Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hot Wheels

I was in Toronto on Father's Day to see a couple of Luminato events, and after getting some lunch I decided to go for a walk as it was such a gorgeous day.  I turned the corner onto Bloor Street and stumbled onto this....

I'm not a "car person" -  I don't own one, or have my driver's license.  I realize they come in handy for getting places not serviced by public transit, and can make a trip to the grocery store much less of an ordeal, but I believe that everyone is safer if I stay a pedestrian.  I did get my beginner's license when I was 16, but one in-car lesson with my father was enough to convince me that I wasn't ready to be a driver.  When I turned 40, I tried again, and even took in-class and in-car lessons.  I found that while I was able to drive a car,  I was so anxious every time I got behind the wheel, my phenomenally patient driving instructor gently suggested that I probably couldn't afford the number of lessons it would take to get me comfortable behind the wheel.

However, I can appreciate a beautiful car as an aesthetically pleasing object, and there were some very beautiful cars in this show.  There is no admission charge to wander up and down the red carpet on Bloor Street and check out the fancy wheels.

.....and some very fancy wheels they were: Ferraris, Porsches, Mustangs, Jaguars, Mercedes, Corvettes, Lamborghinis, BMW's and even a '007 Aston Martin

The sleek lines of this 1968 Jaguar made it one of my personal favourites.  I prefer cars made before 1960 just because of the lines, and all the chrome.  I don't know one engine from another, but I know what looks pretty!

It made this 1950 Jaguar MK V look downright clunky

left to right: 1958 MGA, a 1994 Morgan 8, and a 1950 Chevy pickup

A closer look at the Morgan

I was rather taken with this 1965 Mercedes, but I think it was because of the combination of the green exterior and gold leather interior

This 2006 McLaren SLR looked like something Batman would have as a second car

The street was packed with people squeezed together trying to get a look, and photos, of their favourite cars.  I felt sorry for the dogs that were there as I'm sure they were hot and bored.

Red was definitely the colour of the day

The Piece de Resistance - a row of red Ferraris (with a white one thrown in for contrast)

While the cars were the big draw for the majority of the people there, I was more excited by the opportunity to photograph this gentleman, whom I have seen strolling the streets of downtown Toronto before, but have never been able to get close enough for a photo.  I don't know what he wears in the winter, but anytime I've seen him during the summer he is dressed in head to toe white.

If you like fancy cars, you might want to put this show on your calendar for next June.  You can find more details on their website.


  1. There was a McLaren parked in front of my window-front coffee perch last week and for about an hour I entertained myself watching all the people who stopped to take photos of it or photos posing beside it. What is it about cars? Your viewership just skyrocketed. ??!! Love that man in white. Coolest ever.

  2. those exotic cars look really glamourous, glad you've enjoyed some classic design pieces, red ferraris!! wouu!
    I got my driver license six years ago (it cost me a fortune in classes, I don't have any spatial ability), and driving makes me feel so anxious and histerical (and sweaty) than I've refused to drive anymore. Thanks for sharing this, dear lady, it makes me feel in company!!
    besos & paseos

  3. i dont have a driver license too and it really get in my ways since i moved from berlin into the woods. but i looove cars made before 1970. once we rented that mercedes cabrio for a sunday trip - and once the black mustang cabrio. hubs was in heaven and i had a lot of fun wearing big sunglasses and a headscarf :-)

  4. Ooooh that guy is a real smooth dresser isn't he? I'd be snapping off pics of him too. Guess what? I'm a petrol-head. Not many people know that. I love big cars, little cars, in-between cars ... but they've gotta have a whole lotta grunt under the hood. My shrink told me it's time I stopped driving my sporty Peugeot, so I'm catching the bus instead. Safer for everyone. Thanks so much for sharing the show, especially since you're not a driver ... just goes to show you don't have to drive to appreciate motoring beauties. xox

  5. I am another non- driver (it's better that way) and have to say I am mystified by the love some people feel for cars! Well, any vehicles really. But if they are your thing, then this event is fabulous! The man in white looks amazing. xxx

  6. My goodness, Shelley, you do get around. I can hardly keep up! What a story about driving, or learning to drive, or not driving. I came of age in the Motor City, so... I had a car since I turned 16, but then it was because I got the 2nd car when my dad suddenly died. It was a 65 Mustang. By 19 or so I bought a used MG Midget red convertible. Ha, I drove it til it wouldn't anymore. Being the Motor City, there was no alternative transportation, heck there wasn't even sidewalks most places. But I digress. Well not really, your post is about cars, right? Very cool to have stumbled upon those beauties. I remember my dream car in high school was a baby blue Jag and that would've been in the 60's too. ahh yes. Well that one dissipated soon enough. Lucky you to live someplace where cars aren't a necessity. They aren't in Chicago either, but I'm hooked, so there it is.

  7. Ha, one driving lesson with my father almost put me off of driving as well. I think it was the yelling that did it :) When I was in my early 30s I decided to try again, and had a girlfriend teach me. Success! I then promptly got a job as a delivery driver, which almost put me off driving again :0

    Love the gentleman in white, so dapper!

  8. I am totally a gear head! I started my love affair with muscle cars in high school and learned to drive on in a 1959 chevy apache panel truck. I love to drive, its freedom. My first car was a 1959 VW ragtop bug and I hope to own a 1967 GTO before I die. Car shows like this make my hearty skip beats, that row of Ferraris!!!