Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ms. Fashionista Decorates Her Dream House

Alas, this is fantasy decorating, but still fun nonetheless.   When I was in Montreal, I spent a long time drooling over the Liliane and David M. Stewart Collection of International Design at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.  The collection features about 7,000 items created by leaders in contemporary and modern design during the period of 1935 to present day.  It is an awe-inspiring collection of furniture, graphic design, jewellery, metalwork, glass, ceramics, textiles and plastic, and certainly inspired this woman's imagination.   If I could decorate an apartment using items on display in the exhibit, what would I choose?

The centre piece of my living room would be the La Cova sofa, designed by Gianni Ruffi in 1973.  I don't know how comfortable it would be, but oddly, I don't care. I would nap in it, surrounded by squishy egg cushions and pretend that I'm an exotic bird.

This chair, made of painted polyurethane foam, designed by Piero Gilardi in 1971 would be my movie-watching chair.  I love the colour, and the organic shape.

This "Architecture Secretary", from 1950, will go against one wall.  It was designed by Gio Ponti and Piero Fornasetti, both from Milan.  I'm beginning to see a pattern here...

detail from Architecture Secretary

When I have my friends over for dinner, we will eat off of Jane Timberlake's Wild Mannered Dinnerware

There's not much room in my bedroom, but this compact dressing table set from the late 1930's, by Quebec designer Marcel Parizeau should fit just fine.

Of course, every woman needs a few statement pieces of jewellery on their dressing table.....

 like this silver Trumpeter brooch from 1952 by American designer Sam Kramer
This silver necklace designed by Daniel Kruger in 1999 will go with everything!

 My showpiece would be this amazing copper "MKC43 Collar" designed by New York designer Arline M. Fisch.  For a better idea of how it would look when worn, go here.

This funky dresser, designed by Tejo Remy in 1991, could be mounted on the wall in the living room or the bedroom

And of course, the most interesting homes have eclectic objects scattered throughout that reflect the resident's personality ....

I will find the perfect place for my "Streamliner" Remington typewriter....

...and this amazing porcelain figurine by Canadian artist Shary Boyle, titled "Snowball"

and this beautifully carved double-latch lock, from 17th Century Germany

And on a practical note, to help keep the dust bunnies from taking over....


This fabulous aerodynamic Compact Electra vacuum cleaner - probably from the 50's?  Strangely enough, I used to have a turquoise one of these, the exact same model, that I purchased from a friend about 15 years ago.  When I moved two years ago, it still worked, but it was heavy to drag around and the hose was falling apart so I left it by the curb.  Who knew it was museum-worthy?


  1. Lots of cool stuff! I love the idea of a nest sofa, and the mannered dinnerware too.

  2. Beautiful stuff! I would bag the dressing table set first.

  3. I'll have that bastard massive silver necklace and the secretary, please! x

  4. I love that dinnerware and that awesome typewriter. How cool.

  5. But you ARE an exotic bird darling!!! I can see you perched prominently in you lovely wee nest, where you can watch the world go by and the busy world can gaze at you enviously as you sparkle in your collar while wearing your Kruger metal necklace as a stunning headpiece. No, you need not type, you just bark dictation to your charming secretary who will thrash away on the keyboard for you between clearing your Timberlake plate and folding your knickers oh so carefully into your secretary. Teeth will gnash. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  6. What wonderful pieces. The Architecture Secretary is extraordinarily gorgeous, the little dressing table and chair are lovely, and I love the trumpeter brooch. And even I might be more prepared to vacuum if I had a smart one like that. On second thoughts - nah, probably not!
    Great pics and choices, Shelley. xxxx

  7. The dressing table and chairs are so beautiful
    If i had my choice i would be art deco all the way
    We have a art deco pieces at home- did you noticed?
    I remember my grandma monster of a vacuum, not the same model but so so heavy
    Nice shot Shelley -

    Ariane xo

  8. Wow--everything you chose is just amazing!! i totally NEEd that cabinet and the dinnerware!!
    I can see my cats all curled up in the nest sofa!

  9. Very creative Shelley! Great choices and all pieces reflect the dynamic woman that you are. The copper collar would look spectacular on you as you lounge in your La Cova sofa with bon bons and wine.

  10. I want to sleep in a giant, cushiony nest!

  11. ooooh it all looks so good. I want the architecture secretary !! xxx