Monday, August 5, 2013

"Pour Yourself a Drink, Put On Some Lipstick, and Pull Yourself Together"*

 *great advice from the Dame of Dames, Elizabeth Taylor

A sunny Saturday, and the company of a good friend means quality gal time, doing gal stuff

Gal #1
Tank top - Joe Fresh (retail)
skirt, re-shaped by me - From Mars (retail)
necklaces - thrifted and gifted

Gal #2
Derby t-shirt - Forest City Derby Girls
reversible snap-wrap skirt with attached mini-bag - Sunfest
be-ribboned boots - Doc Martens Store Toronto

And we drove this.... just kidding  (that would have been awesome!) This lemon-y luscious car was parked at the Western Fair Farmers' Market. The Market was packed with people stocking up for the long weekend so we didn't stay long.  If you know what make of car this is, please tell me in the comments.

Gal #2 had a need for lipstick that would last through an entire Roller Derby Game, so obviously a trip to Sephora was required.  Both of us tend to avoid the shopping malls as much as possible, but until London gets a stand-alone Sephora store, we had to brave White Oaks Mall on a Saturday.  Even though I've purchased enough makeup in my lifetime to know that the marketing campaign and the reality don't jive, there is something so seductive about the pretty packaging, bright colours, and promises of "soft, kissable lips", "seductive eyes" and "radiant skin".   I have no illusions that finding the "perfect" shade of lipstick is going to have a significant impact on my life, but I will continue to look for it anyway.  What is it about lipstick that can change the entire look of a woman's face, and makes it the one item that so many women never leave the house without?  For me,  I feel that my face is somehow "unfinished" without that bright slash of colour on my mouth.  I remember several years ago, on a day that I had forgotten, or neglected, to wear lipstick, being asked by a colleague if I was ill.  Whether her assessment of my health based on my lack of colour was harsh, or rude, I've never forgotten it.

The right lipstick can make you feel like a Queen

or a super shiny lipstick-shootin' bandito!

We spent almost an hour trying lipstick, nail polish, and other girly stuff.  All the Sephora brand nail polish was half price so I added yet another colour (this one is called "On Stage") to my already enormous collection.  And of course, we got our free samples - I'll let you know if the Lancome "Eye-Illuminating Youth Activating Concentrate" makes a noticeable difference. 

 Still life with Sephora bags and pretty coloured juices.  

Gal #2 did find some stay-put lip colour and test-drove it at a game on Saturday night.  I did not have such good luck with the eye-liner I purchased, which stayed on my hand quite nicely in the store, but then smudged all over my eyelid, even with an application of primer.  I am obviously not meant to wear eye makeup, as this was the umpteenth different eye-liner I have tried, and even waterproof doesn't last.  Same with mascara.  For me, the smoky, seductive eye will always remain a pipe dream, but I'm a lipstick girl, now and forever. 


  1. lipstick forever!! Wish I could have cruised along with you two fabulous babes. : >

  2. what fun, I love shopping at Sephora

  3. I love the Elizabeth Taylor quote.

  4. It's definitely a Pontiac, probably a GTO. No, I'm not a motorhead, but I can recognize a few things.

    I'm kind of a drugstore brand makeup girl. I'm intimidated by the women at those makeup counters. They always act so superior and look so plastic. I know, I'm generalizing, but that's been my experience. I'll just pick up my Maybelline off the rack and go to the check-out counter, thank you.

  5. That Elizabeth Taylor quote is my MANTRA!!! I didn't know she said that, but that is pretty much what I say to myself if I'm feeling a little rough! Lipstick does wonders for my face, it really brightens me up, especially as my lips are naturally very pale, so I look totally colourless without lippe. And a spot of blush.
    But that's enough about me, what about you?!
    I love the sheer funk of your outfit! There is a Dunedin fashion label called Zambesi, and your skirt is definetly their flavour! You've got a little NZ going on here! YAY!
    I am a committed Mac "Ruby Woo" wearer these days, not that I like to advertise! It sticks like GLUE! I wish we had a Sephora. I went for the first time in San Francisco and loved it.

  6. I just love how you've styled your skirt. You look fantastic! And so does your friend. Too bad that's not your car
    I would have loved makeup shopping with you. Have you tried that weird half powdery/half liquid eyeliner? Don't ask me the name. I don't know where I got it either (ok, just checked, it's Smashbox). It's a smudgy thing, supposed to migrate. Maybe? Maybe not?
    And I love lipstick as a staple too, a rather recent phenomenon after years of nothing. Sephora sells dreams. They're good at it.
    Mac Candy Yum Yum, my go-to recently, bright pink. Sticks.

  7. That automobile is a 1969 Dodge Charger, a car made legend in my youth every Friday at 8pm as the 'General Lee' in The Dukes Of Hazzard.

  8. Having the same problem with eyeliner ... and i need it because im wearing specs all the time . Il keep looking for the perfect one . Love Booth your outfits !

  9. Oh check you and your pal out! I bet you turned a few heads.
    I feel naked without my lipstick, I don't even know if my favourite cheapo Barry M even suits me that much but I feel infinitely more "me" with it on.
    I swear by Barry M waterproof eyeliner in blackest black, it can survive monsoons and everything. xxx

  10. It looks like a1969 Chevy Impala, but it could be a 1967 GTO, my very favorite car in the whole wide world! Sorry I love muscle cars where I grew up in SD we used to go racing every Friday and Saturday night. I think you two would have been extra hot riding in that! You are both looking cute and unique and I'd be right at home hanging with you both. I love my Barry M pink that Vix turned me onto, I feel beautiful as long as I have my lips:). I have never been a fan of black eyeliner on me because of the smudging.

  11. I could happily have joined you two cool gals for a little shopping expedition! Don't you both look awesome? Yes you do!
    I pretty much always wear a bit of eyeliner and mascara, and have found Barry M eyeliner pen stays on OK. Eyeshadow, on the other hand, slides into the crease of my eye within an hour, so I have abandoned it altogether. Lipstick, yes, I do like a red lipstick. I definitely notice that on photos, if I wear any other colour (I like dusky rose colours too) it doesn't look as though I am wearing any. It's a sign - the universe want me to wear red lippy! Any old brand, I am cheap and have no loyalty... xxxxx

  12. The make of that car is.....AWESOME! Why, oh, why are modern cars so boring?

    I love Sephora, they have such cool stuff. I have way too many lipsticks and nail polish. Everytime I put myself on a make-up diet, it lasts about a month. Oh, well, at least it's nor crack.

  13. I do love red lipstick!

    Have you tried MAC red?

  14. that is one awesome Dodge charger!!

    You both look fantastic!!!

    I've never been to Sephora (none near me. I seriously need to investigate lipstick in COLORS as eyemake-up has become a no go (allergies)

  15. oh yeah, I'm also a huge fan of lipstick, the highest result obtained from a tiny gesture!. And I love particularly that fantastic names they're used to have: rouge parfait, flamenco (my favorites)
    Eyeliner can be tricky, but I'm still trying it sometimes!. And I can't even consider not using some mascara: my blonde eyelashes and my myopia make my eyes look inexpressive!

    And you both rock!, you're gorgeous and that dr martens booties stole my heart!. Your black outfit with that tied skirt is just edgy and cool!
    besos & rojo

  16. Shelley, you re-shaped that skirt into a fine piece of art. Brava! Lipstick and nail polish are two of the accessories that are dear to my heart. Gal #1 and Gal #2 clearly had a day to remember, hunting for the perfect ensemble enhancers. Maybe I need to swing by Sephora!

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