Friday, October 4, 2013

What I Wore to Get My Boobs Squished*

*aka the annual Mammogram

About 5 years ago my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and had a mastectomy.  As she was in her 70's, there was not as much concern about how this might increase my chances of developing the disease as there would have been had she had been younger.  However, as a precautionary measure, my doctor sent me for my first mammogram.  For most women fortunate enough to not require one earlier due to family history or a self-discovered lump, this is a right of passage into one's 50's.   Mammograms can be embarrassing, awkward, and painful.  No one likes having a stranger stick your girls in between two glass plates and mash them together (well, maybe some people do..).   If your breasts are on the smallish side like mine, a mammogram requires much squeezing and stretching of skin and tissue in an effort to get a good image. 
There have been concerns raised about the dangers of the radiation damage from mammograms and whether or not they are really necessary.  My very first one found a mass that may or may not have caused problems later, that I hadn't found on my own, and that a colleague who is my age had cancer discovered (which was successfully treated) during her routine mammogram just after I had finished with my own ordeal, so I think the risk and discomfort is worth it.


 Fringed top - thrifted
pants - super cheap at the GAP
plaid Converse - retail
Earrings - made by Candice Sheriff

They may not be large, but they're still perky and they're mine, and I want to keep them for as long as I can.  If you're over 50, and you haven't had a mammogram, think about having one.  This is my personal opinion based on my own experience, I'm not being paid by the Canadian Cancer Society.

 And in other, unrelated, but exciting news...

 I will be guest-posting occasionally over at Kitsilano Kitty's Closet, a Vancouver-based online shop for pre-loved clothing and accessories.  A friend sent me a link a while back to their website that mentioned they were looking for guest bloggers, so I figured why not?  Some posts may be ones that have appeared on my own blog, some will be new. 


  1. As someone who had breast cancer in 2005, I'm all for getting a mammogram yearly! They save lives. If cancer is caught early you can be cured. I've told friend to get them as Valentine's Day gifts, did you really need another box of chocolates? Happy to hear that you were ok!

  2. I bet you cheered the radiographers up in that fab outfit!
    The NHS offers breast screening to women 50 and over. I had one a few years ago as there's a history of breast cancer on one side of the family and it was uncomfortable but nothing to worry about. xxx

  3. YAH glad to hear you are taking good care of the girls! I have had 2 already and they are way better than getting easier:) You look super cute in this lil poncho and those punky green jeans.

  4. Very "Bend and Snap", sexy lady! Man, if I'd known you were going to get your girls squished, I'd have sent mine with They are past due for a mashing :(

  5. Yes, it will be next year for me. I do think that dressing in a way that makes you feel good helps with confidence whatever the occasion, and medical appointments are no different! You look fabulous, love those coloured jeans on you and the poncho top is gorgeous.
    Good news about the guest posts, Shelley - you're in demand!
    Have a lovely weekend. xxxx

  6. I think it's great that they do yearly screening!

  7. oh yes, all that squishing is necessary, even though humiliating and painful. I'm used to have my appointment every two years, but it's going to be annual yet!
    I'm glad you're taking care of your health and encourage other girls to do it too!
    And you're looking gorgeous with your green jeans and fringed top, fabulousness!!

  8. yes, take care of the girls, even if there's a bit of squeezing to be endured! My sis caught some problems early on. Plus, you look gorgeous in your fringey top. xo

  9. Here's my addition to the PSA: no one told me that you get ball bearings taped to your nipples! It's a feature of the experience. :)

  10. I don't know what Amber is talking about, but it sounds kind of kinky.

    I just had my annual mammogram on Wednesday - another all clear. My mother had breast cancer at 66 after being on HRT for several years. I don't mind the mammograms, even though, like you, I'm pretty small and it's not easy to get much meat on the plate. Since I go in October I usually get some little perks for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This time I got a pink whistle keyring!

    I love your fringed top and green pants, and you look adorable in that first picture!

  11. In New Zealand Mammograms are free from the age of 45, so no reason not to them done. For a brief time of being uncomfortably squashed it is worth it. Mine is due this year and will be attended. Very much like what you wore for your visit!! Well done fro spreading the important word.

  12. Hi Shelley!

    I have been going for years now for that test
    There is a gov program that sends you a reminder every 2 years here in Quebec
    My last one was ok, i'm due soon, God i hate those tests!
    I'm back to myself TG! Going to yoga this morning, i miss my wednesday class
    Good outfit for a test, you have seen my outfit when i went for my colposcopy!

    Take care

    Ariane xo

  13. 'What to Wear to a Mammogram' should be part of the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Shelley. Fringe is the way to go for this experience!

    Congratulations on the guest-posting gig. With your experience with pre-loved pieces, your expertise and writing skills will be a hit, I am sure.

  14. Awesome post!! The ta-tas are important!!
    I had a benign papiloma removed in 2002 that was found by mammogram. And my mom is a breast cancer survivor so I'm all about getting mammograms!

  15. Shelley: You look awesome and so do your ta-tas in that fringed top. I'm not quite at that stage but when I am, I bet I'll experience the same pain as you as my girls are, sadly, now back to their regular (small) size. I think it's worth it too. Love your colour combo.

  16. You look fanta-ta-tastic! I need a new pair of Converse thanks to you, and some lima bean green jeans.