Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Jump Around

A while back, in my post about my visit to the Jack Lux Vintage Store in Toronto , I mentioned that I did buy something at the store......

It was the first thing that caught my eye - a jumpsuit, which reminded me of the coveralls worn by mechanics.  I liked the colour, and the fact that it is made of cotton.  Aside from the legs being a bit short, it fit as if it was made for me. 

It also reminded me of the outfit worn by Rosie The Riveter   

I had always thought that this iconic image of a woman flexing her bicep was meant to portray Rosie, but was surprised to learn that's not the case.  The image above was designed by J. Howard Miller who was hired by Westinghouse Company to create a series of posters for the war effort.  It was referred to by the title "We Can Do it" during the war, and was shown only to Westinghouse employees for a short period of time before it disappeared.  It was re-discovered in the 1980's and became associated with the feminist movement, and mistakenly became referred to as "Rosie the Riveter".

I've always been one of those people who takes things literally....
(thanks to Heather for the photos)

*A reminder - I will announce the winner of the copy of Women In Clothes on October 6th.  There's still time for you to enter your name in the draw - just leave a comment on my post about the book and answer the question at the end of the post.


  1. I love this jumpsuit on you! I also love that image, even if it's not Rosie the Riveter.

  2. How funny that the name Rosier the Riveter is a later invention, since that's what everyone calls her now!
    Love the jumpsuit, Shelley - and look, it's made you jump for joy! xxxx

  3. That jumpsuit is fabulous! I always associated that poster with the war effort, I didn't know about the name Rosie the Riveter. You definitely give her a run for her money with the Converse and attitude! Great find! x

  4. I was totally thinking this is like a hot girls mechanic suit, you look bad ass and cute at the same time! I think you I am becoming a fan of more natural fiber will see what happens this winter but man polyester sometimes leaves you a bit too moist:). Love you jumping for joy and wish you could have played with us in Seattle, you would have loved it!

  5. cute jumpsuit.That image is all over everything at the Rosie the Riveter museum in Richmond California.

  6. Love that last photo!

    Your hair and the outfit work perfectly together.

    Thanks for filling me in on Rosie. It is so interesting how an image can be resurrected and reassigned at a later date in time.


  7. Me too, about loving that last photo. I don't usually picture you in something all one colour, but, I tell you, this blue is perfect on you. The straightforward one-piece style instantly becomes cool when you put it on. And I like that it is flirting with your ankles. Great find. Great eye.

  8. After seeing that last photo, I can imagine you at the playground in your jumpsuit, skinning the cat and doing cartwheels and not worrying about anyone seeing your underwear. Or maybe I'm just getting carried away by that smile!

    Did you see the post last week at That's Not My Age - Alyson had an overall she called an "industrial onesie." She looked really good in hers, too. You're on the vanguard of fashion!

  9. You look so dang cute in that jumpsuit!

  10. Oh beautiful jumpsuit! The color is beautiful on you!
    You look radiant Shelley, nice pics!
    I'm having blogging withdrawls this morning, God!
    Wonder if i should take only a break and see what happens
    But it's so much work, especially all the comments you have to reply to, not that i don't enjoy, but it's so time consuming!
    My dilemma is the writing, i feel pressure to write something smart all the time, and it's doesn't happen often - I wish i could just put the pics and minimal text and feel alright with it
    What do you think?

  11. Isn't it great to have someone to memorialize your fabulous leaps into the air? Your look and your attitude are what they call "killah"! Can't wait to see you in the Big Apple in a couple weeks.
    Jean & Valerie

  12. I had to look at this post again, I adore these pictures of you to bits!!!

  13. Fabulous. That was my immediate thought when I saw you in your new jump suit. You look just like Rosie the Riveter. And here I find as was mislead by history, or herstory. Thanks for the correction. Meanwhile, you look dyno-might in your We Can Do It jumpsuit. yeah.