Monday, February 9, 2015

They Grow Up So Fast

This is not the post I was hoping to put up tonight, but I'm still working on that one, so in the meantime, let's catch up with Ginger and Ruby, shall we?

Remember these little babies?

Ruby and Ginger in December, at 8 weeks of age

Like all babies, they keep getting bigger and bigger

At almost 4 months old, they are close to twice the size they were when I brought them home.  Ginger (left) is smaller than Ruby, but she is braver, and is often the first to try new things. 

Just look at those chompers on Ginger!  She has not been smoking - a healthy rat's teeth are supposed to be yellow.

They climb onto the bars of the cage to greet me in the morning, and when I arrive home at night.  They want to be out of their cage and with me all the time, and my couch has turned into a rat playground for hide-and-go-seek, wrestling, and the dispensing of treats.  I supervise them when they're out, but they are quick, curious little creatures, who love to chew on stuff...

...and on the weekend I discovered this:

This is one of the three large cushions that line the back of my couch, which was the first piece of new furniture I ever purchased, about 20 years ago.  With no kids or animals in my apartment, it has stayed in very good condition, until now.   I found Ginger hiding inside the cushion on Saturday night after searching for her for over a half an hour.  I have no idea how long she had been working on that hole (which was on the side of the cushion against the couch).   There was no point in getting angry with her, as she was just doing what rats do, and you can't discipline them like you would a dog.  I allowed myself to be upset for a while, and realized that when one has a pet (unless it's a fish), you have to be prepared that something is going to get scratched, chewed, or peed on.  I'm just glad it wasn't a pair of my favourite shoes.


  1. What a little devil! Yes, having had 3 pairs of shoes destroyed by Vizzini now, not to mention furniture and other valued possessions, I've learned to not leave tempting things around, and I've also learned not to get too attached to things.

    Your little dears are just adorable! Aw!

  2. Such sweeties. Can you train rats to chewing posts like cats use scratching posts? Probably not. Heh. You need to mark their growth on your door frames, not sure how though.

  3. Patch up the pillow! My dog Foxy chewed the edge of my 50s telephone table and I was so upset. But, there's nothing you can really do except give them stuff they are allowed to chew on and hope they use it.

  4. Sweeties! Our saying about the cats destroying rugs, curtains and etc. is "We can't have nice things." Enjoy the love, xo.

  5. Naughty Ginger! Oh well, as you say, some damage comes with the territory of pet ownership. Although I shed real salty tears when Jess knocked one of my vintage amber genie bottles off the mantlepiece and it smashed to smithereens...
    Ginger and Ruby are adorable, and I can tell you love them very much! xxx

  6. Oh well! they bring so much joy to you, what's is a cushion compare to those adorable babies!


  7. Oh my gosh they are so cute!!! You are so lucky to have such gorgeous kids!!! As for the holes, find some nice fabric (maybe with rats on it!) and do some quilt patches. It will never be whole again but at least it'll look fun and it will be a great memento of your Ginger.

  8. awww, so cute. Yes, mending is the answer here. Creative mending, as Scratching at the Window mentions, that can also serve as a memory maker. Maybe some shibori type sewing, using scraps of some old fav fabric. And just keep up with her, knowing it may happen again and again. Jude Hill, the fiber artist, mentions doing something similar when she brought in a feral kitty... Have fun.

  9. Ginger and Ruby are just gorgeous and how they've grown!
    It is one of the perils of pet ownership, dealing with and accepting the damage they make although the raggedy claw marks on my furniture and threadbare rugs do make me a bit sad sometimes! x

  10. Awwwh! How lovely. Dogs, cats, birds, horses ... nothing so charming as these little babies. My house is always a complete wreck as it belongs to the pets, so I've given up. You have the right attitude ... you'll never love the pillow as much as you love the pet!