Thursday, February 27, 2014

Freeze Frame

It has become obvious that Mother Nature has confused Southwestern Ontario with Alaska, or perhaps Winnipeg.  As I write this, it is  -15 celsius outside with a wind chill of -20, and the predicted low tonight is -20 with a windchill of -30.   And I saw a guy wearing shorts with bare legs when I was coming home from work - I can only assume he was insane, or had lost a bet.

Mother Nature, I bow my head in submission.   When it gets to the point where I am afraid to go outside, you know you are dealing with some serious sh**t.   Hmmm, looking at this photo, I realized my hair looks kind of cool from above.

But as the Fabulous Ms. Streisand once sang...

"A Girl's Gotta Have a Sense of Humour..."

My inspiration here was "frozen stuck to a window" (hence the title, Freeze Frame, get it....yeah)

I bought the yarn necklace/collar from the woman who made the cool dolls in this post.  It fastens with a big button at the back and as there is some wool in it I thought it might be itchy, but it was cozy, not scratchy.  You can find more of her knitwear for sale on Etsy here.

 I am wearing a dress over pants, which apparently was "on trend" last year.  This year, it's a way to keep warm.  I found this dress at H & M in November and I was drawn to the funky print, which reminded me of a rib cage.  In warmer weather, it works on its own, or as I'm wearing it today, as an extra layer.
ribcage dress - H & M
leather and fabric pants - Danier leather
boots - Housing Works Thrift Store in New York
knit collar - Humble Home

And just because it's cold, and I have a cold, I spent $10 on the new L'Oreal Colour Riche Press-On Nails.  My nails are a mess; they won't grow past the ends of my fingers without splitting, and polish just chips off, so I thought I'd see whether these are any good.  They were pretty easy to put on (the adhesive is separate from the nails) and look real.  I'll report back on how long they lasted.

Thanks for all the "Get Well Soon" wishes on my last post - they were much appreciated, and seem to be doing the trick!


  1. Cool nails, and very cool dress - it reminds me of a zebra!

    Our weather is finally getting springlike, but they did mention something about another Arctic blast and I was thinking that we might need to build a wall between the US and Canada. Sorry, you're just on the wrong side of it. :p

  2. So many great posts, Shelley! Sorry about your cold, but, being late with my reading, you're already much closer to recovery. Awesome dress and I had to laugh at your freeze frame. Love the nails and scarf, and hair-top shot. At least your sense of humour remains intact. The big thaw is around the corner, don't despair.

  3. Ugh don't even start on nail health, mine are literally crumbling from all the furniture moving, a sorry sight indeed. Your rib cage dress has me begging to see more of it indeed! It's absolutely amazing and you wear it so, so well!!! xoxoxox

  4. How cold? I think I might die! We had a snap like that a couple of years ago and I hated every second.
    Still, you are looking totally gorgeous despite a rotten cold and atrocious weather. I love the punky zebra dress and your fancy nails and those rings! xxx

  5. Incredibly cold!!, but you're looking gorgeous whatever the weather, love your 'rib cage' dress (I always love any b&w graphic print!) and you're sporting it with lots of sassiness!. I like particularly that dress-over-pants look, didn't know it was on trend! And your fabulous bijouterie and b&w nails are cool!!
    besos & calor

  6. Ha, my Brit hubs makes fun of me when I talk about the Canadian "wind chill" in hushed tones. He brags that in north-west England, where he lived on the coat, they get winds of several hundred KM an hour. But he's never had to do a Canuck winter - it's different! Ah, I feel for you. At least you're looking wonderfully stylish as you bundle up. That collar is wonderful, and your nails are way cool.

  7. Love that graphic dress, and so-groovy nails. I cannot believe humans were meant to live in such temperatures, but there we are, and looking fabulous!

  8. Wow! What a way to deal with the freezing cold. The dress is fabulous and the layers look gorgeous. I'm very taken with your yarn collar. And of course the accessory of nail art.

    Sending warmth from Denver! XO

  9. That dress......I have no words. If I did they would all be good ones.

    Stay warm and keep styling!

  10. I wanna snuggle you in this outfit! I also wanna say how sorry I am about the frigid cold. I would die I'm sure of it! Keep getting better you look funky as always! I'll have a mimosa for you too!

  11. Cute winter outfit! I just moved from Florida to North Carolina and I am struggling with how to stay stylish while basically wearing ALL my clothes at once to stay warm lolzzz I have the same short peel nails and have been anxious to try the press ons, too. Let me know if you find a good brand.

  12. That dress is wild. Literally. And your hair does looks super fab from above.

    I couldn't agree more about the description of our weather. I do not want to go outside. And that fool in shorts? Probably had to have his jewels cut off as they would be turning black with frost bite. Seriously cray-cray.

    Let's hope that somehow Spring decides to show up. At least before June!


  13. The guy with the shorts probably wandered over there from Vancouver! We have lots of "shorts-all-year-round-boys" here no matter the weather. Though I have to admit it's MUCH colder in South Ontario right now. We have crocuses. :P

    Glad you're on the mend!

  14. Hurray, Shelley's feeling better! You certainly look great, that dress is so funky, and your rock chick pants are always a delight. Never tried falsies before (nails, that is) as mine are fairly robust and fast-growing, but yours look cool, and I am coveting those rings.
    Soooo cold! We have had an incredibly mild winter this year, so I really feel for you. Even more for the mad man in shorts! xxx

  15. The nails are pretty funky!!!
    Ha, you are a far better mime that old Marcel Marceau or whatever his name was! Darling, we are getting some of that nasty Wintery rubbish today, hopefully it's taking the "heat" off you lovlies all the way up there!
    LOVE that zebra number! OMG! And you look perky and like you're felling way better!

  16. Oh! i miss this post!
    Yeah i'm with you about the weather, what a shit winter we had, but it's almost over, TG!
    I almost purchased that dress you are wearing back in Nov i think, it was real cute, i wonder why i didn't get it? oh well, you wear it very well and i like that you wear it with pants, real cute, and who cares if it last year's trend!

    I like the nails -I tried them last year, i liked it, but it took me forever to put on, but they lasted a good 10 days - My nails are better since i changed my diet, no sugar and no meat diet plus i lost 5 pounds!

    Lets wish that warmer temperature are coming soon very soon!

    Take care -