Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bits and Pieces.....and Curls!!

I hope all you Moms out there had a nice Mother's Day.  A random guy on the street wished me a Happy Mother's Day on Friday, which took me by surprise, because it was two days early, and he was  a complete stranger who had no idea whether I was a mother or not.

I guess there  isn't a "Happy Rat Mom Day".   Photo of Fred taken by Heather

And in other random bits from the past week.....

We welcomed two new groups of students to our graduate programs last week and this is what I wore to greet them.  Really, how could they not feel welcomed with Hello Kitty?  I found them on the sale rack at Forever 21 when I was in Toronto earlier in the week, and couldn't resist.

We've had some Spring-like weather lately, so inspired by flowers and budding trees I got out the purple and green.  Clockwise from top left:  silver bling from various sources, and bracelet purchased from Debra Rapoport;  the summer madras plaid converse; my beautiful copper lady necklace found at Lovesick Vintage a couple of years ago.

It was even knee socks weather - ooooh, the delight of a warm breeze on bare knees!  
candy-coloured docs - Doc Marten Store (Toronto)
T-Rex socks - Uber Cool Stuff

I always look forward to getting a fresh 'do and last week my cool hair gal Melanie and I decided that dark pink and orange would be the summer colour combo (it matches my Krista necklace!)    Then, on a whim, out came the curling iron and well, you can see from the photo above what happened.   I have had straight hair all my life (except for that one terrible perm in Grade 13), so to suddenly have a tangle of pink and orange curls on my head made me so freaking happy - it doesn't take much, I tell ya.  And yes, I bought my own curling iron this weekend.


  1. Fab new hair! Love the color and the curls.

  2. Love the rat , the colours , the shoes and the hair ! Love it all !

  3. Loving your curls!! Curls just fall right out of my hair unless I hairspray the living daylights out of 'em!

  4. love the hair. and both pair of shoes

  5. Holy smokes, love love LOVE your hair! So fun!

  6. I love the Hello Kitty tights and the TRex socks. Your hair is fabulous - love the colours and the curls.

  7. The hello kitty tights are too adorable! Very unique

  8. My fave is your black and white outfit at the top! And sets off your new hairdo perfectly!
    Idiosyncratic Fashionistas

  9. The curls, the color, Hello Kitty! It's a fabulous life in London! I wish I was one of your students.

  10. Hello Kitty would be very proud.

  11. Nothing and nobody more pink than you my gorgeous friend.
    Love and sunshine.

  12. Dear this shoes are the best!!!! and your hair!! Kisssssssssss from Madrid!

  13. Seing that new hair again and loving it!
    We had splendid weather here too, i was wearing dresses with sandals or with Docs and socks, what a delitght hey?
    Still nice temp today will totally enjoy it!


  14. I don't know what I love more, your hair, those rings, the insane legwear or that copper pendant or the idea of introducing Rat Mum's Day. You rock! xxx

  15. I'm with Vix Shelley there are too many things I adore about this post to pick one! I love the hair, playful, sassy and my favorite colors! I was just thinking this weekend as I have been busting my ass trying to get Peetee better how I really am a momma to my fur babies, we need a holiday too damit!

  16. cool haircolor and curls!
    and i start to feel very boring with my anthracite knee socks.......

  17. Hello! Why does this close-up remind me of Lucy? Is it the redish (dark pink and orange) curls or the lovely Lucy lips?


    ♥ carmen

  18. Your hair looks amazing! Really cool, Shelley - but then you are one of the coolest women I know! Love the black Hello Kitty outfit, and your rings and especially the pendant are beautiful.
    Fred is such a cutie - she needs a Rat's Day all of her own! xxx

  19. Fabulous outfit and curls!

  20. Pink and orange with curls! You have discovered the summer hair to live for and I love it. I also adore the 'black and white with a touch of red' ensemble that greeted the new students. They must surely know that they've come to the right graduate program with you as a part of their life.

    Great to see a Fred photo!

  21. Your hair!!! Gasp! I LOVE IT!!! Very fetching, darling!
    I am also crazy for your Hello Kitty tights-indeed, who wouldn't feel welcomed by you in those?!, and that pendant is divoon!
    My post title is a line from a Siouxsie song, "This Unrest", off Tinderbox. One of my fave albums of all time! A Pepe Le Pew printed sheet just SCREAMS for something fabularse to be made form it!!

  22. oh yes, those hello kitty leggings are perfect with your striped t-shirt and your cute dress!, and so lovely accessories and your new hairstyle look über cute and gorgeous!! you rock!!
    besos & spring!

  23. The same thing happened to me: three strangers wished me a Happy Mother's Day. What else could I do but wish them well?