Thursday, April 24, 2014

Unbound 2014 - tailored pastels and flowing brights

Each year, the graduating class from Fanshawe College's Fashion Design program present their design collections to industry professionals and the general public in a fashion show at Museum London titled "Unbound".   This is the fourth year I have photographed the show for my blog, and I'm always interested in seeing the students' creations and what trends they predict for the following Spring/Summer.  This year the students had the added benefit of the mentorship of Canadian Designer, David Dixon.  Judges for the show included members of the Canadian fashion industry Franco Mirabelli, Natalie Deane, and Truc Nguyen.

Leesa Butler, a member of judging panel, was a bright splash of blue amidst the black.

It was great to see this colourful trio did not succumb to the lure of the little black dress

 Last year this woman and I turned up wearing the same dress, not so this year!  I was wearing my strapless red leather dress over a t-shirt, and a jacket (do I have any photos, of course not...).

 A New York style runway was installed in the second floor of Museum London

If the designs from the sixteen graduating students whose collections were in the evening show were any indication, we will see lots of high-waisted pants and shorts, shift dresses, and jumpsuits next Spring.

Morgan George's pieces featured muted colours and classic shapes

George's fitted dresses featured pleated detailing and demonstrated excellent tailoring skills

Samantha Ingram used creative leather manipulation to add visual interest to her earth-toned garments.  I loved the skirt with the rippled leather overlay!

These two jumpsuits had the most flattering fit of any in the show.  Several designers used thin, silky fabric for their jumpsuits and the lack of structure was not particularly flattering on the rail-thin models.  The patterned jumpsuit on the left was designed by Hilary Hantjis, the white one is by Paige Riviere.

The draped neckline and structured waist made this jumpsuit by Cassie Smith my favourite.  I would probably wear it with a wide leather belt.

Two very sleek and stylish shorts suits designed by Cassie Smith (l) and Hilary Hantjis (r)

The models wore their hair pulled back which allowed all the giant neck bling they wore to be seen to the best advantage.

Amanda Matthews' collection featured elegant resort wear, including the dress and swimsuit above.

Megan Sheppard used bold patterned silky fabrics in her designs.   The high-necked trapeze dress was one of the pieces in the show I would love to have for the summer.

Ciairya Deshane (l) and Kristen Kinzinger both used colourful prints for the low-cut blouses that were part of their collections.

Mengying Zhao used graphic patterns and a bold colour scheme in her collection.

 The only male designer in the show was Sebastian Taborda Guarin, and his pieces were extremely well done.  His collection was inspired by the city of Medellin in Columbia - the innovative architecture, the fences in Biblioteca Spain, and the orchid flowers.

I liked the modern shape of the top and the visual interest of the "cage" overlay on the skirt in this outfit by Guarin.

Another piece in the show that caught my eye was this tucked and gathered skirt by Jessica Haster.  It would not be flattering to someone with larger hips but the added fullness would be welcome on someone with fewer natural curves like me.

Either of the above dresses would work for a special occasion where you want to feel "dressed up" without resorting to a lot of sparkle or frills.  The leather dress is by Paige Riviere, and the plum one by Ashley Gennuso.

I liked the combination of white and grey in this outfit designed by Kali Samlal.  The bolero would also look cute worn over a simple dress.

 Grey and white was also featured in this dress by Courtney Kane

 The pastel, clean-lined pieces in Monica Liu's collection were both pretty and professional.  The pale yellow worked very well with the powder blue. 

Liu was the only designer who walked the runway with one of her models at the end of her collection.   I thought the simple shapes of her garments were very fresh and modern.  Each outfit had a pop of bright colour tucked under a collar, lapel or hem.

Congratulations to all this year's graduates,  and I wish them well in their designing careers!


  1. Wow, so many talented graduates, and such comprehensive coverage, Shelley. You should get paid for this! Except for a few outfits shown here, these colour palettes are pretty tame but I guess I'm not exactly the demographic they're aiming at. The detailing is spectacular. I wish these graduates wild success.

  2. What a fabulous collection - speaks volumes for what we have to look forward to from these young designers. I too love the tucked and gathered skirt. xox

  3. Thanks for sharing this.

    I adored that patterned jumpsuit.

    Also the last one with the graphic simple shapes and small pops of colour attracts me. Very modern.


  4. Loving the printed catsuit and how cool some of the crowd look. Hooray for girls unafraid of colour! x

  5. Love the rippled leather skirt and the big crazy necklaces. Also love what the woman who wore the same dress as you last year was wearing this year! Should have gotten her to take your picture :)

  6. Hi Shelley!

    How are you doing? being brave this morning commenting a bit, so far so good but i think i will end with you, i don't want to push my luck, so i will comment on the last 3 posts
    I love what the students did at tha fashion show, real talent there!
    I'm not crazy about le Chateau, i never go and don't buy the brand in the thrift shops, you know you are the star, i love the way you are dress, wow!
    I love the first pic to the gentlemen, love the style too- How old do you think he was? you need a man like that, hahaha!

    About the post about dressing like everybody else, what bullshit! Amen for you and the other fab girls!
    It would be so boring whitout us and them, don't you think?

    Take care girlfriend, did you get the parcel? hope you like it, if not, well it's ok too



  7. amazing show, so many interesting textures and shapes, and love all that pleated leather and pretty silky prints!, there was a lot of talent involved!

  8. What a great show, how cool to be there again. I remember you and the woman wearing the same dress last year, doesn't she look good? I wish I could see you in the red leather frock though, Shelley...
    I really do like a lot of these designs, albeit I might not wear them. The jumpsuits are actually my favourites, and I like the dress with the pleated detail on the yoke/sleeves very much. I can see you rocking the black leather dress, that would be a fabulous addition to your collection! I am generally drawn to the more colourful pieces, and those with print (relatively few, which is interesting), but I really appreciate how very stylish and professional the garments look. xxxx

  9. I'm not normally a fan of a jumpsuit, but the ones you've pictured are gorgeous! Especially that neckline on the grey one. I also love the grey frock worn by the lady you were frock twins with last year!
    I get to go to a fashion show this Thursday! I must take my camera and report, you've inspired me! XXX

  10. I really like that outfit with the twisted leather - I would totally do that.

  11. Great post, photos & commentary. Terrific post.
    Jean & Valerie

  12. I really love Monica's collection !

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