Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Bit of A Dog's Breakfast - Bloggers, Bags, Bands and Perogies

This post is a bit of a mish mash of of some cool stuff that I found out this week, and some photos from my wanderings yesterday.

First, congratulations are in order.  My friends Jean and Valerie, aka The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas, were included in Stylecaster's 2013 list of the 50 Most Stylish New Yorkers.

This is the photo that was used on the Stylecaster site.  To see Jean and Valerie's post about the photo shoot, go here.

Blog subject update!   In May 2012, I posted the photo below of a stylish young man I met on the bus, whose mother happened to be a fan of my blog.  Connor, the man in the photo, moved to Toronto this year to attend Randolph Academy of Performing Arts for Musical Theatre, and back in April, he was attending Fashion Art Toronto, and was asked to walk in the show for one of the designers.

Connor's Mom forwarded me this photo of her son walking the runway at Fashion Art Toronto.  I noticed his photo on TorontoVerve, a popular Toronto Street Style blog.  I think he's found his tribe (which some of us don't do til much later in life) and I'm very happy for him! 

So, on to some cool stuff I saw on my Saturday walkabout....

I was headed to my bus stop and saw this woman and her crazy-cool shoulder bag that she found in a little store in Massachusetts (I think that's where she said).  It could be an owl, dressed as a Samurai Warrior?

I may have shot this on Friday, but no matter.  The shoes are so pretty, and I think I need to find me a pair of tights like these

The Polish Festival was on at the Covent Garden Market downtown, and I snapped a quick shot (apologies to the guy with his eyes closed - I only got one shot) of these guys in their traditional Polish costumes while I was waiting in line to get these

What would a Polish Festival be without Perogies?  They were yummy, by the way

This Polish dancer later joined the Perogy line

Alex, (playing guitar) and her band, Olenka and the Autumn Lovers, played at the Festival.  I've always liked that when Alex performs, she dresses against society's idea of what a woman fronting a band should look like.

I stopped by The Sentimentalist and to my delight, Sarah Lambert was working.  She is the author of the blog The Laughing Medusa, which is the only other London-based blog I follow regularly, and I had photographed her for my blog last year before I knew who she was.   She's moving to the UK at the end of September and I was hoping to have an opportunity to talk to her before she left.  She is a charming, creative, and very articulate young woman and our loss is the other London's gain.

 I love her flower tattoo sleeve - it reminds me of watercolour depictions of flowers found in old botany books.

We were expressing our mutual adoration of some of the items in the store - this 1940's chinchilla cape being one of them.  I asked Sarah to hold it up so that you could see the armholes and the curved hem.

Definitely a full day!   I also saw a film that affected me so deeply it deserves its own blog post which I will get to in a few days.  Yikes, how can it be Sunday night ALREADY??  Must go watch the latest episode of Breaking Bad...


  1. Oh so much fabulous and wonderfully creative people........Connor looks incredible on the cat-walk......that young man is going to go far.
    Sarah is so beautiful and the floral sleeve is so amazing.
    What a fantastic weekend.
    Love V

  2. Fab people ! Love that crazy owl bag and the beatiful tatto !

  3. So many good things in that post Shelley!
    I'm happy for the young man, i love it when it happens!
    Crazy handbags yes, that is, i love it
    About the shoes, i prefer the hose she's wearing, it would great with Docs!
    Sarah is lovely, adore the purple hair and pink dress!
    That cape OMG! i want it - I tried to bid on several on E-Bay but never won the bid, they are popular -

    Have a great Monday Shelley!

    Ariane xx

  4. It always looks like you live in such an interesting city! Then I remember that there's a lot going on here, and I just don't get out with my camera and look at it in the same way. I must work on that.

    I love Alex's dress, and I love to see women fronting bands no matter what they're wearing.

  5. What a cool place you live in, so many stylish people! We have a huge Polish population in our town but I've never come across Perogies! I love that traditional jacket the pretty blonde's wearing! x

  6. Lots to love here, Shelley! Connor looks incredible on the catwalk, those two-tone shoes with the cool stockings are fabulous, and the folk in their traditional Polish dress look wonderful. I had pierogi a while ago for the first time in a Polish cafe, they were delicious. We have quite a large Polish contingent here too, so there are bars and shops and cafes springing up, I like living somewhere with such a culturally mixed population. Hope Sarah enjoys the other London, she looks delightful. xxxxxxx

  7. love the cape... oooh and your friends really are works of art, they look fantastic, the wooden dogs made me laugh!

  8. Thank you, Shelley. You're making me blush! I can't get over how great Connor looks on the runway! And if you're looking for a pair of those stockings, I think ASOS carries them :) xx

  9. All know? It's a feast for the soul, with great food, gorgeous creative people, and traditional clothes all mixed up with the stuff of today, like those amazing stockings. I could feel your energy through this post.

    Can you tell me where to send the yellow skirt? I leave town on Wednesday for a week, but I could mail it out tomorrow. Let me know. And thank you again. I had sooooo much fun. XXXOOO

  10. Connor was born for the runway, clearly.
    So many great photos. Those tights are wonderfully deceptive. I hope you find them.
    And how appropriate that you hang with two of New York's most stylish women! PS Yes, I'm here, I shall write you immediately! Hugs!!

  11. Ooh I am so BEHIND - please forgive me, my friend!!!

    Connor is AMAZING! And Sarah is STUNNING (I love her gorgeous floral tattoos as well - thanks for the link, I shall go follow her STAT) and yay for those two incredible women - never mind New York, they are in the top 50 World's Most Fabulous Style Mistresses!

    Hope I get to see some pics of YOU in the next post... I have missed you!

    Sarah xxx

  12. So much coolness!! i want those shoes, too--and that samauri owl bag!

  13. So many wonderful photos and sightings in this post, Shelley. Congratulations to Jean and Valerie and to you for spreading the word with their gorgeous photo from StyleCaster. I love the black and white shoes!