Sunday, January 19, 2014

Matchy Matchy

Two women.   Two different colour palettes.   Two very different personal styles.

First up is Lili, who is known in our office for always looking very stylishly put-together.  I think she outdid herself with this outfit - the sweater is exactly the same shade of turquoise as in the pattern in her skirt, and her necklace, sweater and shoes not only match, but the colour plays off the blue beautifully. 

As if it wasn't perfect enough already, the colour of her sweater is the same as that of the inside of the canoes in her tropical print skirt.   

Then there's me.  This was the first day that I had started to feel normal again after my cold, and subsequently made an effort to dress the part.   Another example of colour coordination from head to toe, all tied together by an Asian robe.   

The jacket looks very much like a vintage smoking jacket, so while I'm pretending to hold a cigarette between my fingers, it's obvious I don't know how to smoke.  Perhaps I'm just flashing a sideways "Peace" sign.

Even my jewellery matches!

What I'm wearing:   
Asian robe - gift from the lovely Ariane
red jeans - The Sentimentalist
Converse - From Mars (with red and black laces from the Citizen Rosebud)
bracelet - clothing swap
rings - retail

The day I took these photos I had my hair coloured, so I felt kind of fresh and revitalized - you can see my new 'do in my next post!


  1. Oh how very beautiful both you and Lili look in these outfits! As you say, very different styles, but each just perfect in their own way. The colours and print in Lili's look are gorgeous, it has a very chic and elegant vibe; your Oriental print jacket is stunning belted over those cool red trousers, and your rings are wonderful. Are there any more super-stylish workers in your office? I think we need to see them!
    Looking forward to the New Do Reveal next time, Shelley! xxx

  2. Both so very lovely! Sounded like a especially brutal cold - hope you're back in top form.

  3. Sometimes ya just gotta do matchy-matchy! My mother taught me matchy-matchy right from the start. She was the QUEEN of the concept! And I say that as a tribute to Mom who enjoyed "dressing"...but, was a bit dismayed when I would put navy and brown together on occasion.
    I love your and Lili's (I LOVE Lilies...think "Modern Family") color and style choices!

  4. your coworker Lili looks really cute and love her elegantly matchy outfit!, even her shoelaces are matchy!! so fabulous!, and love your smoking jacket- kimono, you're so cool and love your turquoise&red color combo, particularly love your bijouterie!,
    glad you feel better!

  5. love that smoking jacket, and the sideways peace sign! xo

  6. Lili's skirt is to fie for, and your robe is heavenly!!! AND, turquoise is one of my favourite colours!
    Love these outfits!

  7. I love both those outfits, but then I love turquoise. Pair it with red and it's even better!

    Gorgeous smoking outfit - it's true either way you accent it. I hope you're feeling better every day.

  8. Matchy-matchy is a yes-yes, not a no-no. When did matchy-matchy become a dirty word-word? Okay, identical hat and bag and shoes might be overdoing it, but color coordination can add the final cherry on top to a fabulous outfit.

  9. Glad to read that you are feeling better. I am a fan of turquoise AND chinese fabric so I think both these outfits are fantastic.

  10. Lovely colours. Love turquoise - particularly Lili's skirt, how cute is that pattern?
    Hope you are well x

  11. Wow, how lovely both of you look in such different fashionable ways. Thank you for featuring both of you in your post. I am head-over-heels for your wide leather belt. What a wonderful accent to your gorgeous jacket.

  12. Ooh, I do like to be a bit matchy, matchy sometimes ...

  13. Your hair looks fab, Shelley. And happy to hear that you're feeling better! Wearing a vintage smoking jacket to work seems like the perfect way to celebrate your health.

    I love Lili's outfit too. Between the two of you, work must be a constant runway of self expression.

  14. Both of you lovely girls look fabulous - I read recently how to mix and match patterns and colors and and one of the ways to mix and match is echo colors - You are a perfect example|!
    Good that you are feeling better, i have been lucky so far no major cold or flu

    I love what you did what that jacket, brilliant imagination!

    Take care


  15. Lili is gorgeous and her outfit looks so effortlessly put together. WIN! I'm glad to hear you are feeling better, fresh hair helps too doesn't it? The jacket from Ariane makes this whole outfit for me I love how you rocked it!

  16. Oh my, do you look great in this jacket with the red pants! So cool and refreshing to see. I have fond memories of converse shoes and they make a nice contrast with this fab belt. Bold and fabulous hair!

    blue hue wonderland