Saturday, December 21, 2013

More Vintage Gift Ideas, A Festive Fascinator, and a Parcel of Joy

I missed yesterday's Vintage Christmas post - too much to do, too tired, too few hours in the day (that's a lot of "too's")  I am making up for it today with a dog's breakfast of awesomeness.

I came home yesterday to find a package in my mailbox from my lovely UK blogging pal Curtise, which contained this charcoal wrap vest.  At first I was mystified by the large circle of grey with two holes in it - I kept turning it around trying to figure out what it was, but after a few minutes, the light went on, and I experimented with belting and pinning it in different configurations.  This is what I ended up with today, for a rather soggy excursion to the Western Fair Farmers' Market with Heather.

drapey wrap vest thing - gift from Curtise
patterned jeans - retail
patent belt - thrifted
patent boots - thrifted

While at the market I ran into the Queen of Bling, Jackie, who was looking fabulously festive in red and black, with lots of sparkle, and a spectacular fascinator.  She loves dressing up for whatever the day has in store, and she was definitely the most eye-catching woman in the market today.  

Today's Vintage Gift Ideas....

When you don't want to have to worry about size and fit in a gift for the vintage-loving gal on your list, a late 1960's travel case/hat box is just the thing.  This one from Lovesick is a beauty - the white vinyl is in excellent condition, and the Paris scene is more art than kitsch. 

Also at Lovesick, this thick fleece poncho with contrasting gold lining - how cool would this look with a pair of jeans or cords and some knee high boots?


  1. That's no dog's breakfast - that's a diva's breakfast, although I like the term dog's breakfast, I don't know it. Cool top thingy from Curtise! And just looking at Jackie is a holiday.

  2. Oh that dear Curtise! Love what you've done with the circle thingy. Awesome bling befitting royalty and vintage gifties too.

  3. You look great in that whatever it is. Both of the vintage goodies are sweet

  4. That is one tremendous wrap thingy, Curtise did you proud, you look fantastic (as does Jackie!)
    That vanity case is so sweet, its just like those sketches from Montmartre the artists pin up. xxx

  5. What an amazing gift from Curtise! you look fab! I am drooling over the vanity and the poncho, mmmmm x x x x

  6. Ha, I should have included instructions! It's kind of an oddity, but I thought with your love of grey and fine layering abilities, you could make it work, and you did!
    Jackie looks fabulous, and I would be very happy to find either the vanity case or the poncho under my Christmas tree! xxxx