Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wasn't That a Party?

This past Saturday night, the owners of From Mars, whom I have known since the mid-1980's, had their annual Christmas party at their store.  Last year they asked Catl, a high-energy blues rock band from Toronto, to play at the party, and the response was so positive that they asked them back again this year.  I asked Heather to go with me and we stopped by the Early Bird beforehand to get a bite to eat.....

I had always wanted to try the "Turducken" sandwich (basically a giant club sandwich with smoked turkey, panko-breaded chicken and duck bacon) but I had to wait until I could split it with someone, and Heather was game.  The verdict?  I could have done with less bread and more of the maple mayo, but the insides were tasty.  We had onion rings on the side, just because.

Fully fortified, we headed a couple of doors down the street to the party.  

While the band was setting up, guest enjoyed snacks and a beverage, and shopped the store's stellar selection of unique clothing and accessories.  The store has become a favourite of many stylish 40+ women in London because of the great selection of funky clothes that look good on a variety of ages and body types, and the fabulous shoes and boots by such brands as Fly, Neosens, and A.S. 98

I have more than a few items from the store in my closet, but decided that I would go vintage for the party.  I'd found this 70's maxi dress at Jackpot Vintage recently (you can't see in this photo, but it has tiny gold metal studs throughout the pattern) and it went perfectly with the metallic-embellished haori I purchased in New York.  I did wear the pair of Neosens ankle boots I'd purchased at From Mars a few years ago.

I've seen this woman at a few different events and as usual, she was beautifully turned out, from her striking hair to her metal-accented boots.

This woman has the same pair of A.S. 98 boots that Heather had purchased last month, and it illustrated the appeal of the store to women of all ages when a pair of boots purchased there look just as cool on a woman in her 60's (I'm guessing) as they do on a woman in her 30's.

My neighbour, Natalie, looking super sassy in a furry chapeau and giant hoops

Catl, formerly a duo, then a trio, now a duo again, consists of Jamie Fleming on vocals and guitar, and Sarah Kirkpatrick on drums and vocals.  They play stripped-down, rip-roaring, booty-shakin' blues rock, and it is impossible to stand still while listening to them play.   While they have four albums under their belt, it's their live shows that have earned them a devoted following.

 Kirkpatrick, whose father was a drummer, started playing drums after the band lost its second drummer sometime in 2013.  She is a dynamo on the skins, and never stops shimmying and shaking.

The party guests enjoy Fleming work some guitar magic

Kirkpatrick wasn't the only one doing some serious hair tossing that night - Laurie, one of the co-owners of From Mars, was definitely getting into the groove.

The energy of Fleming and Kirkpatrick was amazing, and by 10 pm when they called it quits, I'm sure they were exhausted.

You can watch Catl perform their first song of the night in the video I shot below....


  1. first, that sándwich looks huge!!, and tasty event if it has too much bread! wouuu
    and second, you look fabulous & funky, love your dress and haori and how nicely they match!, and so amazing shop and great atmosphere and music!! cool!!!

  2. That sandwich is bigger than my head!
    Love the photos especially the hair tossing. Your outfit is stupendously good. xxx

  3. I can see why you needed less bread on the sandwich. Looks like a whole loaf! LOL

    You are looking BRILLIANT! One of my favourites of yours.

    That band is seriously rockin'. Looks like a great time.


  4. The sandwich looks so yum! The stores and the band look like a blast!!

  5. Great pictures - love your styling of the fab haori. And what's better than a head-rocking band? Nothing, that's what. xox

  6. Wow, a turducken sandwich! That does look tasty!

    Such a fun evening - I love little events like that! You look just smashing in your dress and jacket, Shelley!

  7. That's one huge sandwich!
    You look always. You sure get to the best parties, don't you?

  8. Holy smokes that sandwich sounds like heaven. You look AWESOME!

  9. NOW I understand headbanging. What a fantastic band. I love the vocalist/drummer. If I wasn't so klutsy and lacking in that kind of talent I would love to do that!! That party looks like a whole lot of fun, with an eclectic, interesting crowd. And you look incredible - there's nothing like the heady feeling of dressing up for a party. The sandwich looks great too, I have a weakness for good bread.

  10. I am in agreement with all that you look magnificent in your ensemble. And what a fun party! Who could sit still with this band!!! Love the furry chapeau with hoops.

  11. Way cool dress, Ms. Shelley, and way cool shoes! Sooo envious of the drummer shimmying and shaking. The spirit is so willing, but the legs and knees are going "I don't THINK so......."

  12. Now that looks like a fun evening! Your outfit is stunning, and the vocalist/drummer is seriously good.
    Can't beat a huge and magnificent sandwich! xxx

  13. Wow! I guess it was a party! Your outfit was completely lovely ... if those pieces weren't made to go together, then they were fated to and you lent the good fates a hand, all to your glory and credit!
    Thank you for the vid ... they're amazing. What a nice showing of fashion forward folks! We're so pokey here. I need an urban fix, but nothing forthcoming 'till spring at least.

  14. May i say it again? i love your hair and you look smashing in your outfit
    I haveseen those AS 98 boots downtown, interesting aren't they?
    I have listen to the video, very good!