Monday, June 30, 2014

You Got A Face With A View

We in Canada have a sort of long weekend because of Canada Day on July 1st, and those who planned ahead and were able to book the Monday off get a four day break.  I have had this week booked off as vacation time for quite a while, and have been looking forward to a chance to get some things done at home, and then be able to relax and listen to some great music at Sunfest, our Festival of World Music, this coming weekend.  I've been feeling much better the last couple of weeks, and have been trying to focus on positive things, and be grateful that most of the time, I lead a relatively drama free, interesting, and independent life.  There have been a number of things that made me smile this past week:

Flowers and Hair in Pretty Colours

I got my hair coloured last week, and to my delight, I  matched these Gerbera daisies on the front desk at work.

Gerberas are one of my favourite flowers - I love the rich colour variations and their big, open faces (of course flowers have faces).

A Talking Head

I saw David Byrne being interviewed by Ben Sisario, who writes about music for The New York Times at the Luminato Festival.  I have admired, and had a crush on, David Byrne since I first discovered his band, The Talking Heads, back in the 80's.  I still have most of their albums, on vinyl.  Byrne is articulate, thoughtful, and not afraid to express his opinion.  During the interview he  was very critical of music streaming websites, primarily because the streaming royalties that artists receive are minuscule, and being able to listen to the music of your choice, for free, discourages people from purchasing CDs or paying for downloads.  He stated that he believes that the days where musicians could actually make money from recorded music are past.  He talked a bit about his book, "How Music Works", which I found to be a fascinating read, and the musical he wrote about Imelda Marcos called Here Lies Love.

I sat in the front row and as there wasn't anything said, or posted, about not taking photos, I took a few, including one of Byrne's Converse.  I always thought he was one of the coolest men on the planet, and his footwear confirms that.

The other thing I learned from the interview was that David Byrne has the best laugh - a completely un-self-conscious, throw your head back, open-mouthed laugh.  Made me love him even more, if that was possible.

  My Bun

Fred (aka The Bun) has been through 4 weeks of antibiotics and seems to be doing fine - she's full of piss and vinegar and wants food ALL the time but I have to be careful - when she was weighed at the vet's office she was at the high end of her normal weight.  It sucks when you only weigh 25 ounces and you STILL have to watch what you eat!!

 A Day Out With A Good Friend


Heather and I spent part of Saturday together and managed to fit in a trip to the Western Fair Farmers' and Artisans' Market, Tacos at Rock Au Taco, a visit to a consignment store, and ice cream!
A day like that required a good outfit.....

I got these silk harem pants off the sale rack at From Mars a couple of years ago, and they are the most comfortable things to wear on a hot, sticky day.    I love this navy t-shirt with all the stitching detail - it makes me look like I have curves when I don't actually have any.

I finally found the right outfit with which to wear this funky necklace I found at a Housing Works Thrift Store in New York when I was there last fall.  It fills in the low neck of the t-shirt perfectly.

I loved the colours in this woman's dress and matching headscarf.  She makes and sells jewellery made of "Vegetable Ivory", or,  Tagua Nut, which is the dried seedpod of the Tagua Palm Tree.   Her business is called Mayoso Designs.

After we filled our faces with Tacos, we headed off to Style 360, a consignment store that neither of us had visited, but had been mentioned to me by many people.  We spent a good hour and a half browsing, and were impressed with the selection and quality, and with the personable staff.  I'll be showing off the skirts I purchased in future posts, and we will definitely be going back.  

I rarely eat ice cream, as it doesn't agree with my stomach, but I will indulge once or twice in the summer.  We found a small ice cream wagon and I had a scoop each of Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup and Mango.

Happy Canada Day!


  1. I booked today/Monday off months ago - so nice to get a 4 day weekend! Love your hair and your harem pants - but that necklace...*gasp* Fabulous! Who doesn't love David Byrne...? *sigh* He's so lovely.

  2. We shall have to share David Byrne, as I too have loved him forever. Your new hair is fabulous!

  3. LOVE the hair! And the super cool "I Dream of Jeannie" outfit.

    Can anyone be as cool as David Byrne? I think not. I hadn't seen him with his white hair before.

    So glad you (and Fred) are feeling better and able to enjoy some of the great summer weather we are having.

    After looking at that consignment store I'm thinking more and more I need to make a trip out that way.

    Happy Canada Day!


    1. I think you should! We could go for tacos and do some thrifting.

  4. Can I just start off by saying your happiness jumps off the pages and has me grinning! How wonderful all these things are! Your beautiful hair is that flower tacos and friend and musicans you admire really does it get any better? You radiant beauty! I wanna hug you!!!!

  5. Glad you (and Fred) are feeling much better! Must be the hair colour, no? And those are some gorgeous harem pants. A Happy Canada Day to all of us!

  6. Incredible hair colour, I love it! Nothing like colour as a pick-me-up and I'm due too. And the photos of you in your harem pants, top, and necklace are really fun. I'm glad Fred is back to her ravenous self. I thought the tip of her tail was a worm before I scrolled down - sorry Fred! And David Byrne, a joy. You got some amazing photos here!

  7. Loving the gerbera hair and the harem pants - I have periods of absolutely living in mine and then packing them away and not wearing them for months. Yours rock as does your necklace.
    Delighted to hear about Fred. I loved Talking Heads back in the day. Strangely Jon's royalities haven't suffered too much despite all the streaming and downloading Byrne mentions - I bet David's still rolling in it. xxx

  8. I'm so behind that I missed the cars and robots! Your current post is a delight. You look absolutely radiant, and your hair continues to evolve to perfection. Which I can also say about your silk harem pants and thrifted necklace. Great poses Shelley. Looks like you're feeling much better, which is cause for celebration. Fred looks great too!

  9. I love gerbera daisies too and your hair is amazing! The colour is so vibrant, just like the daisies. Will it be difficult to keep it vibrant? I love your outfit, both the top and the harem pants, which are great on their own but really do look fantastic together. I would like to give harem pants a try some day but they are usually too short on me. I might have to make my own.

    Little Fred is so sweet. Poor thing, having to watch her weight. I know how that feels! I can only have macaroni and cheese once as month. :(
    Take Me To the River.....
    Happy Canada Day!

  10. So, so delighted to hear that you are feeling brighter, Shelley. And this post is full of good things to reflect the lifting of the fog! Your hair is bright and beautiful, and I love the harem pants outfit (and the pose!) I am also very relieved to hear that Fred is back on form - fancy a rat having to watch her weight, who'd have thought?!
    How cool to see David Byrne laughing - I didn't expect him to be that cheery! He does suit being a silver fix, doesn't he?
    Love that close up of the gerbera, beautiful photo. xxxx

  11. You're killing me - chocolate peanut-butter cup AND mango together?!? Drool. And David Byrne! And those harem pants! It may not always feel like it to you, but I think you lead a charmed and beautiful life. :-)

    I'm wondering if we could plan a huge bi-national week of holidays between Canada Day and Fourth of July. All of North America could just quit working for a week!

  12. OMG! With your hair curled like that, and that expression on your face, you look so much like Eve Arden!! Love it! (And great pants, too!) As for David Byrne, you're right on every count, and I'd like to give him additional kudos for letting his hair go gray - uh, white. And more power to him for not going with the two day stubble thing that seems so popular now. (Helpful hint: Guys, if you're reading this - it looks cool but it feels like sandpaper against a woman's face.)

  13. dear hair sister, obviously Love Your Redhead!!, so pretty color shades and really they match your flowers!!, doubled fabulousness!. And you're right, David Byrne is one of the most elegant men all over the world!, and cool!!. And your day out with a friend looks magnificent, artisan market, some great meal and exploring new shops!, and looking so fabulous, love your pants, and love your necklace (that's really my kind of necklace!!), you're gorgeous!!
    I can have an ice cream without having a Lactase pill before, would you try them?, they're inoffensive anyway!.
    besos & hairstyle fabulousness

  14. Hi Shelley,

    Happy that you feel better - I'm catching up with your blog and all that is happening to you and stuff you have seen lately -
    I love and love your harem pants you wore in a previous post - I love them too, i got a black pair and i ordered a few pair on E-Bay for a good price, hope the quality is ok, you never know
    I love your hair - I got mine buzzed on the side and got a bit left on the top and i dyed it pink
    The neuro doctor put on some med, hopeufully my mojo will come back soon



  15. You look gorgeous and I love the statement necklace and harem pants. Also, That ice cream. I'm a freak for ice-cream.

  16. What fabulous pics of DB, he sure looks like he has a wonderful belly laugh! I adore him ... he's ageing so beautifully too. I need your harem pants, they're cut like a maxi skirt but without the problem of stepping on them when I walk ... you're looking marvellous sweetie, I'm so happy you've been getting out and seeing some beautiful art exhibitions and meeting talented lovelies :). Big hugs xoxoxo

  17. Love those pants! I have a thrifted pair I got a while back and it is soo comfortable to wear! The necklace was a great find too. Beautiful and expressive outfits! Have a great rest of the summer. It is hot and sticky over here too! Ready to go dive into the ocean!