Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Surrender (To) The Pink*

 *Isn't it cool how the addition of one little preposition can change the whole meaning of a phrase?

As I had mentioned in this post, I have been gradually allowing the colour pink to creep into my wardrobe, even though it was always a colour I believed other women wore, but not me.  It was just tooooo girly, and had too many fairy tale associations.

Well, I give up.  Pink, you've got me.  You win.

Mind you, this is the same fuschia tunic that I wore in the previous pink-themed photo, but this time I wore it over a long knit dress, with a different accessories.

Linen tunic dress and socks that I made into arm warmers - From Mars
Belt - Frilly Lizard
skull and crossbones scarf - Talize
leather "leaf" cuff - Sunfest

I had been contacted by the same advertising agency that asked me back in the Spring to style some reading glasses for their client,, (see that post here) to see if I would like to style some sunglasses from another client,  Always up for an outfit challenge, I said yes, and chose a couple of pairs of sunglasses from the huge selection available.  I got an email from the agency yesterday to say that the post with my outfit, and those styled by other bloggers, was up on the SunglassWarehouse website.  Here is the link to the post.

I chose the extreme cat eye, which I'm wearing in the photo on the SunglassWarehouse site, and the pink round retro ones, in the photo above.   The shade of pink was different than what was shown on the site but it matched quite nicely with the pink side of the pink/purple/gold/black tank top (FOUR tops in one!) I had recently purchased from Jackpot Vintage.   Pink and lime green are one of my favourite colour combinations, so I added a party on the bottom with the funky pants from Madonna's Material Girl collection I found at The Bay in the spring marked down to $13.  I guess  I was the only person in London who thought these were awesome pants because they had one left in every size.  I have more than a few items in my closet that languished on the store racks for an entire season, unloved by the masses, until they were drastically marked down and taken home by me.

An outtake from the photo shoot for the SunglassWarehouse site in which I attempt to feign insouciance, which shall be the word of the day.
(photos by Heather)

reversible top - Jackpot Vintage
print pants - The Bay
choker - University Hospital Gift Shop
Sunglasses - courtesy of


  1. I love all this pink! Could you do an entire outfit in it? I know you have those glorious Docs! I'm doing a "Monochromania!" week and would love to have you join us!

    I often see the "last ones" on the sale racks and marvel that they are still there - like you, I guess we have "different" tastes than the masses. Good!

    Awesome outfit!

  2. I love that shade of vibrant pink on you!!
    You are totally rocking those Madonna pants!!

  3. I hear you, sister! Let's claim pink and show it's not just for little girls! You look cool, sassy and sexy in both colours and those glasses kick ass! xxx

  4. Pink is cool - lets use it moore !
    Really great look on you .

  5. These are two of my favorite outfits on you. Love love love the accessories in the first photos. Also love those pants!

  6. Those pants are fantastic! As usual, the masses didn't get it right xx

  7. Do I even need to reaffirm my total adoration of pink, heck yes, love it! Your arm warmers from socks are fab too! I do like these glasses on you and I actually just had to get new glasses. Last time I had my eyes checked was 5 years ago, bad girl. Wait until you see my new glasses!!! I think you will like em!

  8. I love a bit of pink. Those glasses look amazing on you, I think you could probably get away with most shapes having such a model-ly cool looking face and awesome hair x

  9. Your pink conversion is a winner! I'm also taken with your socks to arm warmers conversion, which is an ultra creative idea. I will have to keep my eyes open for interesting socks, which adds yet another item to my list of possibilities.

    The glasses that you chose look great with your pink and lime green combination with the gorgeous leaf wall background. Yet another 'cover girl' possibility?

  10. I have come to a similar conclusion, Shelley, pink is just fine! And I must say both shades really suit you, the deep fuchsia is lovely, and the bright top with the floral pants look fabulous, especially with the addition of the pink sunglasses. That last photo is my absolute favourite - insouciance personified, my dear! It's really all about the confidence and attitude, so wear your pink with pride! xxxx

  11. I love pink, and the way you wear it.
    I WANT, WANT WANT your gorgeous belt, my friend.

  12. Love the print pants most.... wowee!

  13. Don't be afraid to come over to the pink side. It won't hurt you, and it can be very comforting. And you obviously know how to use mind control over pink and turn it into your bitch. Both outfits are very cool, not at all reminiscent of Barbie or babies, unless it's Tattoo Barbie. I especially love the tunic, and the pants in the second outfit.

  14. I took a look at the site and i think you are the most original of the bunc!
    Beside Patti of course! Love her too -
    I love your haircut, shorter? mine is growing fast and I'm very blonde!
    Sarah my hairdersser did a good job

    Nice that you link pink, it's a great color for you!
    I like the superimposition of the different pieces you are wearing - i love that!

    Take care, I will try honest to god to mail your parcel this weekend


  15. Okay, so now you're a super model. I'm not mad at you. You do wear those cat's eye sunglasses to perfection. You also look perfect in pink, and not at all too girly, just right!!!

  16. i love these 2 outfits . summer colors really suit you. thank you for your comment on my blog talk soon lucyx

  17. I LOVE the top in that first photo. Not that I don't love it all, but it's just super! And you look fabulous in it!