Monday, June 17, 2013


A friend of mine has been packing up her house as she prepares to join her husband on a year's Sabbatical in France.  She discovered this dress, which she purchased in a vintage store in Toronto in the 1980's, and added it to a pile of things she was getting rid of.  My friend Lili and I were asked if there was anything we wanted and although I didn't think it would fit, I took this dress home.  To my surprise, it fit perfectly!  The shoulder pads are in bad shape and need replacing, but otherwise it's in great condition.  It has a 50's housewife vibe to it, but not in a bad way.

I bet I could even bake a pie wearing this dress

 I'd rather just wear it to the office and enjoy it's full-skirted fabulousness.  I have never been, nor will I ever be, a woman who is at home in the kitchen, as the only talents I display there are in the areas of "mess-making" and "dirty-dish piling"

The skirt was given extra "oomph" by the addition of a crinoline that had belonged the same friend's daughter.

I'm wearing:   50's dress and crinoline - gift from a friend
ballet flats - Ecco (retail)
belt - Lovesick Vintage
lion head bracelet - Reflections of Tyme booth at the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show


  1. What a lovely dress! I also wore vintage (complete with crinoline) today. Don't you just love when friends let you go through their giveaways? This is such a great colour on you.

  2. I'd never look at that dress in a shop and think "Shelley" but you've made it your own! a lovely memento of your mate while she's away having a brilliant time in France! x

  3. That is a fabulous dress and I love the addition of the pie.

    I have your bracelet on my desk. I'll pop it in the mail later today!

  4. What a lucky gift for you.


  5. Wow look at you all demure and sheet! You look banging in this dress, now twirl for me please!

  6. it's a really pretty dress, love the color and shape, and it looks really easy to wear!, love the twirling factor!
    gorgeous in green!

  7. Ha, I love the pic with the pie, Shelley! I really like the dress - you know I have a soft spot for 80s frocks - and I think you could put it with all sorts of different colour belts and shoes and scarves and hats to change it up. I'd wear it in a heartbeat - but I'd still hate cooking!
    Love love love that lion bracelet too. xxxx

  8. lol i love the idea of fashion making you a better cook...i need some more clothes if thisd is true! I made my home ec teacher cry at school, she sobbed and told me i was a recurring nightmare its got no better since then! I adore that dress. also wanted to let you know i'm holding a new fashion linky every tuesday over at my place starting next week! the shiny t tuesday posts are becoming a link up with prompts...the prompt for next week is 'WHEN PATTERNS SPEAKS' Would be fab to see you there xxx jane xxxx

  9. I would just tear out those shoulder pads. You and the dress are just made for each other ~

  10. You look almost June Cleaverish in that fantastic dress!!

    I can see you "punking" it up a bit with some doc Martens and a leather jacket, too!!

  11. That dress looks so cute on.

  12. Gorgeous dress!! Here's to being undomesticated!! Housework is a CHORE and a BORE!!

  13. So lovely and very flattering. I have super broad shoulders so I would just remove the shoulder pads. I share your talents on the kitchen for mess making and dish piling.

  14. That dress looks fantastic on you! Fits like a dream, the color is so pretty, and the belt is perfect. And you can buy pie already made!

  15. Very pretty dress Shelley
    The 50s style suits you so well
    The color is perfect for you
    So will you bring the yellow skirt with you when you come to Montreal?


  16. I love love love this gorgeous dress and the silhouette is absolutely beautiful on you, Shelley! Love the colour and the full skirt is always fun for twirling and skipping and general faffiness. I spend about three minutes a day in the kitchen - I am definitely not a kitchen goddess either!

    Happy weekend, my friend!

    Sarah xxx

  17. I love the 50´s style and your dress!
    I like best that the fashion of the 50's makes women very pretty and feminine. The color of your dress is great. Like it very much.

    greets from germany

  18. What a pretty dress, you look fantastic in dark forest green. I'm not sure you could ever be twee and housewifey, you're too edgy! xxx