bold and stylish sartorial choices - you're right, most seem pretty conservative.
    Sometimes I draw a blank about what to post too, but something always pops into my head in the end! xxx

  2. Wow! Jim's suit truly is a work of art! I'm glad you managed to get some photos. I agree with you, a well turned out man willing to take some risks is very alluring.


  3. I'm a sucker for an interesting lining! That's probably the coolest suit I've seen in ages, other than an unusually sharply dressed older man I saw in Calgary the other day - he was wearing an amazing brocade vest and frock coat - heads were definitely turning.

    Please tell Jim he looks awesome (if he's still speaking to you). :)

  4. Whenever you feature a man on your blog they are always drop dead gorgeous and cool as f*ck. Jim's no exception, what a suit!
    I hardly ever know what I'm going to write about, I start off with something in my head and go off on a tangent. I surprised I get dressed some mornings! xxx

  5. wouu, that's coolness!, red lining is amazing and I'm loving his attitude!!, such a great suit!
    Thanks for sharing it. I'm living in a little town, so there's not a huge variety of styles, and men are even more conventional!. I think it's sad!

  6. Great photos of a fabulously dressed man! He turned up at just the right moment, so that we could all appreciate his style!

    I began blogging shortly after you launched Forest City Fashionista. I think it's amazing that we continue to find something to post and write about after all of these years. I consider it a dementia prevention strategy and a way to continue to be creative no matter what's happening in our lives. Something always seems to percolate and for that I am grateful.

  7. Don't you love a man who can dress up and ENJOY it? Especially when he takes the creative initiative? Excellent post. I showed it to Dan this morning ... it reminded him that he wants kilts made of ALL the McMillen tartans when our ship comes in. Don't anybody hold your breath, but it's nice that he wants them, isn't it? Thank you ... one for the blokes!

  8. Happy five-year-versary, Shelley! Even when you say you're reaching, it's always a treat to visit you here. :)

  9. Great suit! He wears it well. So glad you could share this -- I know what you mean about dull menswear, everyone just looks the same. This stands out!

  10. I adore a well dressed man. Big hurray for Jim. He excells.

  11. We hired the party planner in a hurry. But she was a complete champ, planning everything really well so that I wouldn't have any worries on my wedding day. Our experience with her was amazing, she is incredibly dedicated to her brides.

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