Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Put A Bow On It

First things first - I put the names of the people who expressed interest in being included in the giveaway of the green hair bow into a hat....

...and this is what came out:  Congrats to Melanie on her new hair accessory, I know she'll do it justice! 

I decided to wear the bow last week before it went off to its new owner, and discovered that once again, the lovely Lili and I had some sort of style telepathy going on, as we were both sporting green bows that day. 

I wasn't intentionally going for a Christmas vibe - I was really just looking for an excuse to wear my new-to-me Maple Leaf Tartan (Canada's official tartan, which incorporates the changing colours of maple leaves into the design) jacket I found on the sale rack at The Sentimentalist for $5.  It's a lovely fine wool, made by the Canadian company Highland Queen, with covered buttons and flap pockets near the cropped hem.
jacket and pants -  The Sentimentalist Vintage Store
copper necklace - Lovesick Vintage
Plastic hair bow - made by Kayla Gibbens 

As usual, while I went for the casual and funky, Lili went for the Chic.  She found her plum-coloured cotton velvet dress in Copenhagen (yes, the one in Denmark) for $20, and accessorized it beautifully with a green leather bow belt, tassel necklace and sleek boots.

And while I'm at it, I might as well kill two birds with one stone, and get in on the Style Crone's February Hat Attack

With the weather we've been having, this is the only kind of hat that I've been wearing.
Wool cloche-style hat with contrasting side bow - From Mars


  1. Not only are you 'styling' the hair bow (congratulations Melanie), but you're wearing a cloche that truly fits with the background in your photo. That's two for one for Hat Attack! Thank you for sharing.

    Lili is a beauty in her chic ensemble, as are you in casual and funky. Love the Maple Leaf Tartan. And hope that your weather warms up soon!

  2. Loving that green hair bow - on you, and I am certain on Melanie too. xox

  3. Canadian National Tartan - how lovely! I can almost smell the maple syrup. The jacket is cool, especially with those sassy red jeans!

    What a horribly cold winter you're having over there in the other side of the continent. We're due to get colder here, but nothing like what you've been experiencing. Let's hope Spring is on its way!

  4. Canadian tartan, who'd have thought it! I do like that cropped jacket, its very air hostessy- which can only be a good thing! The hair bow is modelled to perfection. xxx

  5. The green bow... Thank you so much Shelley! I see how well you wear it and I'm even more excited to give it a try. That's funny how you and Lili were on the same wavelength. She is certainly chic!I

    I must congratulate you on your hat - you not only look great but for the warmth factor. It would be tempting to find a body-sized cloche for that cold. I didn't realize there was a Canadian tartan. I'm sure the government had many committees and hearings to approve this one, in a process that lasted decades. But I have to say it looks awesome on you! 5 buck? Oh Yes.

  6. You look fab and funky in that tartan jacket, Shelley! I had no idea there was such a thing as a Canadian tartan either. Lili looks gorgeous, can't beat a bit of velvet. And when it's bloody freezing, you need a cosy hat to stop your ears freezing! Stay warm, love!
    Oh and congrats to Mel! xxx

  7. Good god it looks cold there, but you are all snuggly in that sweet hat. I bet your head gets so cold I know when I wear braids in the cold cold I am always wishing for my hat. The tartan certainly looks so you and the wool is I'm sure an essential right about now. You and Lili are the campuses Top MODELS!

  8. Wooot for Melanie! Bit jealous, though....!!!
    How splendid that you and Lili are having style telepathy!! Clearly, you two are the most classy peeps at work!

  9. Didn't know that Canada had an official tartan! (The things you learn on the Internet!) It is very nice indeed, especially the red part. I'm quite partial to a red tartan.

    Cheers from a Canadian ex-pat living in England,
    Rosemary from www.foreveronthecatwalkoflife.blogspot.com

  10. You 2 Ladies are real cute! Bravo to Mélanie!
    Your close up would be like my close up, but now the temperatures are warmer, but we are having snow!
    I never heard of Maple Leaf Tartan!

    Take care


  11. Love the hat and contrasting furry scarf. I know that look so well - the fogged up glasses look, that is. That's what comes of breathing into one's scarf on a bonechillingly cold day. It's a toss-up: if you remove your glasses you can't see because - well, because that's why you wear glasses! If you keep the glasses on you can't see because they're fogged up. What's a girl to do? Glasses designers, your next assignment is to design glasses that stand up to Extreme Weather, and don't fog up under a muffler. Shoe designers, your next assignment is to design a pair of waterproof boots that we can wear while wading through 4" slush puddles - AND to the elegant soiree that we are wading through 4" slush puddles to attend. While we're at it, dress designers, your next assignment is to design a dress with a high tech lightweight rubberized train that we can drag glamorously and insouciantly through the slush without damaging it, knowing the water will bead up and roll off on our way up the dramatic staircase. And don't forget to factor in the salt! - Valerie, Idiosyncratic Fashionistas