Thursday, July 31, 2014

If It Makes You Happy, It Can't Be That Bad

Heather wanted it to be known that she took these photos under duress, as she thought the parking lot at the Western Fair Farmer's and Artisan's market was a terrible backdrop.  I liked it because I thought my 1980's dress looked even brighter against all the grey. I found it at Value Village, and the halter neck, v-shaped bodice and full skirt brought back memories of my early 20's.  It's not a style I would usually wear, but on this particular day, it made me happy.

The full skirt inspired some dramatic posing.  I added a fabric orchid in my hair and some orange bling to up the sass factor.  After the market we headed to our usual Starbucks to enjoy an overpriced beverage on the patio while comparing notes on our week.

I had been meaning to photograph the greeting card vending machine that has been at the Cheapside and Highbury Starbucks location for the last few months.  The Vending Arts Project, curated by Londoner Janine Wass, was made possible by a grant through Awesome London.  The money was used to purchase and refurbish a used vending machine which was then stocked with greeting cards designed by local artists.  The card machine changes location every 4 months, and will have a new home starting in August.

The machine holds about 300 blank cards, which retail for $4 each.  Wass splits the sales proceeds with the artists.   I think this is a great way to get exposure for local artists, and for the price of a large caramel mocha frappe/latte/cappuccino you can get yourself an original piece of art.  London needs more venues like this for artists to show their work to the public outside of an art gallery.

Look at that, it's almost another weekend, and for us in Canada, because of the civic holiday on Monday, it's a long one.  Enjoy it, because Labour day is just around the corner....


  1. I hope these will be artist legends, as in legendary - great works, great idea. Yeah, London is awesome for funding this. I didn't even realize Monday was a Canada-wide holiday for provinces. Natal Day in Nova Scotia? Okay.
    As for you, the parking lot could use more flowers like you, in the hair, on the dress... Blooming gorgeous. A great friend, lovely bling and an expensive drink. Sounds lovely.

  2. Va-va-voom! You look DIVINE in that dress! What a great find.

    Love the idea of the art card vending machine! And hurray for long weekends!

  3. Fabulous. The colours do work pop against the grey, good thinking.

  4. Just fab - would that every parking lot had such a lovely sight! xo

  5. Oh I do love this dress, Shelley! The colours, the print, the 80s-does-50s styling, it's fabulous. Perfect for brightening up a dull car park!
    The vending machingpe for cards is a brilliant idea.
    Enjoy your long weekend! xxx

  6. vending machine art! What a great idea.

    You look very summer time in that dress.

  7. The art vending machine is incredible. I love it. You look fab in the dress!!! I am a sucker for 80s dresses. They are so comfy to wear and are often cotton.

  8. I'm sure that dress brought happiness to all who surveyed it! It looks fabulous on you, especially with all the sassy bling.

    The Vending Arts Project is brilliant! There's something similar in various places in the US called Art-o-mat (they have a website at They take old cigarette machines and refurbish them, then offer art for $5. There's a machine at the community college here in town, and I still haven't gone to see it. Damn!

  9. You look so sexy and trim in that dress - blinking gorgeous!
    That vending machine art project is genius. xxx

  10. You look so pretty in that dress honey! You should wear things like this more! I think this vending machine is a great way to get people exposed to art on the fly and on the cheap! I also love Sheryl Crow and have been told we look alike...ok it was when I had my natural red hair, but still.

  11. you're gorgeous and floral and summery!!, lovely dress, I like that 80's doin' the 50's style!, and it fits you like a dream, so some pose (and dancing) would be very appropriate!
    That Vending Machine is really amazing, such a fabulous project!

  12. Obviously I am very behind and missed this spectacular floral print dress that fits you like a glove. Brava! And the fabric orchid in your hair tops off this ensemble with perfection.

  13. Hi Shelley!

    I have a dress that look like yours in my closet that i didn't wear yet, i should after looking at you!
    I have seen those vending machines at the library, aren't they neat?