Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Coats of Many Colours

People who know me well are aware that I have, shall we say, a bit of a "Coat Problem", which I justify by pointing out that I live in Southwestern Ontario, which means I am wearing a coat of some sort for about 8 months out of the year.  I will also state, for the record, that since my university days, I've purchased probably 80% of my coats at thrift or vintage stores.  Of course, neither of these reasons change the fact that I have A LOT OF COATS.....
 I'm granting you, dear reader, the rare privilege of a peek inside my coat closet, aka, "the crammed closet of doom".

My pink puffy Betsey Johnson coat I purchased last winter doesn't fit in the closet, so it hangs on the door.  This coat, and my boring black down-filled one, saved me from freezing to death the past two winters.

Here are a few of my more recent coat acquisitions.....

I found this orange puffy jacket at the May Court Shop for $15 and it is perfect for the "almost spring" weather we've had for the last couple of weeks.

During the same visit to the May Court Shop I also snapped up this Asian (I can't tell if it's Japanese or Chinese - perhaps one of you can assist with identifying it) quilted cotton jacket with velvet trim for $15.  I look a bit "Michelin Man" in it, but it's surprisingly warm and I love the stripes and wide sleeves.

At the end of last summer I scored this fuschia suede Danier jacket at a neighbour's yard sale, but  the weather window for wearing it is very brief as it's not very warm, or precipitation-friendly (but it's soooooo fluffy!).

This vintage beauty is my favourite coat purchase this winter.  I saw it at The Sentimentalist last winter and considered taking it home, but talked myself out of it ("Do you really need another coat?  Do you have room for another coat?").  When it was still there this year, and it went on sale after Christmas, I gave in.  It appears to be persian lamb, but sheared so the pattern is more visible, and the colour is a greenish-gray, which I had never seen before.   The standup collar is the best part!

And then there are some coats I purchased not for wearing, but to display, such as this acid-washed example of 1980's craziness, made in Israel.  It cost me all of $6 and I couldn't resist the blue-eyed beauty with the 3-D embellishments.  Truly, 80's denim-as-art at its finest!

There are plenty more, but one must leave something to the imagination.  Besides, if I showed you any more, you may think I require an intervention. 

Any of you out there have a thing for coats? Please tell me I'm not alone in my obsession.


  1. Oh, I just want to dive in and try them all on! I am a bit of a coat person too, but our window for wearing really warm coats is very small, here on the west coast. I adore that pink suede Danier coat and that 80s-o-rama piece of art! But that sheared Persian lamb just takes my breath away! Fabulous! No, you don't need an intervention! You need more closet space!

  2. What an amazing selection! That denim one just screams 1980s excess, fantastic!
    My reasoning behind having loads of coats is that we spend at least eight months of the year wearing them (and at festivals it gets really cold at night even in August) so we might as well have a great selection. xxx

  3. I too have a coat problem, and it is a problem as I live in South Africa where coats are only really necessary for about 3 months or so of the year. I grew up in England so coats were necessary for most of the year, but when I left England I didn't leave my coat problem behind .....I brought it with me, along with my boot problem :)

  4. Oh my, I am getting a coat high! These are all so fantastic, and you look so YOU in each of them. xox

  5. How spectacular!! Wonderful peek at your legendary collection. No way I could choose a favourite from those you've shared, I'm totally with you on needing them all. :)

  6. Congrats on your feature on 40+Style!

    I also have a "coat closet" that is bursting at the seams like yours. I agree that when you have to wear them all the time it is great to have a choice.

    That 80's one is insane.


  7. um, yes. I can't used the "I live someplace cold" reason.

  8. A coat obsession you say? We could start a therapy group, you and I, by heading out thrifting to buy more and MORE! One can never have too many coats - that's what door handles and protruding things in the wall are for: hanging more coats. I love your selection, Shelley!!! No apologies. Without colour and warmth in the winter we are little more than shivering shore fish.

  9. No, you certainly are not alone - I have more coats than is strictly necessary, but we have similarly hard winters so a decent selection of outerwear is definitely A Good Thing!
    I love the Persian lamb vintage beauty and the pink suede jacket is very Krista! xxx

  10. mmm, your collection is really covetable!! Obviously, you need variety and color and fun to warm up long winters!. Your pink puf coat is amazing, love your fuchsia suede jacket and particularly that new 'phantasy on denim' piece you purchased, it's funky!!!
    Actually, I own too many coats for our short winters (a merely six months 'coats season'), but really, I wear them a lot. Really.
    besos & coats

  11. Weeeell, my very first post http://naturalmedley.blogspot.com.au/2014/03/one-for-every-day.html was about just this topic! I try so hard to limit them, but when they are just crying to jump of the shelf and into your arms, what can a person do?!
    Yours are ALL wonderful. I can't name a favourite! And your leggings and shorts outfit could find a home in my closet any day!!!
    We have been interacting on Ig but I keep forgetting to come over here and comment. Will try to do better! xo JJ

  12. I'm slowly building my coat collection now that I actually need them. That Asian one is really cool!

  13. I just want to run my hand along that fabulous collection of coats and feel all those gorgeous textures! Every one a beauty! Your fuschia suede jacket outfit is especially amazing!

  14. Oh, YES, since you asked. My name is Valerie and I'm a coataholic. We have the phrase coat closet, and that's what I have - a closet devoted to coats. I would never have guessed in my youth that that would happen. I was not raised that way. One had A coat, for winter, and that lasted until one grew out of it or wore it to death. No one in my sphere of non-influence ever questioned this. I kind of got into the habit of rescuing undervalued coats. Long, short, heavy, light, open weave, tight weave - as long as I liked them, I had to rescue them from possible unappreciative buyers. My mother would have understood the impulse, but undoubtedly she would have found buying extra coats because they're appealing as incomprehensible as buying extra cars because they're appealing. At one time, all my coats got good wear, but as NY's weather has changed and we seem to go from winter to summer in one week, my spring coats are getting no use. Time to deaccession? Easier said than done. What if the weather changes back? Then I'll have to buy new ones! The 1950 mouton coat is heavy now and hard to wear as I age, but it's ombre'd, and I love looking at it. So I empathize and sympathize with coat hoarders everywhere.

    The Asian jacket is Japanese. On this particular computer screen now I don't know how to magnify the size, so I can't read the tag, but I can tell the lettering is Japanese.

  15. No you are not alone, although I am more moderate than you..... I think..... But definitely a coat lover. In The Netherlands it is also coat wearing weather for 8 months of the year. So I have a purple one, an orange one, a red one, a yellow one, fuchsia, leopard, black fur, black wool, black big handy one, etc (Left out a few.)
    I love your love of coats. Especially the new lam one, although it turns up brown on my computer.

  16. Coat hoarders of the world unite, your collection is just wonderful and at least you have the weather to make the most of them. I am Australian but fortunately live in Tasmania, considered the coldest state so at least most Winters some have an outing.Keep collection you look amazing in each one.

  17. I too have a thing for coats and am very impressed with your collection. It must be growing up in those Minnesota winters, and like you, needed to protect myself from the bitter cold. I am swooning over your vintage beauty!