Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Home Is Where The He(Art) Is....

I was inspired by Suzanne Carillo's tour of blogger Anja's art-filled apartment to post some photos of some of the quirky and colourful corners of my home.  Every apartment I've moved into has had beige walls, but in the last two, I have been fortunate to have landlords that allowed me to paint the walls the colours of my choice.  I've seen homes where all the walls are white and they've looked very modern and bright, but I feel better when I'm surrounded by colour....and art....and toys...and books, etc. etc.  To me, anything can be art - a doll, a vintage purse, a bowl of sea shells; as long as it gives you pleasure when you look at it.   Some people are taken aback by the sheer amount of stuff in my apartment, but a friend once said they enjoy visiting me because it's like going to a museum - there are so many things to look at.  I supposed you could say that it's The Museum of Shelley.

The warm-toned walls of my living room make it feel very cozy, especially in the winter when it's cold and stormy outside.  Clockwise from left:  A painting by London artist Tom Hilborn hangs above a 1950's glass bowl of seashells and rocks, a funky angel and a postcard featuring a Henry Moore etching;  Curious George shares a shelf with my Day of the Dead Skull collection; a pencil drawing by my friend Brian Lambert keeps company with two dolls made by Anwen Sutherland of Humble Home, a bill bissett painting and a print made by a WWII veteran at Parkwood Hospital.

The living room is home to my collection of ethnic dolls...

....while the Barbies live on top of my kitchen cupboards

A large shelving unit  I found at one of my neighbourhood secondhand stores is the home to most of my vintage toys, knick knacks and travel souvenirs.  The lace fan came from Spain, the china mice from Jackpot Vintage, and I found the beautiful satin 40's shoes at a Goodwill many years ago.  I think I did wear them once, as they are my size.

I worked in a couple of record stores (remember those?) back in the 1980's and the company reps would bring posters featuring musicians and album cover art for us to display in the store.  Sometimes the staff could put "dibs" on a poster of our choice when it came down off the wall, and  I was lucky to snag this giant one featuring Cyndi Lauper (it's at least 3' x 4').  I re-discovered it when I moved into my current apartment two years ago and figured it was time to show it off.    I've never seen this particular image on a poster, or any other advertisement since.

Bottom left:  Bettie Page checks her stockings in my bathroom, which is also home to some mermaids and a nude 1920's chorus line.  Top:  A few of my 1960's canvas bucket bags by Enid Collins hang on my kitchen wall.  Some of her bags are quite collectible, depending on the condition, but I purchased them for their kitschy and colourful designs.   Bottom Right:  A small painting by Luke Chueh titled "I Asked For Scrambled" makes me smile every time I see it, and the fairy collage came from Dear Thelma Love Louise.

My bedroom is a rather soothing grey-ish purple, and the colour makes a great background for my  purses, jewellery, hats, and whatever else I feel like hanging on the wall.  The flowered straw bag is a recent find from Faye's Finds Consignment Store at the Western Fair Farmers' and Artisans' Market.  It may be my summer carry-all next year, or, I may just leave it hanging on my wall!

Does your living space reflect your personality?


  1. I clocked those Enid Collins bags straight away, they sell for a fortune here! Love the Barbie at the end of your shelf, what a ladylike chick she is. The souvenir dolls are gorgeous against the bright red wall. Your house is fab, just like you. xxx

  2. You ended this with a bang in a flower heart, that needs to be on your arm next year and just inspired me to cover a basket in flowers! I loved seeing a glimpse into your home. I think you are right about art is anything that gives us pleasure to look at. You have some cool, stuff, those Enid bags are fab and Vix is right they go for at least a $100 in the US. I love all your skulls and art and that Cyndi poster is really sweet.
    My house is a magnified version of my inner child, I let her run wild!
    Xxxxxxxxoooooooooo. Thanks for sharing your heart with us!

  3. Your home is so you! How wonderful to be surrounded by your favorites. The Enid Collins bags caught my eye right away too - I love their funky-grandma vibe. xox

  4. Vix and Krista are right, Enid Collins bags are very sought after and command high prices here. Aren't they lovely as art/decoration? I love this tour around your walls and shelves, Shelley, you have all sorts of fascinating objects and images, a wonderfully eclectic mix which reflects your taste and personality. Love the dolls, and most of all, I love the background colours and the way you have arranged and displayed your treasures. You have a great eye! xxx

  5. LOVE this Shelley! Somehow I just knew you'd have a fun quirky place and you know I is a bit of a gallery of your heart and life. So colourful and full of unique unexpected details. Plus your eye for art is plainly evident in your choices and styling. A well curated space full of humour and whimsy. So glad you chose to show it off!

    Really love that Cyndi Lauper poster. The colours are fantastic.

    That chicken cartoon made me laugh.

    I had never heard of Enid Collins till someone asked me if one of my bags were hers. I can see that they would become an obsession and I really love how you've displayed yours.


  6. Lovely quirky arty home, Shelley! You have some special Barbies there. And Cindy Lauper's poster is supercool!

  7. Your house is so cool, Shelley. It's better than I could have imagined it. The coloured walls are great for getting through winter, and the flowers, dolls, artworks all add so much more warmth. Thanks for this peek inside!

  8. Somehow I'm not surprised that your home is colorful, interesting, filled with art and cool stuff, warm and inviting. The Museum of Shelley is superb!

  9. LOVE THIS!! I'm obsessed with decor and I love the personal collections!! That's the best way to decorate, with things that mean something to you. The colors are beautiful. I love color too, although I was initially scared. Now it's all about intuition and flow. Besides, with paint, you can always change it without too much expense! Thank you for this glimpse into your lovely home. XXXOOO

  10. What fun, especially the Barbies! I'm very envious of the Cyndi Lauper poster, and I love those bucket bags. They make a wonderful art installation.

    My home reflects compromise since my husband and I have different tastes. I'd like more stuff on the walls, but I've grown used to a pared-down look.

  11. All my walls are colored, too. I think it makes the art 'pop'. I adore loads of art. Trying to build up our collection again. We had a huge downsizing when we moved.

  12. Oh that was fun, Shelley. I never knew Barbie could look like that. Nor have I ever heard of Enid the bag lady. I luv the ethnic doll collection and the colorful walls. How cool you landlord allows them to be painted. Thanks for the free viewing of the Shelley Museum.