Monday, February 2, 2015

Girls Just Want to Have Fun (and Cupcakes)

It was another busy weekend here; I am in the midst of purging stuff, and Saturdays are taken up with trips to drop of donations to thrift stores, consignment stores, and throwing things out.   I made a quick stop at The Boombox Bakeshop to get myself a treat....

Behold, a lavender lemon cupcake!  It was such a perfect cupcake -  marvelous mix of flavours,  moist center with a bit of a crispy outside,  just the right amount of icing -   I had to do it justice with a photo collage.  It did strike me at some point when I was taking these photos that I might be a little desperate for blog photos these days.

After a full day of errands,  I was looking forward to attending a "Ladies Night" at Renegade, where noted Sexologist Dr. Carlen Costa was going to be speaking.  Alas, I arrived too late, and missed Carlen's talk on self-pleasure and orgasms, which I gathered was thoroughly enjoyed by the women in the audience.  I've seen Dr. Carlen speak at another event, and she is delightful - extremely knowledgeable, charming and has a great sense of humour.   This was the second party at the store that I had been invited to since it opened back in August, and Christine has also hosted a games night.  Renegade is acquiring a reputation not only a place to find attractive plus-size clothing, but also a place where women can get together and have fun in a supportive, nonjudgemental environment.  All shapes and sizes welcome!

Another thing I like about the parties at Renegade is that the women who attend make a real effort to dress up.  The women in the photos above are wearing outfits they had purchased at the store.   The curved line of buttons on the skirt of the dress on the right emphasizes the curve of her hips, and you can see the saucy bow at the back reflected in the mirror.

The redhead on the left wore the dress she is wearing in a mini-fashion show during the evening.    The sassy dame on the right found her funky dress at Penningtons, of all places.  Their clothing used to be very stuffy and conservative (I know because I worked there when I was going to university) so I was surprised to see they now more stylish and fun plus-sized clothing.

There were more cupcakes from The Boombox Bakeshop (it was a two cupcake day for me!)

Kayla and I went rack to rack (so to speak) in our black and gold dresses,  After the party, the two of us went to a Motown Party at a local club - it was Saturday night, and I was still awake after 10 pm so I thought I'd better take advantage of it.  It was a lot of fun, and I danced more than I had in years, although I had definitely worn the wrong outfit for dancing - the dress was soaked with sweat by the time I got home.

I'm including this photo so I can get in on The Stylecrone's Hat Attack this month (#19, can you believe it??).  Even though it's a bathroom selfie shot with my phone, I really like the photo - it shows off the hat perfectly and my skin looks pretty awesome, which is something to celebrate these days.


  1. That is the perfect hair for your hair! I love it! All those ladies look so amazing - how awesome is that curvy skirt? (Want!) Sounds like you had a majorly fun weekend! Mmm...cupcakes!

  2. Sounds like you had a great day! Your dress is cool.
    That first cupcake is super cute and sounds tasty.

  3. Your cupcake photo collage demonstrates how every morsel was savored. Food can be art too! Looks like the party at Renagade was savored too. Great outfits! Your dress was truly special. It must have turned heads on the dance floor!

    Great hat photo, Shelley. This chapeau is the perfect headwear for your hair. Both hat and hair are enhanced! Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!

  4. Some fantastically stylish ladies, including your good self, of course! Loving the curvy skirt, the black and gold frocks, and your amazing hat. And hurray for dancing up a storm! I am obviously very traditional in my taste in cakes, as I've tried lavender cake and really don't like it - it tastes too perfumey, too much like it smells for me, but I am clearly a staid old stick in the mud! xxx

    1. The icing had a mild lavender flavor which went perfectly with the lemon cake part. I don't think I would want to eat cake that was lavender-flavoured either.

  5. Can't beat dancing to Motown. Your hat/hair-do is spectaculous. And good skin = good cupcakes, right? You know the best places to go, Shelley.

  6. Two cupcake days and dancing at nights are the best!!! All the ladies at Renegade loo amazing. Sounds like such a cool spot.

  7. Dancing doesn't count if you don't get drenched in sweat. And dancing to Motown - it would be hard to stop! Yummy cupcakes. I wonder if Boombox Bakery could deliver a lavender and lemon one to me.

    You look gorgeous in your hat, and you're right, the photo is fantastic!

  8. Congrats again on making Sylvia's list!
    I haven't been dancing for years as well and don't foresee going dancing in a near future
    Cupcakes, yes, i know what you are saying, remember, i had cupcakes at my wedding and were they delicious, nothing beats a cupcake!
    Talking of hats, god! i can't wait to wear my cute hats, but too cold for the moment.
    Yes your pic with the hat is lovely


  9. Everyone looks as delicious as that cupcake! Especially you in that fab hat. Dancing...

  10. I think my cupcake collage would be: photo 1, cupcake; photo 2, nothing, maybe a couple crumbs, but no, I'd eat them too. Great self restraint there, Shelley. Ha. Soaking one's dress in sweat is a good thing when it comes from Motown. What an awesome night. Those women absolutely know how to Dress. Send them out here, please. I love your hat too. Why can't my outdoors have bathroom lighting too?

  11. Your selfie takes the cake! I don't visit blogs often anymore, but I wanted to peep in and see what you are up to. Hope life is swell! xo.