Tuesday, May 6, 2014

You Say Goodbye, And I Say Hello

It's sad when one has to bid farewell to an item of clothing that has become a favourite piece, especially when it hasn't had a chance to explore its full potential....

The item in question is this pair of leather-look cropped pants.  I purchased them over a year ago at Mesh Consignment Boutique, and they languished in my closet for a few months before I figured out how to wear them.   They became great cold-weather pants because of the soft, cotton-like lining, and the zippers and stud detail added a punk vibe to whatever outfit they became a part of.   Upon returning home after their most recent wearing, I discovered that the pvc coating had begun to peel off in a placed that was both embarassingly obvious, and impossible to patch or repair.  I wracked my brain trying to figure out a way to save them, but alas, once the coating had started to come off, there was no going back, and they went in the trash.  RIP, punk rock pedal pushers.

At least they got to party with this amazing Italian-made 1960's sweater and checked socks.  The  attached scarf and black stripe detail on the INSIDE of the sweater are delightful details that you just don't see anymore in mass produced clothing.  The sweater also came from Mesh Consignment Boutique.

Remember this blue leather dress?


I was planning to say goodbye to it too, but I was rather in love with the colour, and the ginormous, football pad shoulders.

So I got out my sewing scissors and did this...

I followed the shape of the stitching that joined the skirt to the top of the dress, and didn't do anything fancy like hem the lining, although when it starts to fray I may regret that decision.  This was the outfit I wore to the Vintage Show in Toronto at the end of March.  The photo was taken by blogger Erica Chapman.  I'm going to use this photo to link up with The Style Crone's Hat Attack.

leather jacket (formerly dress) - Lovesick Vintage
Skants - Studio Gang by Deborah Korosec
Boots - Housing Works Thrift Store
Hat - Ophelie hats, purchased at From Mars

And on a completely unrelated note....

Neil Patrick Harris and husband David Burtka wore their own twisted version of white tie and tails to the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Gala on Monday night, and I would bet money that's the first instance of argyle being worn on a red carpet.  I didn't think it was possible for me to love NPH even more.


  1. Aw, so sad about your pants! However, that's why I avoid fake leather and go with real - and look at how beautifully that blue leather dress has lasted! I love that you made it into a pseudo-bolero.

    NPH is the most amazing - wow, what outfits!

  2. Oh that is a shame. I have never had any PVC clothing, but I presume it wouldn't wear as well as leather. You did an amazing job refashioning the jacket from the blue dress, what a great shape!
    I know nothing at all about Neil Patrick Harris apart from having to endure some episodes of How I met your mother, which my eldest has taken a liking to - I find it unbearably bad, including him, I'm afraid! xxx

    1. NPH is also a talented singer and dancer and has hosted the Tony Awards a couple of times, and is currently appearing on Broadway in "Hedwig and the Angry Inch", so fortunately, he has more to offer than just "Barney Stinson"

  3. Grrrr, that is the down side of PVC. I've had to chuck away numerous 1960s raincoats and go-go boots in the past because of that nasty peeling. At least we have that fabulous photo to remind us of how fab those pants once were! The chopping of the dress is nothing short of genius, I love it!
    I don't know that man, I'm absolutely useless with TV series, but I like his style. x

  4. that sad pants :-(
    i´m known for repairing and altering beloved pieces to no end. and yes - today rtw is so poor in comparison to things from the past. i think it started to collapse in the 90´s. thank goddess there are still some second hand pieces out there :-)
    the young men are pretty cool!!

  5. sorry for the sad pants! But your blue coat is so groovy, and likewise your hat. NPH is a young god, he's so talented, and adorable too. xo

  6. So sorry about the beloved cropped pants, but at least they were paired with that gorgeous sweater for their last hurrah. Love the color and the details. The saving of the dress was brilliant. You're getting very creative, Shelley.

    Your outfit for the vintage show was divine, including the hat, of course. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!

  7. I too have had to chuck PVC for the same reason it just goes to shit over time wether you where it or not. I love what you did to your coat as a matter of fact I adore that whole outfit. Is that a skirt? You look awesome! The suits at the end make me very happy too.

  8. Your blue jacket is brilliant! I think it looks even better than as a dress. There's some stuff called Fray Check you can put along the bottom of the lining to prevent fraying if you want. It's a little squirt bottle that comes out clear. All your ensembles are great.

  9. Yeah, PVC isn't a great survivor. Such a shame, as those pants were HOT!!!!
    I bloody LOVE what you've done with the blue leather frock! Perfect, and so much more you.
    NPH and hubby look frigging awesome! Take that, stylistas!!! Bet they had a great time too.

    I was bored with my blog look, and indeed, the clean up was to emphasise what's it's all about-ME,ME,MEEEEEEEEEE!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  10. I love that sweater! I wouldn't even have noticed the pvc being worn off your pants if you had that cardi on.

    I remember Melanie had some boots that had a similar problem, and she just continued to pull off the pvc and gave the boots a distressed look. You could try that, if it's not too late.

    And there must be something in the air because it seems like there's a lot of sewing and altering going on lately. Your cropping of the leather dress is brilliant!

  11. sorry your cool pants lose their pvc coating, it's disgusting (and too frequent!) when a favorite pair of pants deteriorate just in that place! Love the punk rock vibe, your checked socks and pretty jacket!
    And love what you did with your leather dress, it was a fabulous piece before revamping it , but it's really Amazing as a jacket, love its shape and color, and you look so gorgeous wearing it!!!!