Thursday, December 19, 2013

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like (Vintage) Christmas

The view from my colleague's office window earlier this week when we received another few inches of the white stuff.  We work in a building on campus that backs onto a forest and riverbank and we've had the good fortune to spot the occasional deer and fox on the ground below.

Which leads directly to my Vintage Christmas gift idea post for today...

Persian lamb jacket with mink cuffs originally purchased at Simpsons

The vintage and consignment stores here have a good selection of previously owned fur coats, both real and faux.  We have had colder temperatures and more snow than we usually have this early in the winter, so a vintage fur would be a practical and stylish gift, and a fraction of the cost of a new fur coat.  I know that the wearing of fur is a touchy subject for many people, whether new or vintage, and I would never buy, or encourage someone else to buy, a new fur coat.  However, I do own a couple of vintage furs and wear them from time to time.  There are many vintage furs out there that have been carefully stored by their previous owners, and as a result are still beautiful and functional, and in my opinion, worthy of a second life instead of being left to dry out and eventually relegated to a landfill.  

A stunning midnight blue sheared beaver jacket with chinchilla collar and cuffs, previously owned by a woman who worked as a model in the 1970's.  The jacket was part of the payment she received from a furrier for modelling work she had done for them.

Both jackets pictured above are available at Jackpot Vintage.  Vintage furs can also be found at very reasonable prices at The Sentimentalist and Lovesick.


  1. I just love vintage fur - you've inspired me to perhaps wear my stole this New Year's Eve!

  2. I currently am the proud owner of a closet stuffed with faux fur coats. I love them in winter, love them! I don't think I could ever wear real fur but I think these coats are gorgeous! How lucky to have that view at work!

  3. I don't have a probably with real fur. If it's vintage, wearing it is better than tossing it out. If you eat meat, what's the big deal? Oh, man, I hope that doesn't stir up a pot of outrage.

  4. OMG! Those jackets are breath-taking! I have no problem buying and wearing vintage fur coats.

  5. I can't wear fur anyway, it makes me sneeze and hitch!
    But they are beauties Shelley
    I have my faux fur!
    Friggin weather it's snowing like hell here too!



  6. beautiful view from the window, the coats are gorgeous, and I think you are right about vintage fur, if it's alternative is a landfill then yes to a second life, I don't know whether I could wear it though x x x

  7. My grandmother was a furrier when I was a young girl back in the late 50's. She had clients all over the US and mainly refurbished/refashioned and cleaned fur coats. I loved trying on fur in her home studio so I've always had a love affair with fur. I had the lynx stole she made for my senior prom and a couple years had it cut up as trim for several fantastic tote bags as gifts for my family. I learned quite a lot about fur and enjoy visiting fur shops in cold climates (I live in hot, humid Houston) to pet the fur and test my knowledge.


  8. What a beautiful view but I'm glad it's from your window and not mine!
    Those coats are beautiful to look at but I'd never wear (or sell) real fur, fake all the way! x

  9. fabulous coats and a perfect present!, and so great landscapes!