Thursday, January 1, 2015

Outfit Parade

I didn't have anything thought-provoking or fascinating to post about on the first day of a new year, but what I do have is a bunch of unpublished outfit photos from the last month or so.  I thought this would be a good time to stick 'em up, and as I'm trying to pare down the wardrobe (which seems to be an ongoing process) and trying to only keep things that I really love, sometimes it helps to see a photo of yourself wearing an item.  Purging your closet is never simple, because there are always those things that you have a sentimental attachment to, or, an astonishing vintage piece that you know would be worth a chunk of money if you could only figure out where to sell it, or that jacket that you've loved forever and is a weeeee bit too tight, but you think you will fit if you lose a pound or two (like THAT happens after 50??)....
But first....

this has nothing to do with my wardrobe, or, it has everything to do with my wardrobe, you decide 

Two books I acquired this month that brought back a whole lot of childhood memories: (left) a 1950 hardcover edition of The Bobbsey Twins - Merry Days Indoors and Out" by Laura Lee Hope from a Goodwill thrift store, and (right) a lovely Christmas gift from a friend

And Now To Business....

I had forgotten to post this photo when it was taken back in the fall.  I found the skirt, which is made of heavy linen, at a thrift store for $12.  I loved the volume and weight of it, but it was at least 3 inches too small in the waist.  I bought it anyway, and took it to my neighbourhood tailor, who was able to add extra length to the waistband.  A thrift-shopper's best friend is her tailor!  The scarf was part of an outfit I got at a clothing swap, and the colour was perfect with the skirt.  The turnip head is courtesy of Melanie, and was just what this outfit needed.

I've come to the realization that my favourite items of clothing are those with an extreme shape:  big shoulders, voluminous skirts and pants, or short and snug.  A-line skirts and flared or standard cut dress pants have no place in my closet.   I love the thrifted Evan Picone jacket I'm wearing in the photo above for the graphic check pattern and 1980's giant shoulders.  The skirt I'm wearing was also thrifted. 

A rare bathroom selfie at work

Another thrifted jacket, this one by Linda Lundstrom.  You can't see from this photo, but it has the same "big shoulders/nipped waist" shape as the black and white one, is shot with silver thread, and is most likely from the same decade.  The sleeves were a bit short, so once again, my tailor came to the rescue.

More thrifted goodness!  

The heavy cotton sweater on the left has wooden bead embellishments and came from The Sentimentalist.   The orange fur vest on the right was a recent score from the May Court thrift shop in my neighbourhood, and the Calvin Klein pants were a Value Village find.

Another outfit example made up of the extreme shapes that I love, and secondhand purchases

The Japanese haori was puchased at the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show and Sale, and the wide-legged khaki pants were found at Talize years ago.  I don't wear them often because I didn't have much to wear with them until I got the haori.  

It's worth noting that most of the outfits shown here cost less than $50 (except for the shoes).  I did some thrift shopping over the holidays, some items went to others as gifts, and others will show up in a blog post in the near future. 

Here's to a New Year full of adventures, love, laughter, good health and good friends, kindred spirits and secondhand treasures,  and furry critters to snuggle!


  1. I like you style and am envious that you have identified items which are those you love most "extreme shapes". The black and white jacket with polka dot leggings is my favourite. Those shoulders! Totally agree with your sentiment about adventures in 2015. Look forward to reading all about yours.

  2. Ooh, the haori - so gorgeous and it brings back happy memories of meeting you. Love the turnip head and the accompanying full skirt. And all the other things, including your awesome hair. xo

  3. Good thing that you thought to post these unpublished outfit photos, because every ensemble is a stunner. The voluminous skirt, along with the scarf and red accessories (and turnip head), is the perfect way to make an entrance into 2015. You have THE EYE!

  4. A great way to start the year - lots of inspiration here! I really love the full skirt with the scarf and the turnip head. The red accents add a dash of ketchup to that mustard!

    Your tailor sounds like a magician, adding inches to waists and sleeves. I tend to hang on to things thinking that I'll alter them myself, but maybe I just need to find a tailor.

  5. Bwa-ha-ha. Turnip head! She is thrilled to be part of this stunning ensemble. Oh yes, you do look dazzling in bold, unique designs. I love your bathroom selfie; the attitude is perfect! I'd like to hear your fingers snap with it. And orange fur? Excellent score. I have high hopes for my sewing but they remain unfulfilled.

  6. Happy new year, you fabulous woman! What a cool round-up. Yep, you certainly do suit structured clothes with tonnes of style and uniqueness. You don't need a turnip head though 'cos you're gorgeous!
    Love that badge. I want one. xxx

  7. Love the orange fur vest. Linda Lundstrom find! Thank you for the inspiration. Happy New Year.

  8. Happy new year, dear Shelley! Fabulous outfits all, it's great to identify the shapes and styles that really work for you, and build a wonderfully stylish and unique wardrobe around them. No one works the bold shoulders of the 80s like you, darling!
    2015 - bring it on! xxxxx

  9. The big linen skirt is so cool! The big-shoulder jackets look so good on you, like they were created to be in your wardrobe.
    Happy new year!

  10. Omgggg that linen skirt!! Happy New Year!

  11. That skirt is AMAZING!!! In fact that whole outfit is. Especially with the turnip head. If only we could have that head IRL when we need it.


  12. Oh, honey! That super A line skirt is SO FAB, and the shoes are SO FAB, and the belt is SO FAB and Melanie's head is ALSO SO FAB that you should have put them way at the top! Also love the checked jacket with the polka dot stockings. (We're SO predictable!) And of course you-can-guess-who particularly loves the pre-WWII haori. A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!!!

  13. That Turnip Head does seem to go perfectly with some outfits, doesn't it? Thank Melanie, it's available whenever one needs it. Love your line-up of accidental out-takes. How nice to know what it is you like about the clothes you like, you know? It takes a long time to get there, if ever, I find. Here's to a happy new year to you and your furry creatures.

  14. There are lots of things I love about this post: the outfit with the turn-up head, the turn-up head itself, the jacket by Linda Lundstrom, the sweater from athe Sentimentalist, the pink/yellow brogues and the haori. Lovely pieces.

    1. Sorry, I meant turnip head (little language problem...) LOL

  15. It's worth noting that most of the outfits shown here cost less than $50 (except for the shoes). I did some thrift shopping over the holidays, some items went to others as gifts, and others will show up in a blog post in the near future. wedding rings canada , wedding rings australia ,