Monday, March 10, 2014

Warm Leatherette

If you have been following my blog for a while, you've probably noticed I like wearing clothing made of leather.   I wouldn't call it a fetish, but I will admit to being drawn to the look, feel and scent of good quality leather.   There is a primitive element to it - it's durable, and protects against the cold, wind and rain, which is why people have been using it for centuries to make clothing, shoes, bags, and even armor.  The bitterly cold temperatures that we experienced this winter have made it perfect leather-wearing weather.

I'm not sure when my particular affection for leather began, but I do have fond memories of my first black leather pencil skirt, purchased at Le Chateau back in the 1980's when it was THE store to buy fun and trendy clothing.  It was an expensive purchase for me at the time, especially as I was in the middle of what would become a 15 year stretch working in a variety of retail jobs for minimum wage.  It also seemed somewhat exotic, and I felt sexy and powerful when I wore that skirt, and I kept it until it didn't fit me anymore.     

Two of the first leather-clad style icons - Honor Blackman as Cathy Gale (left, with co-star Patrick Mcnee) and Diana Rigg (right) as Emma Peel, in their full on leather as worn on the series The Avengers

Another ass-kicking leather clad dame - Carrie Ann Moss as Trinity, from The Matrix film series

I don't have a leather catsuit (not that I wouldn't like to have one....) so I content myself with wearing pieces like this leather dress, found at Mesh Consignment Boutique for $25, which are a little more work friendly.  It has short sleeves that snap on and off and given the snap detail at the neck, most likely had a collar that did the same, but unfortunately was missing.
In the last 10 years I developed an appreciation for leather pieces from the 1980's, with their gigantic shoulder pads, and bold shapes and colours.

The electric blue 1980's leather dress, complete with linebacker-size shoulder pads, found at Lovesick last winter.  Alas, it's too tight in the waist now, so it's in a pile waiting to be passed on to another leather fan.  If you're interested, email me and I'll give you the measurements.

Flaunting my 80's pegged leather pants - the brown ones on the left were purchased on Etsy and the grey ones on the right from The Sentimentalist.  Alas, the grey ones are now too small in the waist (I'm sensing a pattern here) and were passed on to another cool dame.

One of my favourite leather items is the pair of leather and fabric pants I'm wearing in the photo above.  I purchased them a few years ago from Danier Leather, when they were half price, and they have proven to be one of my cold weather staples.  The leather pants I purchased at H&M last November turned out to be a very disappointing purchase as they ripped the third time I wore them, and when I took them to a seamstress, she said the leather was much too thin to have be used for pants.  They weren't cheap in price, but obviously in quality.  Lesson learned.

The leather corset belt I'm wearing in the photo above was purchased many years ago from Northbound Leather in Toronto.  I have to loosen the lacing in the back much more now than I did when I bought it, but I still feel kinda sexy and awesome when I wear it.  It's the perfect accessory for those of us for whom nature didn't see fit to provide natural curves.

In addition to the pieces in the photos above, there's also a couple of leather jackets and 3 leather skirts in different colours and finishes.   So yeah, maybe there is a wee bit of a fetish going on.....

The most recent addition to the leather collection, found at The Sentimentalist.  It fits like the proverbial glove, and the A-line skirt makes it more funky and less "hooker".  I will be wearing it over a t-shirt or turtleneck with tights and chunky boots, to further reduce the chances of being mistaken for one of the local working girls.

How do you feel about wearing leather, aside from the ubiquitous moto jacket that seems to have a place in everyone's closet?


  1. I hope you know that you have a leather-clad partner in crime out here! I adore leather clothing. I have easily 20 leather skirts of varying lengths and colour, 3 or 4 leather dresses, two pairs of leather pants, and a multitude of jackets. I also have a Northbound Leather corset - mine was worn with the Traveling Yellow Skirt.

    Love your dress with the snaps - how cool is that? Much as I love the giant shoulder pads on the 80s stuff, it just doesn't look right to me anymore. Very good cal in the quality of leather. Much of what's out there now is just crap - I stick with Danier and vintage, it's the best!

    1. I knew you would share in the leather love (that's not as risque as it sounds)! I need to make a trip to Northbound Leather in the near future to see what new stuff they have.

    2. great Sheila! I really share your leather passion and wear leather as often as I can even if I am a man! ;)

  2. I don't own any leather clothes, except shoes and purses. I'd buy some if I found something I liked in my size. I like fur, too, and have a couple of old pieces. Which is kind of funny, as I pretty much don't eat meat. Go figure

  3. Love your title track. :) You and Sheila find the most fabulous leather!!!

  4. I've never worn leather clothes - I think I'd be too hot. But if I looked like Emma Peel I would reconsider.

  5. I used to live in leather clothes - my first proper purchase when I started my career was a belted leather mini dress. I have a fetish for coloured leather trench coats which I tend to end up selling on when I need to raise cash for a flight!
    The basque is so sexy and I'm dying to see you in that red hooker dress! xxx

  6. I love leather too ... I have a couple of leather skirts that I regularly wear and some tight leather trousers, but now I'm a bit in love with your 80s peg leg trousers, so I'm off to hunt for some of them!

  7. I love leather. I've wanted leather pants for so long but no job makes the waiting longer. One of my regrets is not getting a pair of purple leather shorts long ago. I think about them often.
    Your corset outfit is awesome. Everything about it rocks!

  8. I love leather!!! I have several leather and suede pieces. That corset is amazing!

  9. Love your personnal style lately so edgy and stylish Shelley!
    I love your leather collection - The shape of the first dress is perfect for you and that black corset is a marvel especially with the dress, wow! you do look very sexy!

    I don't own a lot of leather except jackets of course in all colors -Got a pink jacket i should wear more often this spring -I should find myself leather corsets or dresses -

    Take care


  10. Yes, you and Sheila are leather goddesses! I really like the trousers. xox

  11. Oh I cannot wait to see you rocking that red hooker-but-not-really dress!
    You are making me consider why I have no leather clothing apart from a vintage 1970s jacket...? What's that all about? Oh, I have suede jerkins/waistcoats, but nothing very exciting. Your dresses are awesome, and I think of your leather trousers as your signature look, Shelley! The corset belt is a wonderful piece, I would wear that in a heartbeat.
    Keep rocking the leather, love, you do it so well! xxx

  12. Sorry to hear your H&M leather pants didn't last. I bought a pair of those H&M pants to but I am careful when I wear them cuz they are lacking a bit in quality. These are mine

    1. I bought mine one size too big and wore them out walking around and to a movie- the leather was ridiculously thin and tore like wet tissue. If you can't walk or sit in your pants without them tearing, and they aren't too small, then they're obviously lacking a lot in quality

  13. fabulous collection, sorry about that blue dress don't fit anymore, it's really cool!. I like leather jackets in any color, but I'm not particularly appealed by those 'perfecto' jackets that are on trend (so unflattering on my body shape!).
    Your leather pants are so awesome, and you look really gorgeous wearing a corset!

  14. I love leather, but have only leather shoes in my possession! WTF?!
    Love the leather corset belt most of all!!! Our cat, Peepers, LOVES G's leather motorcycle jacket, so it's appealing to animals and humans!

  15. Your extensive leather collection is fabulous! I love your new purchase and look forward to seeing you wear it to perfection in the future. I am also taken by the leather corset belt.

    I have several vintage leather jackets, which haven't seen the light of day for some time now. Perhaps it's time to pull them out of the closet. It's snowing out today, so maybe some leather will keep me warm!

  16. What a great leather collection. I can't wait to see you in that red dress. It's going to look amazing with some of your cool tights.

    I too am a leather hoarder. I probably own 15-20 leather jackets or blazers and another 5 skirts and dresses. Kind of silly really when I am so against wearing fur.

    Makes me think I need to do a post like this too. Once my computer is fixed. Oh yeah. Meltdown.


  17. These are some great looks! I think you would love the vintage clothing in our collection :)
    Becky x

  18. I love the sleek look of leather, but not on me- I'm a softy- I am more corduroy, suede, velvet etc. BUT leather pants, jackets,well anything is the ultimate in cool. As are you.

  19. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Luvvvvvvvvvvvvv that leather corset!!!!!!! Don't ever give that up!