Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Not The Post I Was Hoping to Write

I've been working on two other posts that have more meat to them, if you know what I mean, but then I got sick (AGAIN) and I can't type more than two words without having to stop to blow my nose or cough.   If I was a horse, Grandad would have taken me out behind the barn and shot me by now.

So in the meantime.....

Here are my friend Heather's ultra-fab Sex Pistols-themed tights

Here's me, from when I was sort of healthy, tugging at the puffy pleated sleeves of the Mary McFadden-esque dress I found at Mesh Consignment Boutique back in December.  It's pure polyester pleated pleasure, made in the USA.

and here are the sterling silver sombrero earrings I found at The Sentimentalist.  They originally had screw-back posts, but a friend generously converted them to shepherd's hooks for me.  Isn't the detail amazing?

That's all I've got for now folks.....bigger and better stuff to come.


  1. Sorry you're sick! It's hard to shake it off, isn't it? But thanks for this post - the tights, dress and earrings are all wonderful. xox

  2. So sorry to hear you've been sick. It certainly seems to be making the rounds - I hope germs can't be carried on Blogger.

    At least you have got the coolest things to show us - the tights, the fab dress, and those gorgeous little earrings! That reminds me, I believe the cure for colds and flu is really tequila, salt and lime. The salt and lime help clear congestion and provide vitamin C, and the tequila just makes you feel better. Salud!

  3. I swear by Olive Leaf Extract it builds your immune system and really helps you keep well. I have been taking it for 6 years and have not had so much as a sniffle. The brand I use is Australian (as am I), www.olea.com.au

    Otherwise you look fabulous and they are killer earrings, I love them.


  4. Get well soon - I'm sending you lots of get well vibes from across the sea! Love those Pistols tights - Jon would definitely buy me those if he'd seen them, the band that changed his life! Your dress is gorgeous, your hair is looking wonderfully psycho-billy and cool lately! xxx

  5. Love your dress and those cute earrings ... and I WANT those tights! Hope you feel better soon.

  6. dear lady, sorry you're sick once more, get well soon!, anyway it's delightful to watch those fabulous leggings (on fabulous legs) and that pretty pleated dress, such an amazing piece!!
    besos & salud

  7. At first I thought you had on a cool-shaped cropped sweater over a black dress. A very nice looking dress on you that gives oodles of inspiration... And what can one say about sex pistol tights? The Ultimate. Here's to getting well as soon as can be!

  8. Pleated pleasure!!! So well put. Hoping that you return to perfect health soon. In the meantime, your splendid tights with boots and sombrero earrings have brightened my morning. XOXO

  9. Hope you get better soon Shelley! This winter has been the shits i tell you, i'm so over it and a bit blue, i have to talk to myself to get out of that shitty mood -
    That dress is fantastic and great that you wore it with that belt -
    Ah! crazy leggings are sure to lift someone mood, perfect forthis time of year

    Take care Shelley


  10. What a bummer. I too managed to get sick again after being sick for almost 3 weeks. Seems like this whole never-ending winter from hell I've been sick. This weather is cruel and unusual punishment.

    That dress is seriously fab.

    I have a blog post on refusing to be defined by our age and since I think you fit into that category I'd love to have you input.

    Hope you're feeling less like you need to be taken to the glue factory soon : ) and with any luck…but April we might be above zero!


  11. Gorgeous dress, gorgeous you, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  12. sometimes it's the small stuff :) like those sombreros they are too precious! I am also loving the pure 90's madness of those sleeves and that dress, you look really great honey!

    I came back from San Diego with a cold that still lingers today. I hate being sick but had to hug on all my peeps, so it was worth it for me. I hope you are feeling much better today and we will sort out a Skype date for next month for sure!

  13. Oh Shelley, I'm sorry you are ill again, that's really crappy! Hopefully you will feel lots better soon.
    On the positive side, I love that frock, and Heather's Sex Pistols tights are so cool!
    Hang in there, Spring's a-coming. xxxx

  14. Neigh!!! I'm bloody glad you're not a horse. You've had a bad run with sickness this season, poor baby!
    Fecking LOVE those Sex Pistols tights, they are magnifique!!! And your frock is 80's TASTIC! Excellent puffy sleeves, do you need extra shoulder pads!
    I used to have a..is it bollo, or something? tie with the same sombrero as your awesome earrings! I wonder what happened to it. Must rummage, it would make a great pendant!!!
    Stay warm and get yourself WELL, darling!

  15. Get better soon, Shelley dear! As my dear son would say with his hands on your head, "Heeeeallll this woman!" It might be a joke to him but it totally works...

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