Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fake It Til You Make It

It's obvious from my posts that Winter is far from my favourite season.   Hibernation has always seemed like a great idea to me - eat a whole bunch of food, sleep for 4 months, wake up thin, and it's Spring!  However, as I am a mostly responsible human being with a job, and not a bear, I need a coping strategy for the winter, and this particular winter has been especially brutal.

I took this shot with my camera phone after I finished shoveling the walk last night.

It's a challenge to put together an outfit when you have to dress warmly enough to protect against the 
- 20 to -25 degree wind chill in the mornings, but not so many layers that you have to completely change your outfit when you get to work.

I've always found it warmer to wear a skirt in the winter, with a thick pair of tights or leggings underneath, and an extra layer of knee socks or leg warmers if necessary, rather than a pair of pants.  This floofy one works because it allows for a lot of layering and still looks kind of girly.  The sweater is an old standby, made of thick, soft wool.  It is also my favourite shade of blue (teal?) and the front zipper detail and ribbing on the sleeves add visual interest.  Unfortunately, with the weight I've gained over the past couple of years, it's a snug fit, which I'm not so comfortable with, but I'm working on that (fewer baked goods, more visits to the gym).

With the addition of some fun accessories, I had an outfit that was cozy, and also made me feel kind of awesome (I believe those were my exact words when I asked my friend Heather to take these photos).  I think it's important to recognize, appreciate, and document those "feeling kind of awesome moments" when you have them, because at least for me, they have been few and far between this month.
Sweater - From Mars
Skirt - May Court Consignment Store
Felt Flower - The Fairies Pajamas
Leggings - Joe Fresh
Boots - Housing Works Thrift Store in NY

Yep, just fake it til you make it, I say.   There are some days when even faking it seems too much effort, but I know the day will go better for me, and everyone around me, if I at least give it my best shot.  

Oh, and since I thought we could all use a treat, it's time for another giveaway!


Remember the cool black and white plastic hair bow I purchased from Kayla Gibbens, and wore here?  Kayla generously offered to donate one of her creations to give away to one of my readers, so I have a green and black one (which is not fuzzy, despite being so in the photo above)  with a black plastic barrette style clip on the back to give away. You have until midnight, February 2nd, in which to indicate in a comment that you would like to be included in the draw.   It would be very helpful if you can include some way for me to contact you in your comment, whether it is a link to your blog/website, or your email address.  I will announce the winner on Monday, February 3rd.


  1. I think you and your outfit are all kinds of awesome! It all works perfectly together, and I hope those fun clothes make that horrible weather a little easier to bear (haha - see what I did there?).

  2. Oh dear, where is your manservant with the grapes! This is exactly the time he is needed most. Seriously, you do look fabulous, floof and warmth. Big flowers. Great hair. I like skirts too - there's that trapped layer of warm air. Please count me in for the draw. Excellent hair bow! Spring is almost here, days are getting longer and longer.

  3. you look lovely wearing your pretty pullover and matching boots, love that teal-blue color, and that fabulous skirt looks pretty fabulous for swirling and dancing! Glad you're enjoying and documenting your 'kind of awesome moments', they're precious, you're precious, and your hair is über-cool!!
    (Every time I watch weather news I'm horrified about that awful cold! and I think about you, my blogger pals, fighting the snow with sassiness!, you're brave and gorgeous!)

  4. Great outfit! The flower is a great touch. I hate winter, too. Enough of this sub-zero crap, already!

  5. Oh goodness, look at all that snow! I agree with Melanie, a manservant is definitely required for snow-shovelling duties!
    I laughed when I saw your outfit - no, not because it's funny, but because I am wearing my floofy tulle-y black skirt today too! I don't need leggings or a thick jumper today though, it's mild and wet, as most of our winter has been so far. But I agree, I wore skirts and dresses in the snow last year, you can layer up underneath, keep warm and still look fabulous! I'm glad you feel awesome; you ARE awesome!
    I won't enter the giveaway because although the hairclip is lovely, I just don't think I would wear it, so it's better going to someone who will. But it's a great offer!
    Keep smiling and being awesome, Shelley! xxx

  6. I love this sweater and the pin is so fun! Teal is a great color, it makes me feel good too. Funnel neck line looks great, they are hard to find. I like this kind of neckline on almost everything because it looks modern and stylish. I'm having the same weather here in MN which makes it hard to get things done. Cool textures with the leggings and skirt.

    blue hue wonderland

  7. Great outfit Shelley and you do look AWESOME!

  8. Hi Shelley!
    First count me in for the giveaway, that bow is lovely!
    We have less snow here, but the city looks so bad, dirty, slouchy and muddy, ouach i tell you!
    I'm like you i think wearing skirts is better in the winter, you can wear funky, colorful leggings underneath - Yes it's important to document those I feel awesome and fantastic! I have been having those the past 2 days, hahaha! I think my outfit are awesome and fantastic!

    Your hair is shorter? i like it a lot, i'm growing mine a bit, but i tell you some days i would go back to my buzz head!

    Take care Shelley, you are looking fantastic!


  9. Great look - how I love those tights and boots. And wow, that is a lot of shoveling, my friend. Stay safe! xo

  10. A giveaway? count me in

    When we lived in Indiana, I would wear 2 skirts, one worked as a petticoat. It was surprisingly warm.

    No snow here, just cold, cold rain (school closed!)

  11. OMG, that SNOW!!!! Our city shuts down when we get snow, but we don;t get anything like that!!!
    Thank goodness!!
    Yeah, I think frocks or skirts are warmer in Winter, as one can layer more. You make Winter dressing really cute. I always struggle initially, but once I settle into it I'm ok.
    O, yes, please, I would love to be in the draw for that bow! Bows are my bag, baby!

  12. Waaaaaaay cool skirt. Looks like a series of piano keys. Waaaaaaay cold looking winter scene. Where indeed is your manservant? He should be shoveling the snow, not you. We had a boat load of snow here in New York City, and we are f-f-f-freeeeezing (god bless the wild animals out in the open), but we look like a bunch of pikers compared to you. (Who says pikers anyway? Is it only women of a certain age who watch too many English programs?)

  13. Hi Shelley,
    Since I live close to London (10 min away) I was in the same winter boat as you.. and I agree with the fake it til you make it theory, although lately it's been a tough job just faking it. Gives me hope knowing I'm not the only one that got the February blahs earlier than February! As for the giveaway, sign me up, and just know that no matter what outfit you display in your posts, I usually end up coveting your shoes :)

  14. I love skirts with tights in the winter too! I love your lace one. I stocked up on wool tights years ago and they have stood me in good stead. (Thats a yankee expression...) xoxo

  15. Brrrr! I feel cold just looking at all that snow! You've done an admirable job managing to not only stay warm but to look super sexy and awesome at the same time. Skirts, over-the knee socks and thermal leggings are my keeping warm trick too, trousers are rubbish! Love that mad bow! xxx

  16. Love your style! You are rocking it!