Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sweet Treats - Eye Candy and X-Rated Doughnuts

It was a beautiful day last Saturday - the perfect day for a downtown walkabout.  I made a few stops at some of my favourite places to have a browse and a chat, and ended up with a few photos of some great eye candy....

Chris, owner of Uber Cool Stuff, was wearing the fabulous Hawaiian shirt he had purchased from Jackpot Vintage.  The pattern says "Tropical" without being tacky, and the colours are gorgeous - it even matches the paint on one of the walls of his store.

I spent some time in Jackpot Vintage, the business that shares space with Uber Cool Stuff, and there were lots of pretty things to ogle, such as the purple velvet maxi dress in the above left photo.  It's difficult to see in the photo, but there are large covered buttons down the left side of the skirt.   I loved the rich colour and empire waist, but it was too small for me, for which I (and my wallet) was immensely grateful.  The 60's bubble hat, above right, is a shape that is awkward to wear, but the woven ribbon crown is definitely a piece of art, as is the purse made of wooden beads.

I arrived at my next stop, From Mars, just in time for the unveiling of this gigantic (5 lbs worth) box of doughnuts that a friend of the store's owners had brought from Toronto.  I don't get excited about doughnuts - they are too much dough and sugar for me - but I was admittedly very impressed by the crazy assortment of toppings and flavours (including Pina Colada, Bread and Butter, and Viva Puff).  

Yes, those are hickory sticks on top of that chocolate doughnut.   I may have to make a stop at that doughnut shop the next time I visit Toronto.  Of course, the name of the doughnut shop is a major part of the appeal....

I had read about this doughnut shop when it opened in Toronto a year ago, and I'm sure that the racy name is a large part of the draw for first-time customers.  If you are not familiar with the meaning of the phrase "Glory Hole", by all means, Google it, but best not to do it at work.

After the Glory Hole doughnuts, it was hard to focus on anything else, but these fabularse A.S.98, Italian-designed boots, were a definite rival for my attention.  The greenish black leather, matching spats, and wire inserts in the cuff to allow for shaping all made me weak in the knees, as did the price, so these babies stayed at the store (they didn't have my size anyway).

Lots of cool stuff, and none of it came home with me - Let's hear it for will power! I am still thinking about the Hickory Chocolate doughnut though....


  1. Hahahahaaaaaaaa!!! "don't do it at work" What a fantastic name for a doughnut shop! Thing is, those doughnuts look down right so bad for me that I may have to switch teams! Normally I'm a savoury gal, but they look way too slurpilicious to ignore :). I love Chris's shirt too and isn't it amazing that someone had the good sense to have a vintage clothing shop and a place that sells lollies (candy) all in one? xoxoxoxooxoxoxox

  2. The purple velvet dress and THOSE BOOTS!! Ughhh too perfect!!!

  3. What fantastic photos, you must live in a funky town.

  4. such a fabulous walkabout, lovely tropical prints, vintage purple velvet and assorted doughnuts!!, everything is a joy to the eye!, and that booties are just my cup of tea, delightfully kickass boots!!
    (mwahahaha, glory hole, that's really funny!)

  5. I'll take the purple velvet dress and the handbag please. And a few of those hilariously-named doughnuts too!
    Chris' shirt is great, I'd love to visit his shop, Jackpot Vintage and From Mars. But you didn't buy anything, you have a will of steel! xxxx

  6. ok, I just gained 5lbs looking at those doughnuts

  7. oh, the boots! and the dress, hat and doughnuts. what a great downtown you have.

  8. I must come to visit again for the trip downtown, delectable post! Wired tongue, be still my heart. If not for the gluten intolerance, I'd eat half the box of doughnuts, despite the Viva Puff making my brain implode in the best way.

  9. I thought those were French Fries on those donuts...Now THERE'S an idea!

  10. Chris and that dress are both gorgeous. I'm rather liking that beaded bag, too.
    I'm another of those who thought that was a chip topped doughnut! xxx

  11. Bahaha, Glory Hole Donuts! What a brillant name! Donuts aren't my bag either, but I am intrigued, and I also thought those were chips on top of that choccie looking donut!
    I love that first pic, Chris looks HOT in that gloriarse shirt, and I love the wall!Wouldn't mind a rummage in Jackpot Vintage! XXX

  12. Dress, bags, hat and boots for me! Lovely! I also love a man in a tropical shirt!

  13. Teehee, I thought they were French Fries too. :)

    I used to be the biz editor at a Toronto paper and my beat was new independent businesses. How I would have loved to write about the Glory Hole donut shop!

    Shelley, my Mom had a luscious inky green velvet dress very similar to the purple one when she was young. She kept it but was so wee back in the day that her three daughters could only wear that dress when we were in our late teens/early 20s,

    Your fun Saturday romp makes me yearn for Toronto. Xo

  14. I admire your will power i don't have much these days i tell you-But i will have too soon! will have to put money aside for the weddings and trip
    Those boots were awesome i admit - Love a low rise boot for fall so versatile, you can wear them with anything - I recently purchased a Marc by Marc Jacobs velvet dress at Renaissance, giant score!



  15. And:::::::now I'm craving donuts!!

    You have more willpower than I--i'd been all over those boots!!

  16. Bread and butter donuts? OMG! I want.

  17. Yum. If I had to choose, though, I think it would be the boots, much as I love donuts. XXOO

  18. P.S. I wanted to email you but couldn't find your address!! I need to let you know I won't be around next week and part of the following. I'm heading out to help my father-in-law sort through things at his house. The skirt hasn't arrived yet, so I guess I'll have it a little longer than the ideal two weeks. I've got a gazillion ideas in my head, however, and I can't wait to see what happens when I begin to play. XXOO

    1. That's ok - two weeks was a suggested time limit, but it's not set in stone. Life happens! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the skirt.

  19. Best Shop Name EVER! That shop looks gorgeous - so many fab treasures!!!

    Sarah xxx

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