Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fighting Words!

Snow.  Wind Chill.  Polar Vortex.  Ice.  Freezing Rain.  Slush.

C'mon Winter, put up your dukes - I've got plaid, and Pippi Longstocking legs and I'm so ready to kick your frozen ass.

I'm not sure that this is the most flattering outfit I've ever worn, but I like all the pieces so I figured I'd just throw 'em all together and see what happens.

pleather top - Frilly Lizard (retail)
weird shaped skirt - Mesh Consignment Boutique
Pippi Longstocking leggings - Carousel Ink on Etsy
arm warmers - Weezi Design studio
yarn collar - Humble Home

I like this photo - I don't look cranky and tired at all!  I promise this will be the last post where I complain about the weather (unless it's still like this in April). 


  1. Ah! I love this outfit so much (this..............................much, and that's big). The skirt is so perfectly shaped, and the stockings and the hair. I am without words.

    Now, do you have any plans for Vancouver? Specifically, I will be there on the 21st and 22nd. Fingers crossed, but it's rather last-minute.

    1. It would be great fun to see you and Melanie, but unfortunately, I won't be able to escape London in the foreseeable future....

  2. Sock it to 'em, schweetheart. You look like a million bucks. Permission to complain to your heart's content is also granted. We can take it, especially when you look so fab and feisty.

  3. Nothing wrong with just piling all your favourite pieces on together and seeing what happens, especially when the result is so fabulous! You do look feisty and ready to kick ass, winter had better watch out!
    I love those leggings, the tulip shape of the skirt, and the mixture of textures and fabrics is wonderful.
    And I adore that first photo! xxx

  4. I love how the outfit turned out, I can tell you love everything you're wearing and that's a success in my book! I don't know how you manage to stay looking so kick ass and fabulous with the weather you've got, I'd be in bed with a book! xxx

  5. Fantastic - the legs! The arms! And the kick-ass hair too. xox

  6. Vix and I were just taking about what a warrior you are for just living there. This outfit is fun and I think funky I can see why you love all the bits, together I think you have something here. Wish you could come out to the art show this weekend and hang with us, it's right up your alley plus we'd eat donuts and giggle for hours:). Enjoy the weekend darling!

  7. Way to be an optimist! At this rate we will have snow well into June.

    Those leggings are just brilliant.


  8. It's nice today out Shelley, how is it in London and plus we are changing the hour! going forward! More light Shelley - I say there is hope:)
    The outfit is fab and all the pieces go well together!

    Have a good weekend


  9. You look fabulous! I just love this ensemble together, and the haircut is perfection. I must say, I have not seen the ground here in Chicago for at least 3 months, it's been continuously covered in snow and ice. And that's not saying anything about the constant way below freezing temps...

  10. Of course you can complain about the weather! We are Canadian and it's the most important topic of conversation in our country. (And obviously elsewhere too in these days of Global Weirding!)

    I covet your leggings. The rest of your outfit is pretty wonderful too.

  11. You make me feel like a wuss for even complaining about being cold! You look super cute!

  12. Flattering, schmattering. That outfit is a visual feast, and that's what matters! If it also that takes your mind off that weather, excellent!

  13. Just came across your blog last night and I'm loving your style!

  14. love everything, plaid arm warmers, fabulous leggings, originally shaped skirt, and of course, love your brave attitude and pretty smile, you look gorgeous meanwhile kicking winter's ass!

  15. Rock the hell ON!!!!
    Yeah, punch those Wintery blues away, and funk it UP!