Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mad Dogs and Englishmen*

We complain about the cold temperatures and lack of sunshine during the winter, and each year, around March, I promise myself that if it ever warms up I will NOT complain about the heat.  And yet here I am, complaining about the heat.  The daily forecast has been stuck at "high of 30 degrees celsius, humidex of 40, and chance of a thunderstorm" for about a week.  Perhaps Mother Nature is having hot flashes?   The intense heat wave that has enveloped Southwestern Ontario has sapped my energy and the high pollution level has left me with some respiratory problems.  I count myself one of the lucky ones in that I do have A/C at home, I'm not working (or living!) outside, and I don't have asthma.  A friend's partner who has severe asthma has not been able to go outside for the last week.

In addition to the health issues, there is the much less serious, but still aggravating, issue of what to wear to work.   If I was a lady of leisure, I'd be swanning about at home in a slip, or a camisole and men's boxers, but as I have to leave my house and serve the public, more coverage is required.   When it's this hot, I can't stand wearing anything snug-fitting under the arms or in the girl-parts area, which leaves loose-fitting dresses, or..... 

.... I remembered I had this batik print jumpsuit that I picked up at Lovesick last year in my closet, and it had yet to make an appearance this summer.  It's soooo comfy - just like wearing your jammies to work.  The pattern is also ideal for concealing sweat marks.

It's loose enough that I can do some fancy poses without feeling restricted.

 When I get tired, it is perfect for napping.  I think it would be an excellent idea to introduce the Siesta into the North American workplace.

Batik jumpsuit - Lovesick Vintage
sandals and leather cuff - Sunfest
necklace - University Hospital gift shop

Stay cool, and stay out of the mid-day sun! 
(*Noel Coward knew what he was talking about)


  1. You look gorgeous! We're having a heat wave here on the West Coast too (although we're delicate flowers and wilt when it hits 24!).

    Love that jumpsuit and I really like the accessories.

  2. It looks so comfortable yet awesomely stylish! Love it.

  3. We are suffering the same weather here in Maryland!! 36-38C with 97% humidity-GROSS!!
    I adore the jumpsuit--awesome print and it looks FABULOUS on you!!

  4. That jumpsuit looks great on you, lol the last pic!

  5. dear lady, we're sharing same forecast last days, hot, humid and thunderstorm on the evening. I agree with you about dressing up for work, it becomes difficult when it's so hot!, but you're wonderfully gorgeous and comfy, love your cool and fresh jumpsuit, such a pretty print!!
    besos & summer!

  6. I want one ... It looks gorgeous on you. We are currently experiencing exceptionally hot temps here in the UK too ...

  7. Your so cute in your little jumper all curled up. The heat ah yes we are having it too but the air in Portland is pretty clean. I remember living in North Hollywood and the summers would just kill my eyes, nose and throat I felt like they wanted to close up in protest of all the toxins.

  8. You look so stunning that no weather can beat you.
    I have never been in England with heat, but I hope it cools for next week when we are coming in search of the green valleys and mountains, ahhhhhhhhh

  9. We really do need a siesta when it is this hot. I'm not prone to laying down on the concrete yet though ; )

    PJs that are fashionable. Gotta love that : )


  10. that's want summer is like in south Georgia, every summer from june until the end of sept.

  11. Congratulations on that sleep pose, especially if you have a self-timer. Well done!
    This is truly a workhorse of an outfit and a swan in its display. Perfect. Yes, concealment of nasty sweat breakthroughs is essential. We must all deny that we transpire and evaporate. Gaaa.

  12. Yep, the UK is unusually warm too, and it feels wrong to complain after all the rotten summers we have had in recent years! You have found a great outfit for keeping cool and staying super-stylish, I love the jumpsuit on you, Shelley. The print and the cut are great. I am surprised to find myself rather coveting 80s jumpsuits at the moment, maybe that's a good way for me to do trousers... Hmmm. I will think on! Meanwhile, hope you stay as cool as you are gorgeous! xxxx

  13. We had an amazing, blistering Summer, there must be one of those patterns going on, and now you're getting it! There's always something for us to complain about, too hot, too cold...blah blah!!! I'm excessively weary of the dark Winter, but at least we don't get as cold as you do up there!
    How splendid to have a work to bed outfit like this! I might need one right now, as all I seem to do is work/sleep.......!!!
    Pop on out and have afew lovely icy cold cocktails for me, please! XXX

  14. I'm right there with you in the work siesta demonstrator line :P A nap should be a civil

    Brilliant jump suit, such a pretty palette of colors and perfect for the sauna-like weather we are experiencing in the Carolinas, too.

    Stay cool like always!

    Lova ya,

  15. Another vote for the siesta here. Or just knocking off early when it's too hot. And it's hot everywhere! Add in the hot flashes, and I'm about to wilt. The jumpsuit looks like the perfect solution - loose, light, plenty of air for the girl parts, and no thigh-sticking.

  16. I love you in that tie-dyed jumpsuit it looks so cool and stylish on you.
    We're having the same weather here and I adore it, I'm permanently walking round with a big grin on my sweaty face! xxx

  17. Hi Shelley!

    That is a nice jumpsuit on you! love that color!
    It has been quite warm here too but not complaining and i'm on vacation!


    Ariane xxx

  18. Oh I LOVE the pic of you curled up in your beautiful batik jumpsuit darling! What a perfect outfit to help beat the heat and then the blast of cold AC which always seems to happen in offices. The earth's temperatures certainly seem to becoming more extreme with each season, having said that though, Oz generally isn't having much of a winter this year - such a shame, I really look forward to piling on the capes, cardigans and heavy coats. Thank you so much for your marvellous comment about my body ageing post ... you say the most profound things, I so wish we can meet and have a cuppa one day. xoxoxo

  19. The batik jumpsuit is very 'cool,' and appears to be the perfect strategy for dealing with your heat wave. If it's good for posting and napping, what more is there? At least on a hot day in July. The sandals are stunners too!

  20. I just LOVE your poses, FCF!!! And that jumpsuit is the BOMB!