Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ugly Sweaters, Cute Canines and an Offensive Card Game - How Was Your Christmas?

I've had the pleasure of spending the last three Christmas' with my friend Heather and her husband, T.  This year we decided to create our own Christmas sweaters, courtesy of Value Village.  We tried to purchase ready made tacky, holiday-themed sweaters, but apparently the hipsters have cornered the market on those for their Ugly Sweater parties, so we had to resort to a DIY with some plain sweaters and bags of ornaments.

The Festive Trio - T, yours truly, and Heather 
Due to chronic procrastination issues, I was frantically sewing metal stars on mine on Christmas morning.  I didn't feel so bad when I found out that Heather was doing the same.  T's balls starting falling off about mid-point through the day, but he carried on bravely nonetheless.  Heather also started shedding wooden Santas.  This is why we don't make our own clothes.

 I have no room for a tree at my place, so it was nice to see the little one that my hosts had set up by the fireplace, decorated with ornaments that reflected their eclectic interests.  I had given Heather the stuffed fox ornament last year.

T is a chef by trade, so I know there will be an excellent meal, and this year was no exception, with duck confit, collard Greens and a carmelized onion tart with goat cheese.  There was a Big Bang Theory Marathon on television providing some entertaining background noise, and I was introduced to what is now my new favourite card game...

I had been hearing about Cards Against Humanity for months from Heather.  It's my idea of the ideal card game as there is no skill or strategy or memory involved; basically you just have to have a twisted and inappropriate sense of humour, and not be easily offended.  There are two decks of cards - black ones with statements with blanks to be filled in,  white ones with words or phrases that range from "odd" to downright filthy.  A black card is put face up on the table and players each choose a response from their hand of 7 cards, and in most cases, an impartial judge decides whose response is the most entertaining and offensive.  As it was only two of us playing, we just tried to out-gross the other.  This may become a Christmas tradition.

Two very happy doggies - Gracey, a beagle/whippet cross, and Yukon, whose got some lab and dalmation in the mix.  

Yukon is the sad-eyed stoic

Gracey is Yukon's shadow, and always in need of reassurance that she's loved.  With that face, how could she not be?

It was a lovely Christmas day - no hours of travelling, screaming children, or obnoxious relatives -  just an afternoon spent with good friends who are kind enough to invite me share delicious food and fun for the holiday.  Thank you so much, you guys know I love you (you too, Gracey).  I hope your Christmas provided an opportunity to share food and time with loved ones, without too much wear and tear on the body and soul.


  1. I just can't do the Christmas sweater thing. I do wear ugly Christmas socks all month.

    Sounds like you had a fun day

  2. There were tents set up selling ugly Christmas sweaters on sidewalks downtown. Your DIYs are waaaay better, especially because they started falling apart. A's all around.
    What a lovely day spent with wonderful people and dog friends. And THAT's a card game I would love.

  3. I am all over that card came!!! Right up my alley!!!
    How very splendid your sweaters are! Shame about T's balls, but I'm sure you girls were able to assist.
    Darling, it sounds like you had a lovely time, with just the right amount of ridiculousness!!!
    Huzzah! It's been raining cats and dogs down here, those lovely pooches would have been right at home!

  4. Your sweaters! hahah
    Sounds like a perfect day... And that is the only game I will play!

  5. Looks like a lovely day! Quirky, kitschy, friends, doggies, fun, good! Cool!

  6. Your brief holiday sounds great. It's summer here in the southern hemisphere so we don't get to wear ugly jerseys, and I've even given up the ugly Christmas earrings.

  7. Love that all made your very own tacky Xmas sweaters and dang the menu sounds divine! I'm drooling!!! Holidays are always better with pets and or kids! You played a game I enjoy very much and the more the merrier you should see six people play that after a few bottles of wine:) Have a Happy New Year darling!

  8. I am so buying hubby that card game. :)
    What a lovely holiday you have had. I remember the whole ugly Christmas sweater thing from a few years back - apparently there's good money to be had selling them. I do like your DIY versions, even more because you did them at the last minute and they fell apart by noon (that would be me too).
    Happy New Year! Xo

  9. P.S. Just went to Cards of Humanity website and you can make your own set for 10 bucks - cool!

  10. Hahaha! Your description of the sweatering process made me laugh aloud. It sounds like a lovely Christmas indeed. (Cards Against Humanity has been quite The Thing in my social circles for a long time, too.)

  11. glad you've had a Really Funny Xmas, playing cards and revamping sweaters!, those must be Traditions!
    I've had some quiet days, enjoying a light menu due to Mr.A.'s diet, and some fun watching lots of old films. I've got a cold, so there were not exquisite wines and champagnes for me!. sigh.
    besos & felices fiestas

  12. Sounds like a really fun Christmas. We have friends we do some holidays with also and this game you describe sounds entertaining. Good food, pets, holiday sweaters and a relaxed day sounds like the best Christmas of all!

    blue hue wonderland

  13. Now those sweaters beat those lame high street ones into a cocked hat! Love the weird Xmas decs *( not a phrase you'd normally hear me utter) and the dogs are gorgeous, especially sad-eyed Yukon! xxxx

  14. Great idea to decorate your own sweaters - sniggered when I read about balls falling off. Never heard of the card game, but it sounds like a lot of fun. What a lovely day with great friends and their dogs.

  15. Hi Shelley! I heard about those sweaters on another blog- You all did a great job, my fav is yours of course! So happy that you had a nice Christmas - We had a good one too - We are having the family around again for New Year's Eve - I'm not cooking again everybody is bringing something something! All i will do is a cake for D's daughter, she was January 1 -

    Confit duck! Oh ya! that's good, i had some this Friday, God was it good!

    Take care friend

    Have a Happy New Year


  16. Now that sounds like a good Christmas, Shelley; good friends, delicious food, gorgeous dogs, bonkers card games, and Big Bang! Oh and homemade Christmas jumpers, of course! xxxx