Sunday, April 13, 2014

Rag Bag Bazaar - Art, Owls, Bow Ties, and Vulvas

I am soooo far behind in everything, including blogging, that I can see my own arse.  I'm writing this post about what I did a week ago, as four days worth of dishes are soaking in the sink (I know, GROSS!).

The Rag Bag Bazaar is a semi-regular event that brings together local artists, crafters and vendors in various downtown venues.  The most recent one, held at Museum London on April 5th, was the first one I had attended, so I have no idea how it compared to previous ones. 

I was surprised and delighted to meet artist Sarah Feehan, who had some of her collages and pins for sale.  I had purchased a small sculpture of hers at the Visual Arts students' end-of-year sale at Western, and it's always a treat to meet the creator of something you fell in love with.  In this case it was.....

....this sculpture, which incorporates a taxidermied bird body.  The moment I saw her (I named her Edwina) I knew I had to have her.  She was on my filing cabinet at work for a few days until I could get her home, inspiring a variety of comments;  now she lives on a shelf in my living room, along with the skeleton hand drawing I purchased from the same sale last year, the Eiffel tower, and some chalkware kitties.

The "Give A Hoot" table had these adorable stuffed owls for sale, along with other owl-themed items.  I purchased a small red stuffed owl barrette which I promptly stuck in my hair.

These charming women selling cute jewellery under the name Catstache had an item that was pretty much guaranteed to be a conversation piece no matter where you wore it...

Yep, that would be Vulva jewellery.  Wear your vulva proudly, on your finger, around your neck, or your wrist.

Wendy Van Der Meer sells her own designs under the name House of Wenday that include accessories made from recycled denim, t-shirts, dresses, and scarves.

The young man in the glasses and bow tie was selling bow ties (I assume of his own design).  The father of the little boy in the lumberjack plaid jacket was interested but the little guy, obviously more into the outdoorsy casual look, not so much.

I had seen Fred & Lila's crocheted creatures at the Car Free Festival last summer.  Creator Allison Gray, seated behind the table makes cuddly stuffed toys that are often inspired by current children's storybook and TV characters.

The blue guy in the foreground is Perry the Platypus.  If I had children, I may have known he is a character from a television show who is a secret spy, as it is, I just thought he was cute.

Eva Przybyla had some beautiful silkscreen prints for sale - I asked her to hold two of my favourites in the photo.

After we had visited all the vendors' tables, Heather and I walked over to Rock Au Taco to grab a bite before parting ways. 

We sat in the window next to this couple.  The decor is very colourful and quirky, and the tacos are yummy, as I mentioned in a previous post.

 ....and that was last Saturday.  Stay tuned as I post about some cool things that happened this week, including receiving unexpected blogger love by mail, and learning about the science of store design.


  1. For someone who is so far behind, this is certainly a stellar post. How wonderful to meet some of your local artists. How does one decide what to splurge on? And I love the photo of your in the cafe. You are clearly too busy having fun to be at the computer.

  2. Oh my! Edwina is scary and kind of neat at the same time. Like something from a dream. I adore that funny blue platypus too.

    Are you telling me you left without any vulva jewelry? Or will that be coming up in a future post? ; P With your vulva hat and cape?


  3. Of course her name is Edwina - she practically screams the name. What a wonderful show! So many fascinating things and ideas to steal. I'm intrigued by the vulvas being placed on the same tray as the mustaches. It makes me feel a little ticklish.

    1. That's how I felt about her name too. Your last sentence made me laugh out loud!

  4. all that creativity! have a little event envy now - sometime i miss all this here out in the woods.
    you look fab at the taco bar, love all the different pink/purple hues going on.......

    awards on your way:


  5. Please tell me you bought a vulva pendant! What an ace idea!
    Love how cool you look in the bar and how mad Edwina is. xxx

  6. Love seeing all the folk and their wares, especially the vulvas! Vulvae? Anyway, they are genius!
    That skeleton couple made me chuckle, and I love the screen prints. Sounds like a great day out!
    Don't worry about being behind, Shelley, I have a huge catch-up to do too. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging, which is as it should be! xxxx

  7. Hi Shelley!
    You are behind? Me too! LOL! Don't worry about it! Feeling better having better days
    I don't think i would wear a vulva necklace Would you?
    Nice exhibit, lots of talented people - It 's always cool to find true original art
    Is the snow gone in London? Almost here- They say it will be 24 today!
    If i feel up to it maybe i will take some pics outside

    Take care Shelley
    See you soon


  8. I can't imagine getting back on top of things myself, kudos for cranking out a post! Awesome outing, and you look fabulous.

  9. Rock au Taco!!! I SO need to eat there!
    Great pix of a fabularse much goodness and inspiration!
    I suspect Sarah would go crazy for the vulva jewellery!!!

  10. You my dear look adorable in that photo, must have been all the happy you were feeling. Your bird girl is a riot of ridiculousness how perfect she is! You are so supportive of the arts, I need to be better and get out more. I would go to each of these events with you in a quick minute.

  11. Love the silver lace-up boot/sneakers! And Edwina is fab-u-lous!
    Jean & Valerie

  12. I too am VERY behind, but happy to see you in your perfectly stellar ensemble and giving an excellent review of the Rag Rag Bazaar. Visiting your site made my morning!

  13. lovely bazaar, everything looks really appealing and cool!, as a huge fan of Perry the Platypus I've felt in love with this cute crochet creature!, and such awesome ladies showing her art!!
    You look really gorgeous, and love that background!!
    besos & arte