Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Is It January Already?

You can't blame one for thinking that we've somehow fast-forwarded through November and December, given that outside my front door, it currently looks like this...

I posted a very similar photo on my blog last year, but it was taken in January, not November. Yes, I shovelled that path to the sidewalk, and the sidewalk.  I'm such a good neighbour.

Of course, everyone in Southwestern Ontario has been saying over the past couple of days, "Thank God we're not in Buffalo", where they have been hit by what the media are calling a "Winter Storm Knife" that has dumped four feet of snow in the area, and could drop more tomorrow.

And in other news, of a much lesser concern than crazy winter storms that cause death and destruction, my wireless mouse, and wireless keyboard both died in the space of three days.  WTF!   Panic ensued, but thank goodness I'm one of those people who can't bear to get rid of any tech devices as long as they still work, even if I've replaced them with a newer model, so I was able to dig out an old keyboard and mouse.  They take up way more space, and don't look as nice as my cute little aluminum keyboard and white mouse (yes, I'm a Mac girl), but they do the job.

So, as a distraction from the ridiculous weather and technical difficulties, let's look at a couple of my outfits of late, shall we?

It has been bloody cold this week, so out came the wool and the leather.  Everything I'm wearing was either purchased secondhand, or retail, but really cheap. 
Wool sweater - thrifted
Danier leather mini - Mesh Consignment Boutique
leggings - Joe Fresh
Boots - some store in Toronto

I found the boots at a store in Toronto last year - in addition to being grey, and kind of badass, they were half price and very comfortable so how could I say no?

Speaking of cheap badass boots, you've seen these shiny blue babies before.  I found them at a Housing Works Thrift Store in New York a couple of years ago for $15, and they have served me well.  The material (not leather, unfortunately) is cracking across the top so they may not be long for this world.  Again, more leather, in the form of my dearly loved leather and fabric pants, and some polka dots just for fun.

This was from last Saturday, before the icy temperatures and the snow.   I hadn't thought about putting pink and brown together, but after purchasing the wool, made-in-France 1960's dress at Jackpot Vintage I was won over.  Ralph, my sad-eyed porch guard dog, looks not so sure.

As much as I like the dress, this outfit was really all about the suede coat I found at a neighbour's garage sale in the summer for $30.  It's made by Danier, and I don't think it was ever worn, and the trim is real fur (mongolian lamb I think). The window of opportunity to wear it is very narrow, as it can't be raining, snowing, or really cold, as the fit is snug, with no room for layering underneath.   Despite all of those restrictions, it found a loving home in my closet just because I feel kind of fabulous when I wear it.   I asked one of the owner's of From Mars, one of the few retail stores I shop in, to take my photo with my phone, as I sort of coordinated with the mannequin behind me.  Thanks Diane!

I think that's enough of  Shelley's Parade of Fashion for now.  I leave you with a video I shot this afternoon out the window of my colleague's office....unfortunately it gets blurry if you enlarge it

 Kind of inspires you to roast chestnuts and sing Christmas Carols, doesn't it?  (NOT)


  1. Your first photo frightened me! But I was comforted by the next ones. That hot pink coat is incredible!! What a deal. You just made me realize I would be a fool to spend $45 on a prim and proper grown-up lady coat I've had my eye on at the thrift shop for a few days when treasures like this are flying around the universe. I love your warm wear. I watched your video a couple of times. I really like it.

  2. Wouu, I've been watching news about snow in usa, but it's astonishing to watch it on your front door!!. At least, you're looking fabulous, your booties look cool&comfy and I'm loving your pink suede jacket!! Such a beautiful piece!! Would you wear it under another coat?
    Sorry about tour blues shiny booties, they're way funky!! Wish you find an ever more fabulous pair son!
    Besos & sunshine inside

    1. sorry for the stupid spelling (even more stupid than usual!) I was writing on a tablet with a autoreplace app!

  3. That pink coat is amazing! I would make up reasons to wear it. The gray boots are so cool and have great boots!

  4. You know I would trade you Peetee for that coat! I was hoping to see it in all its pink glory! You look beautiful in that last outfit! I have recently seen another amazing pink coat from that company, I must find one its really gorgeous!
    The snow already, no!!! At least you will look cute and dress warm! Sometimes our clothes are the only thing that can beat a cold ass winter storm, that and warm cookies.

  5. I knew Krista would be all over that pink coat! What a find, I bet you'll cheer yourself and everyone else up wearing that pink beauty! I don't envy you that weather one little bit, I thought of you as soon as I saw the news this morning....bbbbrrrr! Looking gorgeous despite the terrible conditions, though! xxx

  6. Welcome to Novembrrrrrrrrrrrr. I flew into Jacksonville Fla last night and it was 29! In freaking Florida!!!!!
    You're rocking all those outfits. Stay warm

  7. Noooo, that weather is not good... Just as well you can keep your spirits buoyant with some great outfits! Love the red lesther mini skirt, and that pink coat is amazing (Krista;s comment about trading Peetee made me laugh, she REALLY likes the coat!) The Sixties dress is really cool too. Stay warm, love! xxx

  8. The weather SUCKS!!! Okay...glad I got that off my chest ; P You can find me locked inside my house/cave for the next 6 months now. I can't take another winter like last years that starts 2 whole months early.

    I can see why you couldn't leave that pink coat behind. FAB-U-LOUS!

    I really like your first outfit. Sleek and chic.


  9. I'm afraid to ask how's the weather? No snow here in Chicago yet, well, none that's accumulated. Just temps in the 20s and gray. Nevertheless you sure do wear it well. Black and all the beautiful, bright colors. I love your bright hair color too. Words cannot capture the awesomeness of the pink coat.

  10. We're also having horrible weather here in NYC, after a marvelous global-warming-like hiatus of several days. We are SO paying the price for that interlude. Raining this morning, snowing now, dire warnings for holiday travelers. Hard to know what to wear. Most NY winterwear is sooo dreary, and, amazingly, little of it is really waterproof or weatherproof. DESIGNERS, GET OUT THERE AND KICK SOME WEATHER BUTT! Mix it up a bit. Make us want to go out there and sing in the rain or build a snowman! Shelley, you get extra points for shoveling your walk and setting a great example!

  11. I'm back Shelley, got my mojo back!
    I think there is a bit of snow coming this week, oh! bugger!
    TG tomorrow is Rennaissance 50% off sale!



  12. You have taken dressing for the weather to a beautiful new level! Love the last photo, with hair next to hat. The color is fabulous. It's Thanksgiving Day in the US, and thinking about how wonderful it is to have you and other bloggers as friends. XO