Thursday, July 11, 2013

Random Happy Stuff

I've been dragging my arse since I got back from Montreal - a combination of not sleeping well, and my usual post-travel blues which hit me every time I realize that my life can't be just one fabulous trip after another.  At some point, I have to go back to work to make money for my next adventure.  Ah well, these are "first world problems", as the saying goes, and I'm sure I'll snap out of my funk soon.  In the meantime, these are some of the things that inspired some smiles this week in between the high humidity, torrential downpours, and restless nights.

I had been missing my morning chipmunk sightings at the bus stop this year as I had been carpooling with a colleague.  My ride is currently on vacation, so I'm back to taking the bus, and yesterday morning, there was this little guy/girl peeking out from behind a rock in the flower bed.  I'm always that person who will stand there for ages staring at little critters and making weird noises hoping to lure them closer, while everyone else strides quickly past, eyes glued to their phones.  I did once manage to get a baby chipmunk on my foot by doing this, which was most certainly the high point of my day.

Today's arm party, which matched my flowered pants
red beaded bracelet - Sunfest
Green beaded bracelet - Clothing Swap
red leather cuff - Home County Festival 

Coming home to the sight of my "guard cat" by the front door - I found her at a junk shop in my neighbourhood and talked the owner down to a few bucks for her because she had a chip on one ear.  Then I proceeded to bang her other ear on the sidewalk carrying her home in a bag, so she's evenly matched.   Her colour matches the cushions on my porch chairs and she's hypo-allergenic!

I am devouring this book I purchased at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts bookshop.  They had an excellent selection of books on fashion and design, in a wide range of prices.  This hardcover book, packed with gorgeous photos of the collection of the Kyoto Costume Institute, is eye-candy at its finest, and was priced at under $20.

This geisha-print, kimono-sleeved robe was a gift from the lovely Ariane (who has also been having a challenging week), and it is destined for my bedroom wall as soon as I get something to hang it on.  It will play quite nicely with the Chinese robe that is already hanging on one wall.

I have no outfit photos to show you as nothing I wore this week seemed worth documenting.  Perhaps I'll be inspired on the weekend.


  1. I love those fashion books from the Kyoto Costume Institute. There's another one for 17th and 18th century fashion that's out of this world

  2. Funny, I always experience a slump after being away or doing something really great - I need a bit of time to balance out again and readjust to the norm! Hope you feel better and brighter very soon, but in the meantime, there are clearly things to enjoy about being back home. Chipmunks at the bus stop? That sounds ridiculously lovely! Great jewellery, a guard cat who won't try and eat Fred, a beautiful book, and a gorgeous gift from a friend - all good things, Shelley. Hope the weekend sees you feeling inspired and looking fabulous! xxxx

  3. Oh the back from holiday blues are a colour that is hard to shake.......but seeing a very cute wee chipmunk is always fabulous......even though we don't have them NZ.
    Mr Yellow Pussy-cat is a chip off the old ear......snigger.....sorry. Perfect guard for the door.
    Yay happiness from a friend......lovely red.
    Love V

  4. Oh that return from a fabulous trip is such a downer, I'm the same.
    Thank goodness for pretty things and cute animals. Fancy seeing chipmunks at the bus stop, so exotic to us Brits! xxx

  5. Sadly the only one way to avoid those holiday blues is not to take holidays. And that would suck. At least you have your next trip to look forward to and plan. Are you ever coming to Vancouver?
    I like your photo selection. Bling, a guard kitty with fake battle scars, a chipmunk, and a fabulous book. And the robe from Ariane is gorgeous, sumptuous, decadent. It will look great on the wall - and on your body? Are you planning on wearing it?

  6. Post holiday blues suck, you could always start planning your next holiday on the way home, then there's no down time. Loving the chipmunk, wish we had them here. I've got the book and it is fabulous. That guard cat may have evil intent going by the look in his eyes and what's not to love about a red kimono!

  7. I think many people feels that post-travel blues (or post-fun blues), it's like a hangover!
    So great that you can watch that little chimpmunks at your bus stop, it's something that would cheer up my day!!
    And love your new fashion book, and that kimono looks awesome!, that prints are so pretty red!!
    besos & nice weekend

  8. Love your guard cat and that pretty robe.

  9. Oooo... i have that book. I should pull it out and read it soon!

    I also talk to the rodents in parks. I was chittering at a squirrel just yesterday and saying "Squirrely! squirrely!" I don't care if people think I'm cray-cray.

  10. Ups and downs it really is a roller coaster at times ,I feel like I'm getting bummed because this time last year I was getting ready for my UK trip. I bet you will feel better after the weekend. I too make cute little sounds to cites, I adore them too much not too. The kimono from Ariane is beautiful!!!!!
    Have a better weekend honey!

  11. Between that arm candy and that freakin' amazing guard cat (can't believe no one swipes her from the front door!!) things should be looking up. TGIF makes everybody feel a bit better, too.

  12. Hi Shelley!

    I'm sure you will get out of your funk!
    You are a lovely spirited young Lady who has everything for her! How is that to get you out of your funk?


    Ariane xxx

  13. A beautiful robe. Both you and Ariane have the eye, but I already knew that. Great for the wall and on you, I'm sure.

  14. Gorgeous robe!! I love your cat!