Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dark Shadows

I've been working on a post about the traditional Pow Wow and Native Harvest Festival that I attended last weekend and realizing that it's going to take longer than I expected (which seems to be the case with everything I do these days), I thought I'd do a shorter post with a couple of cool things from this weekend.  If photos of a dead tarantula or rat paws freak you out, you should just wait for my next post...

On my usual Saturday morning trip to the Western Fair Farmers' Market, after a yummy breakfast of crepes from the Kantina booth (Chicken Paprikash with Boccocini...mmmmmm), I met Brian Bain and his wife (who plays roller derby).  Brian has recently begun selling his quirky, Steampunk- inspired decorative items, jewellery, and furniture at the Market. 

I had heard about his "Roller Derby Leg" table from Heather.  Of course, the first thing it reminds you of is the leg lamp from  "A Christmas Story", to which I assume it is an affectionate nod.

Bain incorporates old gears, cogs, watch innards, etc, into his decorative pieces and jewellery

 Bain had a tarantula as a pet when he was younger, and still has an attraction to the fuzzy eight-legged critters as evidenced by this piece he created. Tarantula under glass, anyone?

Bain re-purposed a couple of chairs and gave them a dark side - the one on the left is upholstered in black leather with the Harley Davidson logo on the seat, and the one on the right, with belts, metal rings ,and hollow back looks like it would be right at home in a fetish club (although Bain insisted that he had no such vision in mind when he made the chair).

Bain's booth can be found on the second floor of the Western Fair Farmers' Market (just around the corner from the Fire-Roasted coffee stand) on Saturdays, and you can see more of his designs on his facebook page

I hadn't paid a visit to Faye's Finds at the Market in a while, and as soon as I entered her booth, I saw this - a  90's (?), buttery soft, studded leather jacket from Danier leather.  It fit perfectly, and for $20, it was mine!

Gratuitous Rat Photo of the Day...

I am fascinated by Fred's little front paws, which are actually more like hands in the way she uses them - to hold her food (or my finger), climb things, and wash herself.   Looks like someone needs her claws trimmed - no wonder I've got so many scratches on my arms!


  1. Ooh, I love all that steampunky stuff! What a score on that Danier jacket - well done. And aw, such a fuzzy little cute rat. I have a soft spot for rodents.

  2. Ahhh, little cutie pie Fred! She's gorgeous.
    Those chairs do look as though they have come from a somewhat Gothic-inspired house of ill repute. Which is a compliment, by the way! Not so sure about the tarantula though...
    But the leather jacket - oh yes, now THAT is a beauty, and so very you, Shelley! xxxxx

  3. I have a tarantula and a scorpion under glass. I think they were meant to be paperweights. Rats on the other hand, creep me out.

  4. The leather jacket is quite the find! I'm hoping to see this piece soon in an outfit yet to come. Bain's work is indeed unusual and quirky. Now there's a lamp that would be the center of conversation in any room.

    I can see what you mean about Fred's 'hands.' It looks to me like Fred has grown since the last time he was featured!

  5. Aww, love the little ratty paws. (I took care of a friend's pet rat back in Jr. high, and have always had an affinity for them.) The leather jacket is awesome! Wish we could get Danier here...

  6. Fred's paws are almost human. so cute!
    Love those chairs and that jacket is gorgeous, proper rock chick chic! xxx

  7. Bains stuff is really really COOL!!
    And kudo's for scoring that fab jacket.
    I had no idea you could trim a rat's nails......

    1. You can, but it's usually a two person job, and depending on the rat's personality, can be a struggle. I've only trimmed Fred's back claws because her front ones are soooo tiny, I'm afraid of hitting a vein.

  8. WoW! Bain's stuff is cool and your new leather is sweet!!!

  9. Bain makes weird things but interesting, i don't know if i would have those in my home, but fun to see for sure - I love your leather jacket, that is a find!
    I found a Desigual dress for $5 last night, that is a find too!
    Spend as well a lot of money on E-Bay, help!


  10. I had quite the shudder over the spider, but was otherwise fascinated. I love steampunk, it's so wonderfully creative, and also speaks to the old Goth in me!
    Fred is so adorable.

  11. These pictures are great. What unique costumes.