Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cheap and Cheerful

Sometimes, you've just got to be your own flower garden, especially when there is little chance that any real ones will be blooming any time soon.  I'm envious of my friends over in the UK, who have green grass AND daffodils!

I had seen this 1980's blouse at The Sentimentalist a couple of months ago and tried it on, but it wasn't doing anything for me at the time, as much as I loved the colours.   Then I saw it on the sale rack, marked down to $5, and I decided to try it again.  This time, it clicked - maybe it was what I was wearing on the bottom when I tried it on that changed my mind.  Anyway, it's mine now, in all it's floral patterned, shoulder-padded glory.

Pretty simple outfit, but the blouse got lots of compliments.  And, I tallied up what I spent on the entire outfit and it was just under $35 for the blouse, pants and boots.  Cheap, and cheerful!
Blouse - The Sentimentalist
jeans - Mexx
The frequently seen blue boots - thrifted

And speaking of being your own garden....

Just look at those marvelous patterns and colours, the jewellery (especially the crazy metal hand adornment), and the hair bun.  For some serious male eye-candy, check out:  Fuck Yeah, Men With Buns


  1. Gorgeous blouse and I love his outfit too (I want that crazy hand adornment!!). Ooh, I like that website - I am a fan of long hair on men!

  2. love the patterns on that fellow. I;ll have to check that out.

    The blouse is really nice. It has some interesting details (the shoulders pleats) It drapes nice

  3. What a fun post! The flowered shirt is so pretty - aren't you glad you tried it again? It looks great with jeans.

    And fuck, yeah, men with buns!!!! If only this trend was popular in the '70s, or if I was 30 years younger, or if Mr. S had long hair. Sigh.

  4. That's a gorgeous blouse, I am glad that you fell for its floral charms second time around. Spring will come, Shelley, it's just taking its time, and there is nothing to stop you bringing your own flowers to the proceedings!
    I like totting up how much my outfits cost too, the sign of a secondhand cheapskate!
    And fuck yeah, that fella looks great! xxx

  5. you rock your cheap & cheerful outfit, so pretty blouse, colorful and funny!!. Our spring-like weather is going to hell, and the spring illusion is vanishing, but not for a long time!
    thanks for male eye-candy, it's just what my poor brain was in need of!
    besos & fabulousness

  6. Oh yeah, for $5 a lot more things click!! lolzzzz Love it & that dude below--yessss

  7. Bloody hell that bloke's rendered me speechless, I'm in lurve!
    Can't believe that fabulous bomber was reduced, they are the big thing with the hipsters, they go for crazy money here. You look the epitome of Spring even if the weather isn't playing! xxxx

  8. Good that you tried this top again - $5 is good - Rennaissance prices! remember Renaissance?
    No wonder you got compliments! It's super nice!
    Not a big fan of men with long hair, or buns,,,he looks ok if you like the type!
    Friggin is not here either, we shall not despair! ok?



  9. Crikey, that dude is HOT!!!
    By the bottom of that blouse, I actually thought it was a cardi! I love a good floral.And a bargain!

  10. love it! It does make a difference when you see it matched with the right bottom. Good choice with the black jeans!

    1. The jeans are a dark green but unfortunately they look more black in the photo.

  11. fab blouse!
    love this typical 80´s jewel tones and the knit inserts. would change the buttons to tone it down a little - horn maybe? but thats just me....

  12. Gorgeous top! We all need more flowers this time of year, it's hopeful. I like the picture with the wood as a background too. This guy is an inspiration for going all out floral!

    blue hue wonderland