Wednesday, April 2, 2014

These Are A Few of My Favourite Things....

I am working on my blog post about the vintage clothing and textile Show I attended in Toronto on the weekend, but in the meantime, here's an outfit post that includes a few of my favourite things in my wardrobe, and a new addition, purchased at the show...

You know those items we have in our wardrobe that we wear over and over, mixing and matching with other things, and make you feel good when you're wearing them?  This outfit includes some of mine.  The skirt was thrifted and is an excellent basic piece that has made it worth more than the $6 I paid for it.

You may remember the candy coloured Doc Marten brogues I purchased last year - they are my all time favourite feel-good shoes.  Today I wore them with my Pippi Longstocking leggings, another item that brightens my day, and always inspires a comment or two from my colleagues.

My new favourite is this Perry Ellis America jacket, purchased from the Factory Girl Vintage booth at the Gadsden's Toronto Vintage Clothing Show on Sunday.  It was very reasonable priced, and I couldn't resist the retina-burning colour and 80's shape.

Another thing I liked about the jacket was the fabric - it's made from a velvety-soft quilted cotton/poly blend and given that the temperature is still only a few degrees above zero, I appreciated the extra cozy factor.

We have had two, sunny, Spring-like days in a row, and I was swooning from the unexpected brightness.  I don't want to seem too presumptuous, but could the Winter From Hell actually be over?

A special thanks to the ever-patient Heather for taking these photos


  1. I swear, I gasped when I saw that jacket - how cool is that? I adore the shape and the bright colour! Glad you are loving your Docs - I am always resisting mine (what if the other shoes get jealous?).

  2. Bring on the drama, schweetheart. I love how you swoon. I would too in this outfit. Outstanding jacket score. I suspect we'll be seeing this combo again, I hope so. Ba-bye, Winter! Love that candy on your fingers too.

  3. That jacket is blinking fabulous, it reminds me of the cool gear Salt "n" Peppa used to rock back in the day! I hope the Winter from Hell is almost over, we've had it easy this year and I'm so glad. xxx

  4. Let's hope so, Shelley, you've endured a dreadful winter. That fabulously bright jacket will be perfect as the temperatures creep up a little higher, what a great find. I love the drama of bright colours against black (I remember a Trinny and Susannah TV programme in which they sneered at wearing this combination, branding it "common"; yet another example of their snobbish and conservative lack of imagination...) Anyway, as always, you look really cool, the skirt, the wonderful leggings, the joyful shoes, all are completely you and completely brilliant!
    Looking forward to your photos from the vintage show. xxxx

  5. Amazing jacket, Shelley! It's just stunning. I sure hope you have more swoon-worthy temps coming your way!

  6. So amazing look ! Love it ! The stockings and the shoes are great , i have those doc's as booots and they make me feel great every time !

  7. Love that fabulous new jacket, Shelley! And the feel-good shoes too, amazing. xo

  8. I am so bummed I didn't get to go with you. As it turned out I was brutally ill, so just as well I had to cancel our dancing as well.

    I LOVE those shoes. Every time you wear them I smile.

    I'm expecting by June we should have some decent temperatures around here. Don't put that beautiful bright jacket away too soon.


  9. You do 'swoon' with excellence. The entire outfit is great, but I do love your new jacket. The color, the shape and how it will provide warmth through the days until spring really arrives.

  10. you look so gorgeous wearing those stockings and your fabulous jacket, it's a lovely piece, textured and colorful and cozy!!, and love so much your shoes!!

  11. great jacket! the color is really irresistible!
    and this leggings! love!
    here we have hot wind from africa at the moment, complete with desert dust. shall i send you some?

  12. Love the shoes!! You look super duper adorable here! <3

  13. You are so dam cute in that last shot, Heathers patience paid off:). Your new jacket makes me happy just seeing you wear it. Love the quilted fabric and the color is hot on you! Those leggings deserve heavy rotation, funky and fun. I do hope winter has moved the feck on.