Monday, December 16, 2013

Vintage Christmas - Day 10, and a Random Outfit

For the hipster on your list with a retro cocktail bar in their apartment, may I suggest....

Vintage seltzer bottles from Phantastica, which would also be a great gift for those annoying friends who like to re-create Marx Brothers routines at parties

And, to hang on the wall over the retro bar....

Vintage Playboy calendar also available at Phantastica; other years available

And Just Because....

My fave colour combination in a cozy mash-up of wool and leather

I found these leather pants at H & M in the Eaton Centre in Toronto - I was drawn to the cool motorcycle pants details, and the fact that they were half price!

leather pants - H  & M
plaid blouse - Jackpot Vintage
Wool overcoat with leather detail - Mesh Consignment Store
scarf with grommets - Faye's Finds Consignment Store
Boots - Ecco, retail


  1. Wow, those are amazing pants - at first I thought you were wearing shorts.

  2. Sexiest pants ever, you'd give those Playmates a run for their money with your hotness!

  3. Like Sheila, I thought the trousers were shorts at first glance, they are so cool! What a perfect snowy weather outfit, your favourite colours and wonderful layers.
    I just love those old soda syphons, so elegant, and ooh, there I am, Miss 1964! xxxx

  4. The pant details are interesting, looks like you are wearing shorts with some sort of leggings
    I had one of those soda syphons, i like that term that C uses - Same word in french -
    You look cozy in your outfit -
    I Just ordered crazy gold mettalic creepers!

    Take care



  5. One of my favorite color combos too, and you look stunning in it! Love how you put the outfit together very urban and hipster and modern and dare I say: sexy? SEXY!

  6. sweet pants. Now I want a cocktail!

  7. I need more leather in my life! I love this outfit, it's visually interesting and warm I bet! I had to say thanks I bought a pair of leggings from that Gal on etsy in TN, love them, so soft and cool prints, so thanks for sharing! I wish you could have came to crafty wonderland it was right up your alley plus then we could have hung out!

  8. Oh no, this post almost slipped by me...
    Awesome leather pants there. I like the structural feel of this outfit with the bold prints and colours and the circles on the scarf. What an incredible overcoat too. Great find.

  9. so cool outfit!, leather and plaid and your so cute coat, and pretty red mittens and scarf!
    love everything!